Shoeless Man Punched Doorman before racially abusing him, Fined £440

Sozzled Jamie Sherry saw red after being chucked out of Sportsterz, Ward Road on May 26.

It was revealed that Sherry had been feeling uncomfortable in a new pair of trainers and took them off in the bar, which attracted the attention of one of the doormen.

Prosecutor Laura Bruce told Dundee Sheriff Court: “At about 12.30am he noticed the accused dancing around with his shoes off.

“He approached him to tell him to put his shoes back on. At that point he realised that the accused was very drunk.”

The man tried to assist Sherry out of the premises but received a barrage of abuse for his efforts.

“He got to the door and at that point the accused turned and punched him on the head,” Mrs Bruce added.

“The accused shouted at him ‘I have done nothing wrong you Polish *****.”

Sherry, of Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield, pled guilty to assaulting the man by punching him on the head which was racially aggravated.

Defence solicitor Sarah Russo said the incident was “entirely out of character” for Sherry.

She added that Sherry had been consuming more alcohol at the time of the offence due to a recent separation.

Ms Russo said: “He was in Dundee for a battle of the bands evening. He has little recollection of events.

“He had been wearing a new pair of trainers, they were hurting his feet and he took them off.

“Clearly he caught the doorman’s attention and he was asked to leave. It was his position he was doing nothing wrong but he does regret his actions.”

Sheriff John Rafferty said: “You can perhaps consider yourself lucky that I am dealing with the matter today and not obtaining reports.”

The 28-year-old was fined £440 and ordered to pay his victim £50 compensation.

Source – Evening Telegraph