No jail for woman who kicked Isle of Wight nightclub doorman in groin

AN ISLE of Wight woman who kicked a nightclub doorman in the testicles and caused chaos with a toilet in her holding cell has been spared a jail term.

Amy Beer, of Scarrots Lane, Newport, appeared before a judge at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Friday, June 28.

At a previous hearing in May, the 23-year-old admitted multiple counts of battery, in Newport, on February 11.

At that hearing, prosecutor, Liz Miller, said Beer had been denied entry to Fever Nightclub by door staff at around 1am.

She said she waited around the entrance and made repeated attempts to gain access, becoming argumentative.

Ms Miller said she went on to kick a member of the door staff in the testicles and the incident was caught on CCTV.

The court heard Beer was arrested and walked to the police station, where she became abusive toward officers, spitting on the floor in her holding cell.

Ms Miller said she continued to cause issues and was on constant watch.

At around 3.10am, the court heard she stuffed her pillow in the toilet, and later that morning, she made attempts to flush her blanket down the toilet.

Ms Miller said Beer headbutted an officer while flinging her hands and legs, and during another struggle, she bent a second officer’s fingers back.

The court heard she made repeated attempts to leave her cell and was extremely drunk.

Beer was made subject of a 12-month community order, to include a 12-month drug rehabilitation requirement and 20 rehabilitation days.

She was also ordered to pay a £114 surcharge.

Source – Country Press