What is Non Front line SIA Licence

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the UK categorizes its licenses into two main types: Front line and Non-front line. This document focuses on the Non-front line SIA Licence, designed for individuals not directly involved in security roles but still operating within the security industry.

This includes positions such as managers, supervisors, and directors. It excludes those on the ‘front line’, who deal directly with potential security threats.

Understanding the Non-front line SIA Licence, its requirements, and its validity will empower individuals and organizations in the security industry to ensure they operate within the legal framework.

Non-frontline SIA licence

A non-front line licence is required for those who manage, supervise and/or employ individuals who engage in licensable activities.

A non-front line licence, as established by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), is necessitated for individuals who fill the roles of managers, supervisors, or employers of staff involved in licensable activities.

This type of licence is integral to the regulation and oversight of personnel performing these duties, ensuring that standards and guidelines are consistently met across the industry.

How do you qualify for a non frontline SIA licence

For an individual to be eligible for a non-front line SIA licence, typically for roles such as manager or supervisor, certain criteria must be met. The applicant must be at least 18 years old, successfully pass an identity verification process, and have a clear criminal record.

It’s noteworthy that, unlike other licences, the non-front line licence does not necessitate the completion of SIA recognised, licence-linked training.

How much is a non-front line SIA licence

From April 2023, the application fee for an individual SIA licence, applicable to any sector within the regulated private security industry, will be lowered to £184. This reduction in cost will be applicable to both new applications and renewals of existing licences.

What a Non-frontline SIA licence allow you to do

A Non-frontline SIA licence, contrary to what the designation might suggest, does not permit the holder to engage in front line roles. Rather, the scope of activities it permits chiefly revolves around key holding and managerial responsibilities.

This could include supervising, managing, or employing individuals whose roles involve activities that are licensable.

What is the difference between frontline and non frontline SIA

The distinction between an SIA Frontline and Non-Frontline Licence primarily lies in the tasks that each permits. A Frontline SIA Licence enables direct involvement in security-related tasks, interaction with the public, and response to security threats. It is a requirement for individuals carrying a Frontline licence to display it prominently, providing reassurance to the public regarding their pertinent training.

On the other hand, a Non-Frontline Licence, typically held by employers or supervisors, does not allow the holder to personally participate in security activities but enables them to supervise or manage personnel who do. Notably, a Frontline SIA licence holder also has the capability to supervise other guards.