What is the role of a door supervisor

A door supervisor provides a visible and physical presence, preventing or deterring threats to security, people and public order. They offer the service of monitoring the security of an event through controlling entry and exit points as well as ensuring those attending are searched for prohibited items such as weapons, drugs or alcohol, this makes door supervisor jobs important for the safety of any pub or club.

How do you become a door supervisor?

To become a door supervisor you will need to complete a recognised door supervisor course which involves a minimum of 6 days of training and hold a current license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

What do I need to become a door supervisor

A door supervisor needs to be calm and assertive, showing leadership qualities and work within a team, but also able to deal with difficult situations. They must be physically fit because of the nature of the job, and be vigilant of any safety breaches. Many Employers will expect a high standard of personal presentation is required; reflecting good standards of behavior and dress sense.

Door supervisor job roles and responsibilities

The key tasks for a door supervisor are to ensure the safety of patrons by controlling movement in and out of an establishment; search people and property to check they are not carrying any prohibited items (such as weapons, drugs or alcohol); monitor events within an establishment to ensure they run smoothly.

What type of person is best suited as a door supervisor

Someone calm and assertive with a strong presence; physically fit; able to work well under pressure; patient and not easily intimidated. Able to work within a team and communicate effectively with the public.

Where can I get a door supervisor job

Door supervisor jobs are available in a variety of venues such as nightclubs, pubs and bars; however, they may also be employed by exhibition centers and visitor attractions. SIA Door supervisor jobs are available to those that have completed the course and have an SIA licence and want to work in security.

What qualifications do you need

There are no specific qualifications that employers require when recruiting door supervisors, but candidates should be over the age of 18 and have an SIA license and recent Basic First Aid qualifications, experience in customer service may make you stand out from other candidates to employers.

How to get a door supervisor job

The best way to get a door supervisor job is through a personal application. Applications should be handed in directly to the venue or employers that you are interested in working at, or sent by post if no applications are accepted. Alternative methods include approaching local security companies for part time or full time work and looking online for advertised vacancies on their websites or recruitment employers agency sites.

What is the average salary of a door supervisor

The average salary of door supervisors and security officers is between £12 and £15 per hour, this has increased since the reopening of the leisure sector, SIA door supervisor jobs and are mostly part time, larger clubs may offer full time hours working 5-6 evenings a week.

What are door supervisors responsible for

Door supervisors are responsible for maintaining a high standard of security, both inside and outside the establishment. Their duties are to control the entrance to the building, ensure all staff adhere to company policy and ensure they remain calm in challenging circumstances.

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