Man spat in security guard’s face after being kicked out Sainsbury’s

A MAN spat in a security guard’s face twice after being kicked out of a Sainbsury’s shop.

Anthony Rollo was in the store at Buchanan Bus Station on November 11, 2022, when employee Tomas Rzeznik was made aware of him causing a disturbance.

The 38-year-old, from Moodiesburn, was escorted out by the security guard shortly before 9pm.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard he became verbally abusive before spitting in Mr Rzeznik’s face.

He was pushed away, which caused him to fall.

When back on his feet, Rollo again spat in the security guard’s face.

Police were called by nearby members of the public.

Officers arrived and placed him under arrest.

A total of 7.2 grams of cocaine was found on him.

He said to cops: “B******s, f*****g unbelievable, p****s, dirty c***s, f*****g bams.”

Rollo was taken to Helen Street police office where he continued to be aggressive.

He was not formally cautioned and charged due to his high level of intoxication.

At the sentencing hearing on May 8, his lawyer said: “Terrible behaviour. He recognises that.”

The defence solicitor revealed that Rollo has a good work ethic and history and that the offence was out of character.

He added: “He was struggling at the time of the offence. This has been a wake-up call for him. He himself recognises the need for support.”

Sheriff Mary Shields ordered Rollo to be under social work supervision for one year and carry out 170 hours of unpaid work.

Source – Glasgow Times