Margate Iceland customer hit security guard in face with bag of chicken nuggets

A drunk shopper who hit an Iceland security guard in the face with a packet of chicken nuggets has been slapped with a spell behind bars.

Michael Price became verbally abusive and aggressive with staff at the store in College Square, Margate, when they refused to sell him alcohol due to his intoxicated state.

Canterbury Crown Court heard the 39-year-old, having retorted he would “take it one way or another”, then walked out with his shopping.

However, on being challenged outside, he reacted angrily by throwing not only the Chicken Bites product, but also several punches and a glass bottle which hit a wall and smashed.

Even the arrival of police and being handcuffed did not deter Price as he attempted to bite one constable before sinking his teeth into the hand of another.

The court was told his aggression continued once in custody when, having warned officers in his cell he would fight them, he grabbed a sergeant around the head and began to gouge her eyeballs.

They fell to the floor where his grip was only released after the officer punched him several times and colleagues had intervened.

Price, whose 54 previous convictions include several for violence against emergency workers, later pleaded guilty to five assault charges, all committed on January 18 this year.

At his sentencing hearing on Thursday, prosecutor Pamela Muniya said the custody sergeant had been attacked after being concerned for Price’s welfare and attempting to help him.

Simon Ralph, defending, said the long-term alcoholic had little recollection beyond “going into the shop and everything going wrong”.

Price, who lives in Luton, Bedfordshire, was visiting a friend in the town that day and, having received his benefits, spent the money on alcohol.

“Having been drinking for some time, he attended the shop. He insists to me he had the money to pay but, rightly, was intercepted by staff,” explained Mr Ralph.

“From there, it all went horribly wrong and the details are a blur.”

During the hearing Price, who appeared via prison video link, could be heard remarking that a cut to the sergeant’s knuckle resulted from him [Price] being punched.

The defendant also claimed to have suffered two black eyes in the melee.

Mr Ralph described the incident in custody as “clearly unpleasant with arms flailing wildly” on both sides, adding: “He says he will fight, he does so, and comes off worse.”

Jailing Price for a total of 12 months, Judge Simon Taylor KC told him it was “good fortune for everybody” that he had not caused serious injury.

Source – KentOnline