Doorman says Law student are the worst in TikTok Video

Aspiring lawyers appear to have developed a bit of reputation among the door supervisor community if a clip that’s gone mega-viral on TikTok is anything to go by.

The clip, viewed over 6.4 million times, sees a doorman asked the question: “What are the worst kind of people that you get in the queue?”

Without missing a beat, the man responds: “The law student.”

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He goes on to offer his impression of a law student: “Do you have any idea that you’re breaking the law not letting me into the club tonight.”

The unnamed doorman then offers another line: “Do you know who my mum and dad are? My mum is a top criminal solicitor and my daddy owns an estate in Surrey.”

But who else makes the doorman’s list of irritating club-goers? People who question why they’re being kicked-out after being caught “having a piss in the corner of the club”.

Well at least law students are in good company…

Source – Legal Cheek