Spring 2022 Update – We have added a massive 7 blogs to the list, for this spring update. you can find links to them below.

FFA Security
FGH Security
PPSS Group
Delta Security Management
Security Vetting Services
Professional Security Magazine
IFSEC Global

We have removed one blog that wasn’t relevant to the list any more and another that had been taken over by a bigger company, but the 7 that added have given us food for thought.

We have painstakingly trawled through hundreds of security websites to bring you the 6* best SIA security blogs. There will be many companies on here that you will recognise and several that you won’t. But all of these blogs are here on merit, because they write articles that inform, improve and educate the security industry.

In no particular order, enjoy our curated list of the best security blogs, along with their article that we found the most interesting.

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We would like to give thanks to every single one of these blogs that regularly post and provide creative and thought-provoking security based content.

Keep up the good work writing articles that educate and inform the industry.

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Churchill Security Ltd

Since 1993, Churchill has provided quality security solutions and invaluable peace of mind to its many clients.

Working with both the public and private sectors, Churchill is a trusted company with a fine reputation. They offer all manner of security options, from qualified professionals to CCTV equipment and much more besides.

The blog is excellent, featuring expert security advice, unique insights and topical articles such as ‘Women in Security: Holding your own in a Male-Dominated Industry’, ‘Is Knife Crime in UK Schools on the Rise?’ and ‘Retail Security in the Post-Coronavirus Economy’.

There’s a lot to look at here and it’s coming from the perspective of a company with nearly 30 years of experience behind it.

The piece we liked best was called How to Run a Safe and Successful Event which is a guide from a security company on how best to plan the security at an event.

1st Security Solutions

A company founded by an ex-serviceman, Doncaster-based 1st Security Solutions describes itself as a family-run business that is “big enough to deliver a professional service and small enough to care”.

With his wealth of military experience, as well as 25 years in the security industry, company founder Tony Sheppeck obviously has a lot of experience keeping people safe. 1st Security Solutions, then, would seem to represent a safe pair of hands.

The company’s blog (mostly written by Sheppeck himself) mainly concerns subjects relating directly to 1st Security, such as Sheppeck’s struggle with (and survival of) cancer (well done to you, Sir).

The Companies side of the blog also details more general things to watch out for if you work in security, such as ‘binocular flasks’ (flasks that look like binoculars, but in fact contain alcohol).

The SIA side of the blog is more general, but still contains useful accounts of security guards performing well under pressure, an example being the piece entitled ‘Quick-Thinking Security Operative Saves Life in Supermarket’ or ‘Security Operative Prevents Distribution Centre Fire’.

The piece we found most useful was called ‘Responding to Acid Attacks’ and contained a clear, comprehensive strategy for handling this most heinous of assaults.

Ward Security

According to their website, “Ward Security was established in 2000 to fill a gap in the market for a company that could provide a range of tailored, flexible and integrated security services to organisations in the Kent area”.

They are ranked among the top 1% of UK approved security providers and have been listed as one of the Top 30 British companies in the regulated security sector. Ward employs around 900 highly trained, dedicated professionals and has a strong, clearly defined company culture that continually strives for excellence.

Ward’s blog mainly concerns the company itself, discussing events of note, such as the local Mayor praising their dog team, Ward’s work with local charities and their respectful celebration of staff diversity.

There are also other, less company-centric pieces that are worth a read, including this post, The Importance of Holistic Security and as ward security explains, businesses can become more effective and efficient and how this applies to security as much as any other aspect of business.

All-Time Security

According to their website, All-Time Security’s success “is measured only by the satisfaction of our clients.”

ATS offer a number of services to their customers, but they really specialize in providing a professional, courteous and efficient security staff to the customers’ event, business or private space.

The company’s ethos is best exemplified by the following quote, “Knowing that our guards are deployed as representatives of our company and then act as representatives of our clients, we ensure that they are punctual, polite, reliable and well dressed”.

The blog is current and up-to-date, featuring a number of articles advising businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic and resulting lockdown. A particularly interesting entry details the importance of security in times of high anxiety. Clearly, ATS has its finger on the pulse of today.

Our favourite piece, however, was called ‘How to SafeGuard Yourself as a Security Professional’. There’s a lot of good advice there – and on the site in general.

Regency Security Group Ltd

Regency Security Group Ltd was founded in 1993 and has since grown to become of the UK’s premier National Security consultants.

They also offer a vast array of other services, including door supervision, close protection, event security, key holding, alarm response and training.

As the site says, “With an array of industry –led accreditations and our strong established relationships with Police and licensing authorities across the country, your security matters could not be in safer hands.”

Regency publishes a company newsletter, which can be read online. They also post regular blog updates, such as one proudly detailing how one of their door supervisors ‘went above and beyond the call of duty’ in order to help prevent a serious crime.

Our top pick was the piece that detailed a police officer personally thanking another of Regency’s door supervisors for assisting him in diffusing a situation.

Westminster Security

According to its website, Westminster offers its customers ‘Great British Security’.

The company goes on to describe itself as “quintessentially British” (which, if you’re lucky, might mean you get a cup of tea, a crumpet and a miniature union flag with every security guard you hire).

Westminster was founded by a former military police officer and today is dedicated to mainly hiring ex-UK police and army officers. Absolutely everything about the company is British made, from the cars on the street to the boots on their feet.

Catering largely to “high net worth” individuals, businesses and families in the London area, the company is “passionate about protection – personal, property and business”

They certainly do like to keep things safe. Westminster are so secure, that we couldn’t even copy/paste any text from their home page!

The blog is quite an eclectic mix, discussing subjects as diverse as Winston Churchill’s personal security services, the role of female bodyguards, protective surveillance, terrorism and street crime. There’s a lot to enjoy, and it’s all characteristically on-brand and on-point.

The article we liked best from Westminster’s blog was called ‘How to make a citizens arrest – UK law‘. It was a very useful read.

Accolade Security

Accolade describe themselves as “leaders in London security”. Along with their various capital-based services, they also offer free online consultations, which is a very welcome service indeed.

As their website states, “whatever it is that you value most; we will keep it safe and secure”.

The blog features a number of slightly unusual, though still very useful, topics, including ‘How to Create a Healthy Security Guard Diet’, ‘Top Psychology Security Guard Communication Tips’ and ‘Why Do Events Need Security Guards?’ It’s nice to see a company thinking outside the box a little bit.

The blog also includes a lot of health and wellbeing advice, as well as general tips for security guards, such as caring for uniforms and anger management techniques.

Our favourite article was their comprehensive ‘Top Security Guard Skills’ piece. Not only was it refreshingly succinct, it was also highly informative.


Knightguard are an independent security company with over 20 years’ experience.

Operating from Mitcham in the London Borough of Merton, they provide a wide variety of services, including CCTV monitoring, guard dog services, event security, door supervision, store detectives, retail security guards and related courses and training.

Their blog is updated infrequently and includes SIA-related topics, limited current affairs and a smattering of feel-good stories (such as that of the hero security guard who saved two drowning children in Blackpool).

Most contain only an introductory paragraph or two, before offering a link to the full story. Occasionally, meatier articles are uploaded, however, such as the shocking story of a homeless man who had been coerced by a rogue security company into watching one of their derelict buildings (by living in it 24/7) for the sorry sum of just 74p a day.

Another important article from Knightguard’s blog was entitled ‘a Fatal restraint (SIA Case Study)’ and examined an account of three overzealous security guards who inadvertently killed a man. The piece was originally published by the SIA itself, of course, but Knightguard were right to draw attention to this case and to use it as an opportunity to improve training and working practices across the security industry.

Abbey Security

Founded in 1985 by Ian Whitaker-Bethel and Robert Evans, Abbey is a trustworthy and well-respected security firm based out of Bury St Edmunds.

Several of Abbey’s key contracts actually date back to their first year of operation, which speaks directly to the company’s high levels of customer service and professionalism.

The company has provided security services for local County and Borough Councils, as well as port and dock facilities, industrial and manufacturing centres, schools and colleges, shopping centres and construction companies, so their experience is varied and diverse.

Abbey’s blog is fairly interesting, with pieces like ‘Why People Matter in the Security Industry’ and ‘The Impact of Technology on Security Guarding in the 2020’s’ being particular highlights. This and other related content sits, perhaps uncomfortably, alongside a tremendous amount of optimism regarding brexit.

Our favourite article was ‘The Effects of Crime on Retail and Small Business’. All crime, even petty offences, can decimate small businesses – and the article was right to call attention to this fact.

Corps Security

Corps Security, founded under the name ‘The Corps of Commissionaires’ in 1859, was the brainchild of Captain Sir Edward Walter, a retired officer of the 8th Hussars. Walter created the company as a way to provide gainful employment for ex-servicemen returning from the Crimean War.

As if the company’s storied history wasn’t prestigious enough, The Corps of Commissionaires Chief Life Governor is none other than HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The Corps’ blog is meticulously organised into several categories, enabling the curious reader to find out about the company’s charity work, read their research into the threat the COVID-19 pandemic poses to security personnel, or even pick up simple tips on how to keep their bicycle safe.

There is also a newsletter named ‘The Corps Relay’ which can be read for free on their site. The newsletter concerns the threat levels posed by events such as planned protests, state visits from dignitaries and security-centric responses to terror attacks.

Our favorite piece was this article HOW TO MANAGE RISING COSTS IN YOUR SECURITY FUNCTION that challenges the increases in current living wage, and increasing costs in the UK and how these are managed by security companies.

SGC Security Services

Award-winning security providers SGC offer a host of useful services, including body-guarding, door supervision, key holding, crowd safety, manned security, vacant property security and consultancy.

The company has been around for 14 years and has “built a strong reputation in the Security industry both within the UK and Internationally”.

As the site boasts, “Whether you are a large or small organisation we know we can fulfil any Security requirement you may have”.

The blog, in reality a company news service, details the SGC’s achievements in the proudest possible terms.

SGC were formally approved by the Chief Constable of Kent Police and are NHS SBS-approved, meaning that they are licensed to keep NHS staff, patients, visitors and assets safe. The blogs detail these and other triumphs with a relish that it’s hard not to enjoy.

Perhaps the most thought-provoking piece was entitled ‘KEEPING SAFE AT NIGHT‘ an excellent guide to keeping safe whilst walking at night, along with night crime and violence.

Armstrong Security

Armstrong Security is a clean-cut, competitively priced company based in London. They offer everything from manned security, bodyguard services and dog handling to Ferrari hire (no, really).

The company’s blog is mostly just self-promotion, but it does contain one or two useful posts. The piece called ‘How to Become a Security Guard?’ dispels a few myths and gives an honest and practical rundown of the skills required to be a security guard. It’s worth a read if you’re looking to get started in the industry.

The piece we found most useful was entitled, ‘How Much to Pay For a Bodyguard in London’, which was unusual in that it actually ventured to give ballpark figures and aggregate pricing data (most blogs will not do this).

The article notes that “A general rule is that, despite the profession of the client, the more public his profile, the higher level of risk is involved and therefore, the costs of close-protection will be consequently more expensive” – an accurate assessment.

Venture Security

Founded in 2006, Venture Security has a very customer-centric business model and is “committed to building strong and lasting relationships” with their customers.

Venture’s official blog mostly consists of general company news articles. In 2019, they were awarded the contract to guard Stonehenge, so there’s an article about that.

However, there are also introductory profiles of their employees (part of Venture’s commitment to strong customer relationships, perhaps?) as well as general advice relating to the avoidance of security threats such as workplace violence.

There are also a lot of articles aimed specifically at security personnel.

Features such as ‘What to Expect When Going for Your SIA License’ and ‘Which Physical Security Job is Right for You?’ are especially useful to those just starting out in the industry.

The article we most enjoyed was called ‘The 7 Biggest Physical Threats to Workplace Security’, which was a quick, easy read containing a lot of useful information and insight.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd

DCBL are one of the leading Enforcement companies and have been trading since 2001, focusing on collecting debts using an ethical approach. They collect millions of pounds owed to their clients around the UK every year.

You may have seen the channel 5 TV programme ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!’ and DCBL are the company behind the TV series, enforcing High Court Writs and collecting debts.

You’ll find several interesting articles on their site about debt collection and unpaid invoices, but the one article that did stand out was ‘How to Keep Trespassing Travellers Off Your Propertya excellent guide to remove trespassers from your property.

ESG Security

ESG Security was founded in 1988. As the company website boasts, “Over the course of the last 30 years, we have developed a reputation for giving our all on projects, and providing customers with exactly what they need”.

The company hails from Solihull and was founded by a former Royal Marine named David Hoey.

ESG’s blog principally concerns the company itself, announcing various high-profile assignments and so on.

Articles such as ‘Making Staff Feel Valued at Christmas Time’ (which detailed a special Christmas bonus in the form of Sainsbury’s vouchers awarded to ESG’s best staff) could offer a couple of ideas if you happen to be an employer.

The best article we found told the story of a security team that prevented a suicide and was subsequently issued with a certificate by ESG.

On a slightly more critical note, it wouldn’t hurt Mr. Hoey to invest in a new company camera, as almost every photo accompanying the blogs is desperately out of focus.


G4S have one of the largest security forces in the world, with over 500,000 employees, they are a worldwide business, covering 85 countries.

Known for working within the care and justice system primarily, running several prisons within the UK and Australia.

The size of the company allows it to have the resources to specialise in this sector.

Their Blog is fully of interesting articles, with a majority of the popular posts about how the business is doing and market results.

Diving deeper into the blogs brings out some really interesting articles about the security industry, including how to use technology within the security setting and how G4S have worked with other business.

Our favourite article is about securing one of the most dangerous sporting events, the isle of man TT, stewarding an event well known for its incidents and trategies. It explains how G4S plays a vital role in keeping rifers, spectators and locals safe for the 4 weeks of the event.

Incentive FM

Incentive FM is not, as you might be forgiven for thinking, a motivational radio station. Instead, the FM part stands for ‘facilities management’ – a field in which the company has been working for almost two decades.

Being facilities management specialists, Incentive work in areas as diverse as cleaning, fit-out and catering. Incentive are clearly very good at what they do as, according to their website, they are an £80Million company.

The company’s blog mainly concerns Incentive itself, detailing Incentive’s fundraising activities (in one charity ball, they raised £12,000 for various causes, while on other occasions, staff members climbed Mt. Snowdon and Ben Nevis, raising thousands more) as well as their various high profile contracts.

Our favourite piece was an article that charts theEvolution of Commercial Securityhighlighting how the security environment has changed, finding the relevant skillset for security professionals and the right balance of presence and protection along with the risks of knife crime.


Interserve go back as far as 1884, when two brothers founded the London and Tilbury Lighterage Company Limited.

Initially, the company employed specialised equipment and technology to move cargo between seagoing vessels. From the early to mid 20th century, the company, then known as The Tilbury Group, expanded into other areas, including civil engineering.

Eventually, they expanded still further into construction and engineering. Since 2001, the company has been known as Interserve and employs over 53,000 people worldwide. That’s quite a success story.

Interserve work closely with the UK government (but don’t hold that against them!) to maintain and improve equipment and systems, as well as provide cleaning services, waste management, catering, estate management and, of course, security.

The blog offers an intriguing insight into Interserve’s various activities, including constructing the NHS Nightingale hospital in Birmingham and working on the massive Truro Flood Defence Scheme in Cornwall.

Our favourite blog post told a story of how a new mum embraced the opportunity offered by Interserve to secure a career change after returning from maternity leave, Stephanie Lawrence started on a temporary contract and was expecting to move on when that contract finished, when Stephanie discussed her career goals and desire to study in her spare time with project manager Steve Thwaite that the idea of completing an apprenticeship scheme first came up. 

Paula Parsons, Operations Manager, said: “Stephanie had a keen interest in engineering and site activities. She has made excellent progress and has shown the right attitude and commitment to work alongside her studies.


Kingdom, as the name might suggest, is a very large company specialising in security solutions, facilities management, environmental protection and recruitment. They operate on a £100Million a year turnover, so they must be doing something right.

In the words of CEO Terry Barton, “Kingdom is considered the benchmark for quality in our industry, and we are accredited by all major UK quality assurance bodies. We have even won many awards for our work, and these spur us on to replicate and exceed our success in the future”.

The blog is split across several subjects. The ‘Environmental Protection’ section details the deployment and activities of Kingdom’s Environmental Protection officers (including one who received a bravery award for helping to catch two robbers).

The ‘Cleaning’ section does likewise for the company’s army of skilled cleaners (including their much admired work cleaning public buildings).

The ‘Security’ section (the part we’re mainly here to assess) proudly discusses significant contracts awarded to the company, while at the same time singling certain security staff out for praise (such as the door team at Bristol’s Rainbow Casino who remained “cool, calm and collected” during a vicious assault from some local thugs).

Our favourite blog post from this section was an infographic discussing retail security. The post expertly identifies issues facing retail staff and business owners in the current climate, whilst also suggesting how they might meet these challenges.

Knight Security Group

A company that has been around for over a quarter of a century, Knight Security are “specialists in the protection of wealthy individuals” offering their clients peace of mind while at work, at home or traveling.

The group’s namesake, Jeffrey Knight, founded the company in 1994. After 20 prosperous years, he handed control of the business over to his son, who has managed it ever since. Knight, then, is a family owned and run business that is nevertheless a major enterprise. It is fully equipped to handle security for any number of major clients, including the British Royal Family.

The blog describes current security issues of specific relevance to the company and the services they offer. Posts include ‘Is Your Home or Business Vulnerable to Burglary Tourism?’ ‘Wine Recovery Fraud’, and ‘Video Analytics – Smart Technology That Changes the Game’.

Other posts offer tips regarding safer travel, safer driving in the winter and the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on security business practices.

For us, the most illuminating post was entitled ‘Insider Threat: Are You At Risk?’ it details a number of security breaches perpetrated by insiders, including the Amazon warehouse blaze in Rugeley (which cost the company around £8Million).

Leisure Guard Security

Leisure Guard Security offers security solutions in greater Manchester, as well as Nottingham, Stoke and the Northwest of England.

According to their website, they “have worked with some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, sport and industry” as well as many clients from the corporate business sector.

The company’s blog deals a lot with security industry practices from a business point-of-view, a useful insight if you’re a business owner looking to retain the services of a security provider.

The best piece we found on there was called ‘How an Unqualified Security Guard Can Damage Your Business’, which contained a number of very salient points to which any security guard worth their salt would definitely agree.

Main Event Security

Based in the Southwest of England, Main Event Security have spent the last 15 years providing high quality security to events such as the Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Big Chill and Green Man festivals.

In their own words, Main Event aim to ensure that “our clients and customers enjoy a safe and friendly experience that is unique to that event”

Main Event’s blog offers a lot of interesting content, mostly aimed towards security professionals. Articles such as ‘Managing your mental Health in the Security Industry’, and ‘COVID-19 and Security – A Touchless Future?’ raise interesting points and issues and discuss them intelligently.

The blog we liked best was called ‘What Equipment Should a Door Supervisor Carry?’ and contained a neatly written and comprehensive checklist for the modern security guard to follow.

Farsight Security Services

Farsight Security Services are CCTV specialists, with event monitoring being their particular area of expertise. They have operated across the UK since 1996 and are based in Peterborough.

Not wishing to deprive other firms or individuals of work, Farsight do not provide any installation or maintenance services themselves. Instead, the company prefers to focus its energies entirely upon remote monitoring. As the site says, “they’re the installation experts, and we’re the remote monitoring experts”.

Farsight’s blog mainly discusses the practical application of CCTV in areas such as business, education and retail. It also examines and collates crime statistics, which is quite interesting.

Our pick from Farsight’s blog was called ‘How Does Remote CCTV Monitoring Work?

Veritech Systems

Multi award-winning firm Veritech Systems advertises itself as “the security company that cares” and their blog reflects this.

Veritech’s blog not only offers expert opinions and advice regarding the various security systems on the market right now, it also highlights the company’s community minded projects. These include sponsoring local sports teams and supporting members of staff who engage in charitable pursuits.

Elsewhere, the blog deals with all aspects of security, from the proper ways to lock down a building site, to keeping your online passwords safe.

Wider social issues, such as police budget cuts and relevant acts of Parliament are also discussed in an engaging and informal manner.

Our favourite article was entitled ‘5 of the Worst Workplace Disasters in History’ as the article itself says, “These disasters are reminders; reminders of what happens when you have insufficient health and safety laws or when laws aren’t followed”. It is a timely discussion of why security practices exist in the first place. Well worth a read.


Showsec has a lot to be proud of.

For starters, the company owns and operates 15 offices in the UK (the main one being in Leicester). They also employ 450 supervisors who watch over some 3500 fully trained and licensed employees.

There’s no denying that it’s a big operation, but it obviously works, as Showsec are the proud recipients of multiple awards and much industry recognition.

Showsec’s blog largely revolves around company news, discussing their partnerships with various clients, newest contracts and work at numerous sporting events ranging from horse racing to Formula One.

The blog we most enjoyed from Showsec concerned an employee of theirs who went on to become a local Mayor – inspiring stuff.

Brit Sec

Brit sec are specialists in an array of security disciplines, including assignments like providing security to film and TV sets and performers (there’s a little snapshot on their site of Brit Sec officers guarding ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and ‘Doc Martin’ star Martin Clunes).

They also handle alarm response, dog handling, key-holding, fire marshal services and retail security.

Brit Sec’s management team includes some of the country’s most experienced security experts, who bring their collective expertise to each and every job the company takes on.

Brit Sec’s blog talks about the company’s various activities, including protecting UK celebrities Ant & Dec and Jamie Oliver during the filming of shows like ‘Friday Night Feast’.

Elsewhere, events such as firework displays, charity performances, and the company funding an educational trip to Borneo are covered.

The best article, in our estimation, detailed company CEO Steve Withers and Quality and Compliance Director Phillip Scattergood’s trip to Nairobi in order to climb Mount Kenya. The reason? To support Team Kenya, a charity that aims to empower women in Kenya to reach their full potential through education delivered in a secure environment – a worthy cause indeed.

SQR Group

SQR are a tech savvy, sharp-suited bunch who specialise in guarding corporate premises, as well as offering other services such as remote CCTV monitoring, the supply of security drivers, security training and quite a bit more.

The company takes a global interest in security, with a keen tactical edge. SQR’s blog discusses terrorism (or the threat of terrorism) in places as far afield as Germany, Turkey, The United States and Brazil. In so doing, the blog opens its reader up to a larger world beyond the borders of our own country, a worldwide approach that feels appropriate, modern and necessary.

The blog we’ve chosen to spotlight here was called ‘Drones are Hovering’ and discussed the impact that the easy availability of drone technology is having on security tactics.

Wilson James

Wilson James was founded in 1991 and almost immediately began work on the construction of the Jubilee Line extension to the London Underground.

By 1997, the company had moved into security as well as construction. At the time of writing, they have worked on a number of high profile events and projects, including the London Olympics in 2012 and the NHS Nightingale Hospital.

At the time of writing, Wilson James employs around 5000 people, which is very impressive indeed.

Their blog is easily accessible and nicely formatted, detailing things like the company’s latest mental health initiatives, their launch of aviation security training and their support of National Apprenticeship Week.

Our favourite of the lot was part of a series of posts whereby company directors were tasked with writing health and safety-related pieces focussing on their area of expertise. The third such article, entitled ‘What is Behavioural Safety and why do we Need It?’ was eye opening and well thought out.

Magenta Security

Magenta is an award-winning, carbon neutral, fully nationwide security firm that has been keeping people and property safe since 1995.

Magenta tailors its services to the specific requirements of their customers. As the site says, “One-size security is not safe. Our security experts will work with you to create a bespoke security package that targets your risks precisely and provides a return on investment”.

The company has a lot more to offer as well, from free quotes to a100% money back guarantee.

The blog deals plainly and matter-of-factually with a number of subjects relating to security. In ‘Time is Running out for UK Borders to be Brexit-Ready’ a number of concerns are raised regarding border security, while possible solutions are put forward as well.

Other pieces ask important questions about whether the UK’s busy parks are ready for a social distancing summer, and offer health tips for getting through lockdown.

Other, more general, subjects touched on include crime prevention, security within the NHS and tips for hosting a safe office party.

The best article, in our estimation, was called ‘Simple Security tips for Your Manufacturing or Construction Site’. The advice was clear, concise and easy to read – just what we like to see.

Platinum Gate Security

Exeter and Devon-based security providers Platinum Gate “cover all aspects of security staffing and work alongside you to get to know your business”.

The company is especially good at providing security for sporting events, retail outlets, construction sites, nightclubs and corporate offices.

The blog includes pieces aimed at soliciting business for the firm (nothing wrong with that), as well as general pieces that discuss the security industry in general.

Topics such as ‘Crowd Unrest Leading to Heightened Security in Sport’ and ‘How to Operate a Construction Site Within Government Regulations’ are knowledgeable, learned and well worth a read.

The blog we found most useful was called ‘Top 5 Reasons to Plan Security Services for your Next Event’.

Radius UK

Radius Security’s tagline is ‘protecting what matters’ – and it’s a fine piece of branding. If security, as an industry, or even as an ethos, were to be boiled down to its most basic, most immediate meaning, ‘protecting what matters’ would be about right.

The company offers services such as door supervision, manned guarding, key holding and night wardening/general caring.

One of Radius’ blog posts (on the subject of co-operation) is proudly emblazoned with the following Henry Ford quote,

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”

The quote gives a nice insight into the company’s working practices and overall culture.

Other blogs include ‘Diversity Within The Security Industry’ and a write-up about the company’s welfare unit patrolling the streets of Manchester.

Our favourite, however, was definitely the ‘diversity’ piece. Elegant, yet sensitively written, it makes a fine point, perhaps best surmised by the following quote, “If we agree that the challenges and situations are so varied because of the diversity in customers, then we also need this diversity on the door.” We agree completely.

Under Armour [WEB+app]


With almost a decade of professional experience, Vistech provide both security and facilities management to businesses and sites across the UK.

They are a company with a strong work ethic, as the site says “We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for our clients to meet and exceed service expectations; that’s our commitment, that’s what we do.”

Vistech are specialists in many key areas like health and safety, risk reduction and loss prevention, as well as commercial cleaning, front-of-house services, security personnel hire, CCTV, alarm response, key holding, consultancy, dog handling and VIP security services (among many, many others).

The company’s blog often concerns Vistech’s seemingly constant expansion, as well as advertising their services such as mobile security patrols.

Although not strictly a blog post, the piece we felt was the most powerful was the company’s sworn statement against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Nedap Security

Nedap create practical, electronic security systems for physical spaces.

As their website proudly proclaims, “We bring freedom to everyday life, by protecting people, places and possessions. We control access to any physical location that needs to stay secure”.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1929, Nedap has been designing and building electronic access control systems since 1980. The company has a long history of excellence.

Nedap’s blog is eminently readable, even poetic in places, with titles such as ‘Security for Life Means Freedom to Focus, Happiness is an art Exhibition’ and ‘Musings of a Technical Writer’ popping up alongside the more corporate content about fostering excellence and Nedap’s habitually excellent technology reportage.

By far our favourite post was a nice overview of access control in general, explaining the technology clearly and concisely as well as offering the reader tips for how to maximise its potential.

C.I.S Security

Founded by former police officers back in 1969, C.I.S (which stands for Complete Integrated Solutions – in case you wondered) is a security industry leader with an illustrious legacy.

Combining modern business knowledge with a wealth of practical experience, C.I.S offers everything from consultancy to procurement, in addition to services such as CCTV monitoring and alarm system installation and maintenance.

Basically, they’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your business secure.

The C.I.S blog is wide ranging and fairly interesting, covering topics such as ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ as well as ‘Earth Day’ and ‘National Armed Forces Day’ all while considering the role of a modern business in the observance of such events.

Company news ranges from awards won by C.I.S to charity work undertaken by their staff, as well as interviews with various staff members.

The blog content is perhaps lacking in simple, security-based pieces such as can be seen on other blogs, but there are a few useful pieces nestled in amongst a very readable blog that really exemplifies the company culture at C.I.S.

Our favourite blog post was ‘5 things you didn’t know about CCTV‘ with 5 interesting facts about CCTV that you probably haven’t read before.

Stanley Security

“We understand that in a complex world, it is not enough to solve the challenges of today – we need to be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow”. If any sentence ever summed up a company’s approach to business, it must surely be this, pulled wholesale from Stanley’s site.

It’s not just marketing guff, either. Stanley are the world’s second largest electronic security company, so you can be sure they’ve got some pretty unique insights and advice for us to read.

The blog may be hidden away under the ‘Resources’ subheading of the site, but it’s well worth finding.

Topics are, as you might imagine, largely technological in nature, including features like ‘The Advantages of Cloud Access Control’ and ‘The Future of Security’. The blog, like the company, always seems to be looking ahead.

The blog post we liked best was titled ‘How Much Does CCTV Monitoring Really Cost?’ which was a rare public examination of the costs of private security. This is definitely very useful, at least from a prospective client’s point-of-view.

First Response Group

By its own account, First Response Group “is one of the leading multi-service and security providers in the UK”. The glowing customer feedback that proudly emblazons their homepage would seem to confirm this assessment.

First Response Group seem to be able to handle almost anything, from fire watch and security guards to vacant property watch, dog handling, out-of-hours security and general facilities management.

The blog is quite wide-ranging, from ‘How To’ guides and list-based features, to general advice, such as ‘How to (Effectively) Implement Social Distancing in Your Business’.

For our money, the most interesting blog post was ‘5 Reasons a Risk Assessment is Vitally Important’.

DS Security Group

DS Security was founded in 1993 and presently operates from two sites, one in the North of the UK and one in the South. Because of this, the company is able to offer comprehensive coverage of the whole country.

DS specialise in access control systems, CCTV, asset protection/tagging and maintenance services. The company is committed to only using the best technology, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

As it says on the site, “Through keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements we ensure we offer our customers the best products and services to suit their individual needs”

The blog, though a bit light in actual articles, is nevertheless tech-savvy and chock-full of useful information. Articles explaining 4K security cameras, the Data Protection Act and several other security-related topics are very useful indeed. Extra information is never a bad thing.

The most informative piece here, as far as we were concerned, was called ‘Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Wireless CCTV’. It should prove a useful guide for those who might need it.


CSS (Carter Security Services) was founded by career security professional Nick Carter who, in his own words, “wanted to create a professional, transparent and multi-disciplined security business that could meet the ever increasing needs of a national client base whilst adhering to the strict code set by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)”

He seems to have managed it, as today CSS offers a huge amount of services, including manned guarding, event security, alarm response, CCTV, key holding, thermal intruder identification and drug testing, as well as private concierge and airport chauffeuring services.

CSS’ blog promotes the company well, but also hosts other, non-promotional content. On the promotional side, we were particularly impressed by the piece entitled ‘The Many Benefits of Being a Security Officer’.

Of the more general content, we liked ‘Increased Unemployment and the Risk of Petty Crime’ – something we all need to be aware of right now.

The best blog post on their site was about whether static manned guarding was better or worse than mobile patrols. Both tactics, of course, have their merits and drawbacks, but the argument was evenly handled.

Churchill Services

There are many famous Churchills in British history, from Winston, Britain’s grizzled, wartime Prime Minister to John, The Duke of Marlborough, one of the world’s greatest-ever military leaders. Then there’s ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill, the World War II soldier who carried both a longbow and a broadsword into battle – and proved surprisingly effective with both!

In this instance, the name Churchill refers to a large group of companies that provide quality security services, food delivery, environmental care, cleaning services and more besides.

Churchill’s blog covers most of the areas that its constituent companies work in, so it isn’t all security specific. Some of the content was quite general (‘Home Working – A Survival Guide’, ‘Leading a Sustainable Life in Retirement’).

Other articles, however, were more relevant to our areas of interest (‘The Role of Facial Recognition in FM and Security’, ‘The Importance of Fire Safety and Compliance for Hospitality’).

It helps to search for the posts that are tagged with ‘Amulet’, which is the name of Churchill’s security company.

By far the most effective and thought-provoking piece we read was entitled ‘The Race to the Bottom in Security Services: A Loser’s Game’, which passionately made the case for the UK security industry to raise its prices (along with its profile), by highlighting the good work being done across the board and the value for money already being offered.

G3 Security Services

As a company, G3 prides itself on “providing a full range of Security Management Services” and is “committed to continually improve the contents and quality” of the services they provide.

They “have the highest standards of integrity and excellence at every level” and “believe that our most important asset is our staff” – all good stuff.

G3 also like to collaborate closely with their clients, offering monthly meetings with them, whereby the client may suggest changes and offer critiques.

The blog posts are quite difficult to find on their website, but they’re worth seeking out, we reckon.

Our favourite was entitled ‘Combatting Knife Crime’ and offers various strategies for dealing with knife attacks, as well as a brief explanation for the rise in people carrying knives. 


The ExcluSec group of companies are experts at handling security, facilities management and staff training. These three disciplines are delegated to three separate companies, all under the banner of ExcluSec.

ExcluSec company directors James and Michelle Bancroft founded the group a decade ago in Bolton. The main headquarters now has satellite offices in Manchester and Warrington.

ExcluSec Security provides tailored security solutions to private individuals, corporate clients and charitable organisations, among many others.

The company’s blog essentially discusses ExcluSec’s on-going commitment to growth, be it via local business awards, honours or charity work. The blog content such as ‘Helping Your Business Make Better First Impressions with Cleaning Inspections’ and ‘6 Steps to Fortify Your Outdoor Event’s Security’ were more in our wheelhouse, however.

The most useful piece, however, isn’t a blog post at all, but in fact describes the standards of behaviour to which ExcluSec Security’s staff are held. Everything from appearance to conduct is described, a neat reminder of what should be expected throughout the industry.


According to their website, Mitie are dedicated to ‘delivering the exceptional every day’. Leaving aside the fact that, if the exceptional were a daily experience then it wouldn’t be exceptional, they do seem to live up to this promise.

Mitie handle facilities management and professional services for a number of high profile clients, including Sky, Lloyd’s Bank, Co-Op, Argos, IKEA, Eurostar, Vodaphone and many others.

As a UK industry giant, Mitie are, well, mighty.

The blog takes the form of two sub-categories, namely ‘Insights’ and ‘News’. ‘Insights’ concerns the work Mitie is doing, celebrating their various successes and keeping customers and curious parties alike abreast of their activities, while ‘News’ largely consists of company press releases.

The best blog we found was a press release discussing the (rather worrying) fact that “almost half of Facilities Managers are missing out on the benefits of digital transformation, with just seven per cent using new technology to stay ahead of the curve” along with a number of related concerns.

The SES Group

Covering London, Birmingham and The Midlands, The SES Group provide security for shows, businesses, private clients and events of all kinds.

As event security providers, SES offer stewarding, manned guarding and front-of-stage security. As security management specialists, they offer consultancy, as well as traffic and incident management.

They also offer door supervision and front-of-house services, as well as CCTV, key holding and mobile patrols, along with many other services. They even have an apprenticeship scheme.

After being hired by Network Rail, SES have been offering water, hand sanitizer and bibs to rail passengers in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The blog records this, along with a whole lot more, in their regular newsletters, which can be read for free on their site.

SES’ best article was called ‘The Many Roles of a Security Guard’, which really highlighted how important and varied the job of security guard actually is.


The year’s not even out and Vigilance have already won 5 awards. We have to admit to being quite impressed by that (as well as uplifted by the apparent fact that at least someone is having an enjoyable 2020).

The company largely employs ex-army personnel, who have a combined amount of over 500 years’ experience in the armed forces. As a company, Vigilance aim to combine military precision and discipline with a company culture that strongly emphasizes ethics and integrity.

The blog features a lot of content, from interviews with Vigilance’s leading figures, to general news about the company and an emotive piece posted in support of The Poppy Appeal.

The blog we found most interesting was simply titled ‘Personal Security’ and was, we felt, a well researched and reasoned overview of the challenges to security posed by residential areas.


B2B offer ‘innovative security solutions’ – which are, of course, always welcome. Their services include tagging, CCTV, staff training and, um, the sale of sticky labels…

B2B is part of PHSC plc. (Personal Health and Safety Consultants). This company also has other subsidiaries working in the areas of environmental health, laboratory services and leisure management, among others.

Basically, if they haven’t got what you need, they know someone who does.

B2B’s blog talks a lot about the various applications of CCTV, largely because that’s one of B2B’s major areas of expertise. However, it also offers advice to retailers for protecting their wares against shoplifters along with other useful content.

Mainly, however, the blog concerns CCTV. It is a great resource if you find yourself setting a CCTV system up and want to ensure that you’re maximising its potential.

The best article listed the benefits of CCTV rental (and did so very well, we thought).

Carlisle Support Services

Carlisle specialise in the provision of security, cleaning, event and retail services.

When it comes to security, Carlisle’s staff, “work in both the public and private sectors across a full range of business sectors. Our service extends from corporate security services to bespoke complex solutions”.

They are also active in raising money for charity, having supported organisations such as CrimeStoppers, various homelessness charities and the Alzheimer’s Society, as well as donating to the NHS in this time of national crisis.

Carlisle’s blog is mainly company-based news, discussing various appointments within the firm, as well as its charity work and positive contributions to the local community. The blog plays host to a lot of feel good stories as a result.

The best security-based article we found concerned terrorist activity and how best to cope with/guard against it.

CSP: Combined Services Provider

At the time of writing, there are nearly 33 million cars in the UK. Over the past 25 years, the number of cars in Britain has risen by around 49%.

It makes sense then that CSP (which stands for Combined Services Provider) should “specialise in providing services to both venues and static sites including Car Parking, Internal and External Traffic Management and HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)”. After all, somebody’s got to do it.

CSP was awarded its first major contract in 1994 and has been building a great reputation ever since.

The company’s blog concerns basic news relating to CSP (they’ve raised money for good causes such as ‘Stand up to Cancer’ and ‘New Hope’). It also covers some of their more high profile work, such as Major League Baseball games played in the UK, the London Marathon, England rugby games and so on. All content is generally written with a friendly informality that gives the blog (and thus the company) a lot of character.

Our favourite blog was entitled ‘The Apprenticeship Levy…How are you Using Yours?’ which was an honest and pleasant read overall.

Glevum Security

Glevum Security was started at the start of the century by directors Mark Baker and Steve Barnett.

Mark served sixteen years in the Royal Navy gaining a wealth of experience in Operations, then spent seven years working in the Emergency Control Room with Gloucestershire Police.

And before starting Glevum Security, Steve worked within the Security Sector for over eighteen years, working for some of the major Security Companies within London. His knowledge of the industry covers all aspects of Security which include Training & Operational Management.

Glevums’ Security services cover the west of England including, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol & Avon.

Their news section includes advice about changing your locks, protecting against drones and lots of other bits of advice about workplace and home security, along with that they have a Q&A about a day in the life of a Mobile Patrol Officer.

Our favourite article is titled ‘Everything You Need to Know About Lone Working‘ an important subject that isn’t covered enough and applies to a large number of industries including our own security industry.

Secure On-Site Security

As SOS say, their company motto is ‘exceed customer expectations’, so they’re definitely doing something right.

According to SOS  “Many of our now standard services were born out of being asked for a service that we didn’t provide yet, and we continue to adapt our business based on your needs to this day”.

It’s refreshing to see a company that cares so much about the needs of its customers.

The blog is very interesting indeed, covering topics such as security at summer festivals, securing centres of learning (e.g. schools, colleges and Universities) and a frank and informed piece about the ‘stop an search’ law and society’s attitudes to it.

In a discussion about homeless people seeking shelter in private residential areas, the blog was sensitive and surprisingly proactive, concluding, “The best companies will understand they have a duty to find the most appropriate solutions to eliminate the problem for residents but in a considered and compassionate way.

In real terms, this might mean providing information regarding nearby shelters, handing out leaflets where appropriate or even calling shelters in advance to try and find somewhere they can stay” the article was furnished with a link to Shelter’s website for further information.

Overall, the blog ‘Top Tips to Improve Warehouse Security’ was our favourite.

Titan Security

Titan is one of the largest security companies in the country, operating in the UK as well as across the continent. They offer a range of services, including manned guarding, retail security, key holding, door supervision and mobile patrols.

The blog maintains the broad, international vision of the company itself, with articles that discuss the security industry in Sweden, Germany, France and elsewhere.

These posts are very useful as both an overview and an inspiration, even if you aren’t planning to live or work in those countries.

The rest of the articles are devoted mainly to helpful advice and region-specific pieces concerning the UK. All in all, there’s a lot of good content there.

The most useful blog post we read gave advice on starting a UK security business from scratch. It would be of interest to anybody who has ever thought of creating his or her own firm.

Umbrella Security Services

Umbrella is based in Birmingham and offers a variety of services including event security, CCTV, remote monitoring, mobile patrols, dog handling and much more besides.

As the site says, “Our years of experience have helped us build up an outstanding reputation throughout the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our reliability as well as our ability to provide a wide range of highly effective security solutions to a large number of customers.”

The company’s blog discusses current events, such as crime statistics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other areas explored include retail security, construction site security and the importance of holding an SIA license.

Umbrella’s best blog answered the question ‘Why are Dogs used for Security?’ it was a question rarely asked by those inside the security industry, but to those outside it, the answer could prove quite illuminating.

AM Services Group

AM Services Group offer a wide variety of services including security, cleaning, specialist cleaning and washroom maintenance.

Alongside other security-related content, the blog goes out of its way to praise various AM staff members, such as the security officer who “selflessly put aside his own leisure time” in order to join his team and help them evacuate a shopping centre that was imperilled by a nearby fire.

Our favourite blog post was entitled ‘Building a Triangle of Trust’ and contained the following sentiment, “A strong network of customers, suppliers, buyers, and outsourced service providers all depends on the same foundation of trust. 

People will naturally want to do more business with the people they believe in and enjoy working with”. We couldn’t agree more.


Founded in the year 1900 by a chap named Frederick William Goodliffe, OCS (originally known, quite aptly, as ‘New Century Window & General Cleaning Co’) has a fascinating company history.

Frederick died in 1947, but his sons continued to expand and grow their father’s business empire, employing many of their relatives and setting up branches nationwide.

The business diversified in the 1960’s and OCS has, at the time of writing, employed 5 generations of Frederick’s family. They join over 86,000 other employees.

The company continues to work in cleaning, but also operates in fields as divergent as security, catering, waste management, pest control, facilities management, horticulture and even washroom maintenance, among many others.

OCS’s blog hosts a lot of useful content, as you might imagine. This includes webinars aimed at helping their employees return to work after lockdown, mental health training for employees and the celebration of the firm’s 120th anniversary.

The blog we found most interesting was called ‘Changing Face of the Cleaner in the Digital World’.

1SC Guarding

1SC Guarding was set up in 1997. The company’s founder is a man named David Jones, who previously worked as a soldier.

We’ll let 1SC’s website tell the rest of the story, “Despite an uphill battle against the ‘it’ll do’ culture that once surrounded, and to an extent still surrounds the provision of guarding services, David remains firmly committed to his original ideals; he has daily ‘hands on’ involvement with every part of the running of 1SC Guarding Ltd and is at pains to ensure that the culture of mediocrity that can easily be found within the manned guarding industry has no place within this organisation”. 

Strong words. Inspiring stuff.

The blog discusses the company’s day-to-day experience, including how 1SC guards keep themselves cool in the summer. Other blogs discuss the occasionally thorny issue of race in the security industry, dealing with subjects such as racial profiling and overcoming negative racial stereotypes.

Security Scotland Ltd

According to their site, Security Scotland is “the UK’s fastest growing crowd management and security provider”.

Security Scotland provide reliable security solutions for events such as football matches, festivals and outdoor shows. They also work extensively in areas such as retail security, manned guarding, corporate and concierge security.

Among other things, Security Scotland’s blog discusses employees that have been awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ status, the company’s celebration of International Women’s Day and other, more security-centric subjects such as cyber security tactics, counter terrorism methods and various courses the company offers.

The piece we found most prescient was entitled #LookUpLookOut How to Help Prevent Sweet Robbery‘ highlighting the initiative of the Metropolitan Police to make aware of many of the steps that can be taken to prevent street robberys.

LeisureSec Security

Leisuresec provide security around the Warwickshire area, operating fairly, profitably and ethically, with the ethos of ‘Treat the trust our customers have placed in us with the respect it deserves and deliver a service to be proud of

With a large emphasis on their workforce, developing and training, to Train, nurture and inspire our workforce to exceed client expectations and they review how we deliver our service in order to operate at optimum levels

They actively invest in and developing technology that enhance our client’s experience’s and supports consistent high standards in the calibre and performance of our workforce.

Typical blog posts discuss security services such as physical security, security systems and CCTV.

The most interesting piece we found here was called ‘Who is responsible for security in a rental property?’ which discusses security within the home rental sector, It is definitely worth a look.


“Everything we do at SecuriGroup is based on our ethos of safety, courtesy and efficiency,” says the website, before further explaining “SecuriGroup is in the top 5% of companies featuring in the esteemed list of Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractors”

Certainly, being in the SIA’s top 5% is nothing to be sniffed at. The company offers top quality door supervisors, security guards, bodyguards, electronic systems and event security solutions, along with lots more.

The blog’s content is wide ranging and reveals a company that pays close attention to news and current affairs.

The most useful piece (among many) detailed how best to respond to acid attacks. Such information is vital and it’s good to see it getting disseminated.

Right Guard Security

With 30 years of professional experience, Right Guard Security is well versed in all aspects of the trade.
The company is capable of handling most security requirements, as well as facilities management, healthcare management, traffic management and parking as well as a lot more.

Right Guard’s blog highlights events of significance to the company, as well as security-based content of wider relevance to the industry in general.

One story we particularly liked concerned a man who was trying to steal crisps from a Poundland store in Canterbury. After he threatened the shop’s staff, two Right Guard Security employees, in the city on a different assignment, safely apprehended the man before he could do any harm.

The article we’ve chosen to highlight from this particular blog concerns positional asphyxia and was written in the wake of the murder of American George Floyd earlier this year.

Smart Sec Solutions

Founded in 2009 by two men, Theo Nicolaou and Fawad Ahmad, Smart Sec has been steadily growing for just over a decade.

Smart Sec’s first contract arrived because a much-respected security guard named Faruque Miah wished to join the fledgling company. In order to retain Miah’s services, the building company he worked for agreed to sign a contract with Smart Sec.

The story highlights just how much one security guard can accomplish by being reliable and always doing a good job!

Blogs include things like ‘The Changing Perception of the Security Officer Under Lockdown’ and ‘Thank You to our Front-Line Teams’, as well as pieces concerning knife safety, mental health awareness, and the company’s support of Armed Forces Day.

One of our favourite pieces and something that has been one of the biggest influences on the industry since the SIA was founded isHow Brexit has Impacted the Security Industryand highlights how security companies will have to deal with these challenges.

T Class Security

Founded in 1998, T Class Security offers security solutions to the entertainment and leisure industries, but also offers private contractors services such as manned guarding, retail guarding, CCTV monitoring, surveillance, corporate guarding and key holding.

The company’s blog is home to a lot of great content, including meditations on the communication skills of a security guard, arguing the case for tighter security at concerts and music festivals and offering security tips for saying safe during lockdown.

The blog we found most illuminating was entitled, ‘Six Traits Found in a Great Security Guard’, which gave a rundown of the best qualities found in the cream of our industry’s crop. How many of them do you have?

Security Vetting Services

Security vetting services provide vetting for businesses and individuals that need to ensure their employees are of the highest quality and have been screened to the acceptable standards.

They are trusted by hundreds of companies in the UK with a wide range of vetting checks available and each business will have different requirements driven by legislation, professional standards it’s important that companies are recruiting the right person for their business.

They have been included in this list as they provide a different view point for the security industry and with vetting an important element to make sure employees are fit for a position in security.

The most interesting article we found was onthe different levels of UK criminal record checkand explains the different DBS checks, which level of check that are required and how to obtain them.

Delta Security Management

Delta Security Management is a company with experience in all areas of security services management and offers a diverse range of solutions to your security problems. They cover the M23 Corridor from Crawley, Guildford and Redhill to Chichester. Their number one priority is the safety and security of clients, premises, equipment, and stock.

They write articles about the importance of security lighting and how they work in conjunction with all the main security measures. Along with that they write about the reasons why keeping your business premises safe and secure is key, and one of the most important is that it can help to protect your assets and why it’s so important to have a reliable locksmith who can help to keep your business safe.

Our favourite article is aboutThe effect drones can have on your securityAs drones become more popular, businesses need to be aware of the risks and threats that they pose. Drones can be used for a variety of purposes, both commercial and recreational. However, as with any technology, there are risks and threats associated with their use

PPSS Group

PPSS Group is a company that specializes in the development and supply of high-performance body armor, cut resistant clothing, slash resistant clothing and bite-resistant clothing. This company was founded by a team of professionals with 100+ years of operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police riot teams and personal protection. The products they offer are designed to protect from weapons such as knives and spikes as well as blunt force trauma from impacts such as punches.

Their blog is full of articles about blunt force and sharp items, how an employee can protect their staff better along with the different applications of where their stab vests are used.

Our favorite article wasBlunt Force Trauma: The Underreported Threat Of The Security Professionalthat highlights the dangers that many in the security industry face, blunt force trauma is just as common as knives and sharp items, you can read our review of PPSS stab vests here.

FGH Security

In 2003, FGH Security was founded with a single mission: To raise the standards of private security in Great Britain.

The company helped make this industry more professional by creating new courses and implementing hundreds procedures that are still used today as the basis for today training programmes.

FGH helped pilot the SIA Approved Contractor scheme, helping to create the training that we use today, along with this they were one of the first companies in the UK to hold SIA Approved Contractor Status.

They are a great asset to the security industry, being recognised recognised as the only Security Company Times Top 100 Employer and keep playing a leading role in raising the standard of the Security Industry.

One article that stood out for us on their blog wasShe Set the Standard campaign that promotes roles for women in security focusing on attracting more candidates through SIA training and developing female team members into supervisory roles, along with sharing success stories of influential women in their team.

FFA Security

The FFA Security Group is a company that strives to make the world better one person at time. They believe in every individual, no matter how small or large his/her impact may be on society; each has an opportunity for greatness if only given half of what they need- skillset included.

As a London based Security Company they deliver exceptional service to all customers across the city. We work hard on your people, buildings and physical assets by making sure that they are safe from harm with a simple premise: “We Do What Needs To Be Done”.

We are committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives as well building strong, profitable business. With this in mind each individual has an opportunity and obligation that goes beyond just themselves; they can help shape the future of our company by being part of what makes it great.

Farah is passionate about combatting violence against women, she agreed to be interviewed for our women in security survey, and carrying on with this subject she writes a piece about ‘Project Vigilant’ and The Role of the Security Industry.

Oakpark Security

Although based in Colchester, Essex, Oakpark Security’s reach stretches throughout London and East Anglia, as well as all across the Southern Coast.

Oakpark has a unique business model, too. In their own words, “We reject the buying and selling of ‘security’ as a commodity and instead focus on addressing the specific risks that each of our customers face. By generating a risk profile for each client, we are then able to offer technology-driven solutions designed to ensure that your business is resilient to any dangers that may occur”.

The blog is very security-centric and, as such, has a lot of interesting information to offer the reader.

Pieces like ‘How Do I Start Working in the Security Industry?’ ‘Securing the new Technology Economy’ and ‘Which Security Solution is Right for my Business?’ are all fascinating and informed pieces.

Our favourite piece on this blog was an overview of mobile security patrols, giving the reader a comprehensive run down of what they are, how they work and why they’re important. Good stuff.

Stage Event Security

Stage Events Security is a specialist security firm based in the Ipswich, Suffolk area of the United Kingdom. As a leading security company, Stage has decades of experience providing a range of services throughout the country. Commercial clients can benefit from event security, venue security, manned guarding, festival security, alarm response, and much more.

Stage Security is committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their security requirements. From thorough planning for every type of scenario to a smooth and safe operation, they know what is necessary for keeping people safe and ensuring everyone has a fun time. Stage Security operates in a completely bespoke way, meaning that businesses can choose the services they need help with, and Stage will suggest a suitable and tailored solution alongside an affordable quote.

The past year has opened up new doors for Stage Security as they introduced a range of essential services in the absence of events, festivals and nightclub activity. The all-new services included alarm response, mobile patrols, cash in transit and key holding, all four of which remain important in protecting businesses.

Our favourite piece on this blog was What We Look out for When Providing Festival Security as a specialist in events and festivals, this article really shows how much work and thinking goes into managing the security at a festival.

Professional Security Magazine

Professional Security magazine is the go-to source for all things security. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, Professional Security has something that will interest and inspire! With cutting edge features on both current events in our industry as well as informative articles focused specifically towards professionals at every level of their careers.

Their magazine is published monthly in a digital format and provide events of the security industry. They also host the yearly the Women in Security Awards. 

These awards are dedicated to women in the security profession. They recognise and honour their accomplishments, value of contributions as well as those who have made an impact on our industry through politics or entrepreneurship with this award being just one way that they can show appreciation for all these incredible ladies working tirelessly day-in/day out.

The article,Qualities of a Good Security Guard is an excellent read for anyone looking to get into the security industry, Important qualities that employers look for in a good security guard are listed on this article. These include things like having good observational skills, honesty and integrity along with great communication skills.

IFSEC Global

IFSEC Global is a reliable news source for security and fire safety news, articles, features, whitepapers, videos and product information.

The IFSEC covers developments from across the industries, highlighting long-established physical technologies like video surveillance and access control. It also features emerging innovations in cyber security along with drones and smart home automation.

The global security industry is growing, and with it comes an increased need for knowledge on how best to protect these increasingly dangerous environments. IFSEC Global provides access into the latest developments in this field through their annual conferences where you can learn from some of today’s most innovative thinkers about everything related counter-terror strategies or fire prevention techniques

With an expansive selection of resources, from informative eBooks to exclusive whitepapers and fascinating webinars available on IFSEC global directory you are sure find something that will suit your needs.

The article that most took our interest wasSecurity workers and the law: Who protects the protectors?an interesting article into how those working on the frontline have limited to no protections when doing their job.

The Professional Security Officer (TPSO)

TPSO is a magazine produced for those who work in the security industry. Starting in 2018, TPSO is “written to help you in your jobs by: keeping you up to date with news, views and security issues, helping with CPD, training and career development, networking and building contacts”

Each edition of TPSO is usually dedicated to a specific subject. So far, the publication has covered terrorism and criminal activity, career development, physical security and technological security, protection against fraud and the security issues posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a lot of other fascinating and pertinent topics.

The magazine is available in multiple formats, namely a downloadable PDF, a regular website and a traditional magazine printed on paper. The website is easy and free to view and contains a wealth of interesting articles. 

Our favourite piece was called ‘A.I & The Future of CCTV’.

British Security Industry Association

The British Security Industry Association’s official website is chock-full of content, information and the near-audible hum of busy, industry-wide discussion. Put simply, this is the best place to come for security-related articles.

BSIA members account for over 70% of privately provided security products and services in the UK and, for that reason among many others, their website proudly proclaims itself to be ‘the voice of the professional security industry’.

The BSIA’s blog is smartly laid out, dividing its feature articles into various categories, such as ‘BSIA News’, ‘Industry News’, ‘Thought Leadership’ and ‘Guidance’. The site also offers downloadable content such as issues of the ‘International Security Journal’ and regular COVID-19 updates.

It’s hard to pick just one blog to highlight, since there are so many to choose from, but the blog we liked best was a press release concerning the Civil Aviation Authority’s Andrew Hamilton, who is leaving the CAA in order to become Director of Operations at Crowded Space Drones. We hope you’ll join us in wishing him all the best in his new position.

We would like to give thanks to every single one of these blogs that regularly post and provide creative and thought-provoking security based content.

Keep up the good work writing articles that educate and inform the industry.

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That, for now is the list of the best security industry blogs that we could find. But if we have missed anyone out or if you think that your blog should be included on this list, then get in contact with us in the contact form.