What are window security bars

Window security bars are devices that can be affixed to a window for the purpose of preventing break-ins from occurring, or at least minimizing them. They come in a variety of forms and generally attach to either the interior or exterior side of a window.

The most common types used on exterior windows have pointed rods which can deter would-be burglars while the other, which is more common on internal windows, can be an angled rod that prevents burglars from reaching through and unlocking the window. 

Why window security bars are needed

As windows have been a common ingress point for burglars, people have turned to security bars as a means of easily securing their homes, offices, etc. The bars are significantly cheaper than other forms of security systems and can come in a variety of styles that can suit anyone’s preferences

They come in a wide range of types and qualities, but the main goal is to prevent a burglar from being able to open the window and gain access into the home, whether it be from the inside or outside.

With a variety of types and different security levels, choosing a set of window security bars can become a difficult undertaking. The following guide will aim to provide you with all of the information that you need to find some great window security bars that fit your needs while preventing any break-ins from occurring on your

With any security bars, both inside and outside types, it is still possible for an individual to break the window if they are determined enough, it just makes it harder to get in!

How do they work?

The way in which a window security bar functions is simple. They are installed on the window and then the locking mechanism is engaged, preventing anyone from accessing the window without first unlocking it.

On internal windows, this generally means that the burglar would need to break the rod away from any type of wall mount bracket before gaining access into your home.

What are they made of?

Window security bars are made using a variety of materials. The most common are steel, aluminium, iron, plastic, and wood.

Each has their positive attributes which should be taken into consideration when making the final purchase decision. For example, wooden bars are much more aesthetically pleasing while aluminium is much lighter in weight to carry around for when it needs to be removed.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to installing window security bars on your home. For starters, they can prevent up to 90% of burglaries from occurring if they’re installed properly and used correctly.

This means that for homes where you do not require a lot of sunlight entering into the house or would not mind having bars on some windows, it is a very effective means of protecting your home.

What are the disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantage for using window security bars is that you cannot go out and about without first locking your windows and bars!

It can become a nuisance if you have children who often leave windows open or neighbours who forget to close them as well. Another disadvantage is that it may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye if you don’t go with an internal bar.

Installation of Modern window security bars

The installation process will vary based on the type of bar you buy. Internal bars are easier to install as they are mounted to the wall by way of a bracket. The bar can then be slid into place and locked without any major work being done.

External bars, however, will require you have 1) brackets installed on your exterior walls where you want to affix the bars and 2) screws which attach the bars to the brackets. You can then slide it onto your window and lock it into place to prevent access.

Either way, the installation process should be straight forward and of average difficulty. It should not require you to drill into your walls/ceilings or affect the integrity of the window itself, just that of the bar itself.

Can you get adjustable them?

Yes, you can get adjustable security window bars! They’re called flip-flop style bars and they work by being installed on either side of a window.

When the burglar tries to pry it open, the bar will turn into a lock position until they let go. This makes it impossible for them to gain entry through your windows without first going through the proper steps to unlock it.

What is a difference between security bars and burglar bars

The most notable difference with window security bars and burglar bars is that the latter are specifically designed to prevent break-ins from occurring while the former can be used as an added deterrent or secondary line of defence.

Security bars are good for sliding windows, French doors, and other windows that are easy to break into.

Burglar bars are great for your main ingress points on the front of your home or underneath deck stairs where someone can be more concealed while trying to gain entry.

internal bars vs external bars

There is not a significant difference between internal and external window security bars. However, if you are looking for aesthetics then it’s best to go with an internal bar as they will be hidden from view.

External bars also tend to require more installation work but may be slightly stronger due to the way they’re built or designed to be installed.

Are shed window security bars any different

Yes, shed window bars are different than house window bars. They vary in size and weight due to the fact that they need to be strong enough to keep people from breaking in but also light enough for you to lift up when entering your shed. This means they will also have a bracket or extra bar on the exterior side of the bar to help it lock into place.

Are there any risks?

There are risks with installing anything to a point where it gets out of hand. Some people have been known to put so much trust into their bars that they have left their windows open without having them locked first.

For those who do not have a lot of experience in installing their own bars, it is best to find a friend who can help you out with the installation.


When it comes to securing your home, you should use all the options available to you. The addition of security bars can be very effective in giving burglars second thoughts about breaking into your home!

Of course, it’s best to get advice from an expert or experienced installer before making any hardware changes that may affect the windows’ functionality.

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