Hero doorman and Northampton Guardians save vulnerable woman after stranger puts her in his car

A doorman and the Northampton Guardians group saved a vulnerable woman from a “potentially dangerous situation” over the weekend.

On Friday night (June 14), the woman, who was described as “intoxicated”, told a doorman at NB’s in Bridge Street, that she had lost her friends. She walked off alone, so the doorman notified Northampton CCTV control and asked if Northampton Guardians – who offer support to those in vulnerable situations on Friday and Saturday nights – could attend.

The CCTV controller saw a man approach the female. He managed to get her in his car and he then got in the driver’s side and started the engine. The doorman was notified and heroically ran to the location.

To raise awareness about these kinds of situations and to praise the doorman, Northampton Guardians shared what happened on social media.

The group posted on Facebook: “Last night our team, Northampton CCTV control and a NB’s doorman helped insure the safety of a female in a potentially dangerous situation.

“While monitoring and waiting for guardians to attend, the CCTV controller noticed a man approach the female and begin to engage in conversation….and we were made aware.

“With two guardians already en route, this is where the situation changed drastically. The male got the female into his car that was parked up and he got into the drivers side starting the engine.

CCTV Control immediately notified us of this and three additional Guardians, two of whom were in our vehicle, also responded immediately, along with the doorman from NB’s who ran to the location.

“The doorman arrived first, asking the man who he was, if he was a taxi and did he know her…. the answer to the above was ‘no’. The guardians then arrived, and the female was taken to safety and helped into our vehicle where her welfare was checked by female guardians.”

The guardians told the man he had to wait where he was, as police officers were on their way. Officers also made sure the woman was taken home to her family.

The guardians’ post added: “Although situations like this are rare, it’s exactly why we are here! Working together with other organisations we insured this young lady got home to her family last night and without everyone from the NB’s doorman, the CCTV controller, five of our Guardians who responded and Northamptonshire Police who knows what the outcome of last night could have been. We dread to think!”

The post has been shared by 1,000 people, liked or loved by 1,600 and garnered more than 300 comments, many of which praised the doorman and the Northampton Guardians.

Ian Catlin, director of NBs, added: “On behalf of NB’s, I extend my deepest gratitude to the Northampton Guardians, CCTV control, and our vigilant staff for their swift action in ensuring the safety of a young woman last night. Their quick thinking and collaboration prevented a potentially dangerous situation from escalating.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s commitment to customer safety and commend the Guardians for their dedication to protecting and supporting our nighttime economy. This incident highlights the importance of vigilance and teamwork in keeping our streets safe.

“At NB’s, we remain committed to providing a secure and safe environment for everyone.”

Source – Northampton Chronicle