Asda security guard attacked with knife while tackling shoplifter at Benwell store

A customer helped wrestle a blade from a would-be thief during a terrifying incident at the Adelaide Terrace supermarket

A knife-wielding shoplifter attacked a security guard at a city supermarket.

The would-be thief brandished a blade when he was challenged by the worker as he attempted to steal a bag of items from Asda, on Adelaide Terrace, in Benwell, Newcastle. One witness said a customer stepped in to help take the weapon off the attacker during the terrifying incident, which happed at around 9pm on Friday night.

Police are today still hunting for the knifeman and have appealed to the public for witnesses.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “Shortly after 9pm on Friday we received a report of attempted theft at a supermarket on Adelaide Terrace, in the Benwell area of Newcastle.

“It was reported that a male had entered the store and began to fill up a bag with items before attempting to leave without paying. When challenged by security staff, the male is reported to have drawn a knife and attempted to assault a security guard with the weapon.

“The offender has then had the knife removed from him and been ejected from the store. No-one was injured in the incident. Enquiries into the report are ongoing.”

An Asda customer, who did not want to be identified, told the Chronicle of her belief that the worker was lucky to escape serious injury.

She said: “The security guard had to wrestle him to the floor, the shoplifter was still trying to stab the security guard and a customer then helped by taking the knife from the shoplifter. The shoplifter then got up and ran away.

“This knife wasn’t a knife you’d find in your kitchen, it was something that would do some serious damage. This could have been a very different story. Knife crime is already so bad in that area.”

Source – Chronicle