What is the Door Supervisor Licence

The Door Supervisor Licence, also known as the Private Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence, is a UK-wide certification that allows individuals to work as door supervisors in pubs, clubs, nightclubs and other licensed premises. The SIA licence is required by law for any person working as a door supervisor or security guard in the UK, and provides assurance that the individual has been trained in safety measures and has appropriate professional qualifications.

The Door Supervisor Licence is issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) which works to regulate the private security industry in the UK. The SIA is responsible for setting standards of training and conduct for door supervisors, as well as for regulating the industry through criminal record checks and licensing.

To be eligible for a Door Supervisor Licence, applicants must meet certain criteria. These include being aged 18 or over and holding a valid UK photo ID. Applicants must also pass an SIA approved training course before they can apply for their licence.

What does the SIA Door Supervisor Licence allow you to do

Once you have obtained your SIA Door Supervisor Licence, it allows you to work as a door supervisor in the UK. This includes working as a doorman at licensed premises such as pubs and nightclubs, or providing security services for events. The licence is valid for three years after which time it must be renewed.

Holding a Door Supervisor Licence also allows you to take part in activities such as search and seizure, crowd control, dealing with violent and intoxicated individuals, preventing underage entry and more.

It’s important that all door supervisors have the necessary training and qualifications in order to provide an effective service – this is why the SIA Door Supervisor Licence is essential for anyone working in this industry.

How do you apply for an SIA Door Supervisor Licence

If you would like to apply for an SIA Door Supervisor Licence, the first step is to complete a recognised training course. These courses are typically run by private security companies and cover the skills and knowledge required for door supervisors. Once you have completed the course, you can then apply for your licence through the SIA website.

The application process includes an identity check, a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check and two references from people who know you well. You will also need to provide proof of address and your passport or birth certificate. The SIA will then review the application and if approved, you will receive your licence in around two weeks.

SIA Door Supervisor Training

The Door Supervisor training course typically lasts six days and comprises four units, which are

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor

Unit 3: Conflict Management

Unit 4: Physical Intervention

It is crucial for all door supervisors to have the appropriate training and qualifications to offer a competent service, making the SIA Door Supervisor Licence indispensable for anyone in this industry.

SIA Criminal Record tool

The SIA has a criminal record tool to help door supervisors check their criminal record and ensure they are legally allowed to work in the industry. This online tool can be used by individuals or potential employers to check an applicant’s criminal record and determine whether they would be suitable for the role of a door supervisor.

Typically this is an estimate of if the individual would pass the full checks the SIA carryout when an application is submitted.

You can take the test here

Cost of the Door Supervisor Licence

The cost of the Door Supervisor Licence varies depending on the provider, but typically an SIA approved training course will cost between £200 and £250. Once you have completed the course, the licence itself costs a further £184.

The licence must be renewed every three years and the cost is £184.

It’s important to remember that while the SIA Door Supervisor Licence provides assurance of professional qualifications, it does not guarantee employment. You will still need to apply for jobs as a door supervisor in order to start working in this industry.