Woman punches security guard after she’s asked to leave Lord’s cricket ground – Full Video

This is the moment a crowd at Lord’s jeered as a lairy woman threw a punch at a security guard while being escorted from the stands by staff.

Onlookers said staff had been trying to talk to the pair before the scuffle began.

Shocked fans watched as security approached the woman and a male who was with her and appeared to ask them to leave their seats.

Video shows staff grabbing their arms when the pair appeared to refuse — and then dumping their drinks out on the ground.

The enraged couple got agitated and video shows the woman smacking a male worker’s face and then slinging punches towards other staff.

The pair were eventually muscled out of their seats at day three of the second India v England Test match on Saturday.

The disagreement happened in front of children who were watching the game on a family day out.

body camera

It isn’t clear what started the skirmish but an onlooker said the man had earlier fallen over in the stand and had been up to the bar frequently.

A man, who filmed the showdown, said: ‘It was pretty scary.

‘Everyone was relieved when they were gone. There were quite a few families there. Everyone felt uncomfortable.

‘I was feeling scared and I was a good few rows back. It’s not what you expect at the cricket.’

Source – Metro