Man made threats to stab Doorman with key lodged between knuckles

AN INTOXICATED man made chilling threats to stab a bouncer outside a Workington bar while he had a key lodged between his knuckles.

Daniel Irving, 36, had taken half a gram of cocaine and half a gram of ketamine prior to the incident near Padua’s Bar on Washington Street in the early hours of October 14.

Outlining the case at Workington Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Pamela Fee said the victim had been outside talking to people when Irving started ‘mouthing off’, saying, ‘do you know who my family is?’ The defendant kept repeating this.

He started calling people ‘s***bags’ and referred to someone as a ‘dead man’. He had a key lodged between his knuckles and said, ‘I will stab you all’.

Irving then lunged towards the victim with the key lodged between his knuckles. He was shouting, ‘I will slice you. I know where you live.’

Police arrived and the defendant began shouting that the victim was ‘a grass’. He was abusive to police, telling them to ‘f*** off’ and calling them ‘piggy b*******’.

One of the officers grabbed Irving’s arm to apply handcuffs. He began to resist and the officer managed to get Irving’s hands behind his back.

The defendant then threw his head towards the officer, headbutting him to the right hand side of his jaw. He continued to try and lash out as the officer restrained him.

During police interview, Irving said he had threatened the bouncers with a key between his knuckles. He said the ‘fat p****’ bouncer had threatened him.

Irving said he threatened to cause harm to him for his protection. He had ‘lost his head’ after the cocktail of drugs he had taken. He said he hadn’t intended to assault the officer.

Irving, of Queen Street, Workington, pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon in a public place and common assault of an emergency worker.

John Cooper, defending, said: “I’ve dealt with him since he was a teenager. It’s fair to say he is the butt of people’s jokes. He gets picked on a lot of the time. He has very significant issues. He is quite a vulnerable person.

“There was an incident in Workington where a man fell asleep in a wheelie bin. It’s been emptied in the bin lorry and he’s nearly been crushed to death. That was Daniel Irving.

“It made the national papers. He’s had national and international ridicule which has affected him.

“It’s highly unusual for him to go out. He had a relationship breakdown and had gone to see a friend.

“His friend offered him drugs, free of charge, and had taken him for some alcohol. His behaviour has deteriorated.

“It’s an unusual offence. The fact that it’s a key – it’s not the usual weapon you would expect.”

Magistrates felt their sentencing powers were not sufficient and the case was committed to Carlisle Crown Court for sentence on March 26.

Source – Times and Star