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The cold can be bitter and cruel – and sometimes you have no choice but to be outside, enduring the worst of it.

Imagine you could take your home’s central heating system around with you everywhere you go, even in the most inclement conditions, Essentially, that’s what heated jackets can do for you. To find out more, read our handy guide and see for yourself.

How Do they Work?

Heated jackets are lined with small wires that carry a low electrical charge. In a way, this is not unlike the body’s own circulatory system, which keeps us warm via constant blood flow. When this charge passes through the wires, heat is produced by the jacket and transferred to the wearer.

The electrical charge usually emanates from a 3 or 7-volt battery, which is rechargeable and therefore never needs replacing. For some more advanced (and usually bulkier) garments, a 12-volt battery is used. The battery is accessible via a special pocket located somewhere on the jacket.

Most heated jackets place their focus on heating the body’s core. They do this via two rectangular panels on either side of the chest, with a third, larger panel that covers the back.

heated jacket lining

Benefits of a Heated Jacket

The immediate benefits of heated jackets are obvious. They allow the wearer to operate well, to keep you warm, by providing a secondary heat source.

Another benefit comes from the fact that less layers are actually needed by the wearer, which allows for a greater degree of mobility. This is especially useful on the Doors or areas where intensive physical activity is required, Pain relief is also a benefit, as the extra warmth provided by one of these jackets has been shown to promote blood circulation, which relieves pain from conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and other ailments that can be aggravated by cold and damp.

Believe it or not, some of today’s heated jackets also feature USB-enabled pockets for charging various devices, as well as storing necessary items. So a key benefit is that you can charge your phone while it is in your pocket. These jackets are also lightweight, which means that they don’t add to the wearer’s burden if he or she is carrying heavy bags or items.

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With a simple, no frills design and 3 large-sized carbon fibre heating elements, the Conqueco men’s jacket is a good, reliable model.

The 3 heating elements, located on the left chest, right chest and mid back of the jacket, feature 4 adjustable heat levels (preheat, low, medium and high). These heating elements are powered by a 3.7V, 10000mAh lithium battery, which is capable of warming the wearer for 12 hours on the lowest setting, 5 hours on the medium setting and 3.5 hours on the highest.

It is here, unfortunately, that we come to the first of this jacket’s drawbacks. The battery takes 8 full hours to fully charge, That’s 8 hours charge for 3.5 hours’ usage (on the highest setting). 

The Conqueco does have a lot of good features, however. The jacket itself is sturdy and well made, sporting a polyester outer layer that is DWR protected. This means that the jacket is not only waterproof, but is also generally durable and tough.

The soft velvet inner lining is warm and welcoming, even without the heated elements it also comes with a thermal protection nodule, which means that should the jacket overheat, it will automatically switch itself off until it returns to the standard temperature.

Probably the biggest knock on this jacket is that it doesn’t actually get very warm. At best, the heating elements only take the edge off. With the high setting only lasting a couple of hours, this isn’t what you want or need from a jacket.

In summary, it is a great jacket for popping to the shops, or getting a quick temperature increase if you’re waiting outside for someone on a cold day, but it is not recommended for outdoor staff or people spending long periods of time in cold climates.

✅  Polyester outer layer that is DWR protected. This means that the jacket is not only waterproof, but is also generally durable and tough

❌ Battery takes 8 hours to charge

PROSmart Jacket

PROSmart’s jacket line includes this low key, smart little number that combines high functionality with efficient design.

The left chest, right chest and back section all sport large heated elements. These heated elements can be made to last for up to 10 hours (on the higher settings) and a whopping 18 hours on the lower settings (wearers have a choice of low, medium or high settings. These are colour coded).

The jacket’s 12-Volt battery is both detachable and portable, meaning that it can be charged in multiple places. This is a useful feature that allows the jacket to get a little charge whenever the user happens to be near a power outlet. The jacket warms up rapidly, even in really cold weather, and the resulting warmth lasts for a good long time. The maximum temperature it can reach is 60℃, with the lowest being 40℃. A full charge takes roughly 7 hours.

Additionally, this jacket is fairly well protected against the elements. It is also more or less waterproof, as the polyester exterior has been subjected to DWR coating. In terms of design, the look is basic, appearing to be halfway between a raincoat and a fleece. It could probably be worn beneath a bigger coat, but maybe not comfortably due to the hardwearing outer layer.

It is worth noting also that the jacket are fairly poorly labelled, at least in terms of sizes. Be sure to look up the exact dimensions you’ll be getting instead of simply clicking ‘XL’ or ‘S’ and hoping for the best.

✅ 18 Hours of Warmth on LOW setting

❌ Some sizes are smaller than regular sizes

DEWBU Softshell Jacket

This jacket actually looks quite nice, The design is stripped back, aiming for quiet functionality over boisterousness or bombast. However, the light tan colouring of the jacket also offers a welcome contrast from the usual drabness of greys and blacks. The addition of several zip-up pockets is also a welcome feature.

Manufacturers do not often take fashion into account, which is sometimes to their detriment. In this case, simply by adding a couple of superficial elements (patches on the pocket sleeves, for example), DEWBU have created a jacket that stands out from the crowd a little bit. but the design is certainly smart and aesthetically pleasing enough to be worth a look.

The battery lasts for a solid 10 hours, which is reasonable enough. It also features adjustable temperatures (the usual three modes). The carbon fibre heating elements are situated in the left breast, the right breast and the mid-back.

As a safety feature, this jacket will automatically switch off in the event of a short circuit. It also automatically cools down after 5 minutes of continuous use on the high setting, which is either helpful or annoying, depending on your perspective.

The jacket is windproof, as well as largely weatherproof. It is therefore suitable for activities such as hiking, motorcycle riding and skiing. As another fun extra, this jacket has a special hood, that comes neatly folded into the jacket’s neckline.

✅ Automatically cools down after 5 minutes of continuous use on the high setting

❌ Only heats in the middle of the jacket

ARRIS Jacket

The wearer of this Jacket benefits from 8 heated panels situated throughout the garment. There are two on the left breast, two on the right, three at the back and one more at the back of the neck. These panels can all be controlled via individual buttons, which means that you can have your neck or chest at a lower temperature than your back, should you so desire.

The panels themselves actually get very hot indeed, although this is only when set to the highest of the 5 heating levels, which range between 40℃ and 80℃. It is possible to be gently heated up or nicely toasted, depending on your preference. The very powerful battery will run for a full 15 hours on the lowest setting, and about 10 hours on the highest. It can even keep your phone charged whilst you’re out and about.

As a negative point, this battery does take rather a long while to charge up, and the battery provided is somewhat heavy and cumbersome compared with some others on the market.

The built-in thermal protection will shut your jacket down in the event that it overheats. This means that it will simply stop working until the jacket returns to the standard temperature. Elsewhere, the ARRIS comes with extra pockets (always a welcome feature), as well as FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology. This has been found to carry a number of healing benefits and be more efficient than some conventional heat therapy.

The exterior of the jacket is both windproof and waterproof. It probably won’t be able to replace your winter coat, but it will definitely provide the wearer with comfort and warmth this winter. 

✅ 8 Heating Panels with different heating areas controlled by different buttons

❌ Hottest level it’s not burning hot but very warm

SHOOT Jacket

This is a thin, lightweight jacket, which benefits from a four-piece carbon fibre heating system located on either side of the chest, the lower back and the neck. 

It has a heated area of 10 – 15CM, The heating element in the neck is also a very welcome feature, as these are especially good for easing rheumatic (joint) pain.

The jacket heats up quickly, so much so that you’ll be feeling toasty and warm about 30 seconds after activation. The lowest setting will provide around 40℃ – 45℃, while the medium setting heats up to between 45℃ and 50℃. The highest setting offers the wearer between 50℃ and 55℃.

The battery  can last as long as 15 hours on the lowest setting, 7 hours on medium and 5 on high. The jacket itself is served by a basic, functional, no frills design. The fleecing on the inside is soft, snug and helps to keep the warmth in. The outside is wind and waterproof, with the welcome addition of adjustable cuffs.

To offer a criticism, this jacket sometimes feels like little more than a raincoat, as it is very thin and provides next to nothing in the way of padding or support. Another nice feature is that it comes with its own storage bag, this can make both storage and travel easier for the wearer.

✅ Neck has its own heating element

❌ Could do with bit a bit more padding, it’s almost like a Autumn/Spring coat