Doorman describes ‘so much blood’ as he used his shirt to help stabbing victim

Giving evidence, Cameron Brown, doorman at Eclipse nightclub, said the night was not ‘overly’ busy and there was no trouble prior to the events

A nightclub doorman working at the time of Michael Riddiough-Allen’s death said he used his polo shirt to try and stop the bleeding of one of the other stab victims after a brawl broke out near the club grounds. Mr Riddiough-Allen, 32, from Liskeard, was pronounced dead at the scene near the Eclipse nightclub in Bodmin on April 30 of last year.

Six other people were taken to hospital for treatment to injuries including Ryan Berger, who Eclipse employee Cameron Brown assisted upon realising he had been injured. In a police statement, which was read out in court today (February 6), security man Mr Brown described the evening as a “normal night” with around 200 people attending the club before he witnessed what appeared to be arguments and fighting on the street outside after closing time.

The trial of Jake Hill, 25, Tia Taylor, 22, and Chelsea Powell, 22, began at Truro Crown Court on Monday (January 29). All three defenHill is also charged with three attempted murder charges, and wounding with intent alternatives, and also two wounding with intent charges with unlawful wounding alternatives.

The attempted murder charges relate to Liam Phillips, Ryan Burger and Ryan Parsons and the wounding with intent charges relate to Rhiannon Tompsett and Stefan Williams.

Powell and Taylor are both charged with perverting the course of justice, relating to their alleged behaviour after the incident.dants, from Bodmin, stand charged with one count of murder and an alternative of manslaughter.

Opening the case last week, Mark Cotter, KC, told the jury the prosecution’s allegation is that “Jake Hill carried out six separate assaults against six separate individuals” in a short space of time with a hunting knife he’d stashed in a hedge before entering the club.

Mr Cotter said that Mr Riddiough-Allen died, but the other five complainants survived, and that Taylor and Powell allegedly participated in the attack on Mr Riddiough-Allen, but not any of the others. During the case opening, events were described as “a knife rampage” carried out by Hill.

Today, giving evidence on the seventh day of the trial, expected to be eight weeks long, Eclipse doorman Cameron Brown described how he’d been working for the night club since September 2022 and was working on the night in question.

He said it was club policy to search everyone who attends Eclipse using a hand-held metal detector, searching all bags and not allowing hooded tops.

He recognised Michael Riddiough-Allen, Tia Taylor, Ryan Parsons and Rhiannon Tompsett entering the club that night, describing them as regulars who would attend at least every couple of weeks – and having known some of them by name.

He also recognised Jake Hill who he described as not a regular but said it was hard to tell who exactly was arriving with whom as people would typically attend at the same time.

He said the club was not overly busy, describing it as a “normal night” with less visitors than expected. He said an influx of people entered the club between midnight and 1am.

He described the evening as “not eventful” and an “average night” with no problems prior to the incident. In the early hours of the morning, at around 3am, he recalled being stood outside on the boundary of the nightclub when the incident unfolded while three other door staff remained inside the club, asking people to leave.

He estimated around 20 people were gathered on the main road directly outside the club who he’d advised to leave with another group of around 20 on the opposite side of the road.

He recalled the atmosphere having changed and described the group in the road. which included people he knew to be Neil, Josh, Rhiannon, Tia and Brad “muttering” before they started to “push and shove each other” and shout at one another.

He said the group on the opposite side of the road, along with others still leaving the club, started to merge into one larger group which he could not see clearly. “They were about 50 yards down the road and I had to stand in between a gap in the walls to see them.

I heard arguing so moved out onto the road and observed what was going on,” he said. “At this time I could see a large group of people with little clusters of groups pushing and shoving each other.

“There were also punches being thrown but it was happening in the street now so I could not see them clearly. I was standing in the middle of the road and I then saw Jake Hill come running from the car park outside the club.

He ran across the road approximately 6ft away from where I was standing and towards the right-hand side.

“I saw him run straight over to the hedgerow and he reached into the hedgerow and took something out. He was holding a black bag in his right hand as he ran and he ran directly into the middle of the crowd of people who were arguing and fighting.”

He told his colleagues they could not get involved because what was happening was outside of the club boundaries and their licenses would not cover them. They returned to the entrance of the club around 25ft away from the fighting.

“As we were walking away the shouting turned to screaming and I thought someone must have been hurt. It was only a matter of seconds when I turned around to walk away the shouting turned to screams.”

He said he turned around to see what was going on and saw Ryan Berger covered in blood walking towards him. “I could see blood pumping out the top of his leg. I could also see Mike about 20ft away from me and he appeared to be stumbling amongst people and then I saw him just go down on the floor on his back.”

He said Mr Berger informed him he’d been stabbed and was asking for help. “I took my polo shirt off and placed it over a visible wound on his upper inside thigh near to the groin area on his right leg. There was so much blood pumping out of it and through my training I knew it was an arterial bleed. I applied as much pressure as possible.”

All three defendants deny the charges. The trial continues.

Source – Cornwall Live