Derby Day yob says ‘I was just drunk’ to explain attacking Newcastle pub doorman

A drunken yob has been fined for kicking off outside a city centre pub on the day of the Wear-Tyne Derby.

Callum Wood was caught on camera repeatedly approaching a doorman at the Duke of Northumberland, in Newcastle, while gesturing at him and then pushing him.

CCTV footage played in court showed how the 20-year-old spent almost 10 minutes going towards the doorman in front of passing shoppers and families, at around 1pm on January 6 – as Newcastle United played Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

On Monday, at Newcastle Magistrates Court, he pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

And when asked by magistrates to explain his behaviour Wood said: “I was just drunk.”

Claire Armstrong, prosecuting, explained how Wood, of Windsor Crescent in Berwick, Northumberland, was first captured on CCTV arguing with an unknown woman outside the Clayton Street Pub. The confrontation with the doorman then began.

“(He) begins arguing with a door supervisor and starts pointing in the door supervisor’s face,” said Ms Armstrong. “He then continues to assault him by pushing him twice.”

Magistrates watched footage of the inciWood, who was representing himself in court, was asked to explain what had happened. He said: “I was just drunk. I have no idea to be honest.”

Wood, who said he was due to start a new job on a farm this week, was fined £500 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £200 and court costs of £85.dent which shows how Clayton Street was busy with pedestrians, including children, at the time.

Slimly-built Wood, who was wearing shorts, is also seen to remove his jacket during the confrontation. After around nine minutes he walks away, still gesturing at the doorman with his arms after he goes. The court heard he was arrested nearby.

Ms Armstrong added: “The incident escalated into violence. As we saw there was a push.”

Chair of the bench, Win Clayton, said: “With members of the public passing you all the time that’s a terrible thing to do mid-afternoon.”

Source – Chronicle Live