The Best Mens Fleece Jackets for Cold Nights on the Door

As the weather is turning colder and everyone seems to be rejoicing in the chance to pull fleece jackets and boots out of the closet. We might welcome the chance to snuggle down in front of the fire on a cold night, but what about those of us that have to stay outside?

Security guards, and Door supervisors continue their jobs in warm weather or cold. It’s important for those working these jobs to stay warm and dry, and Hi Viz and fleece jackets are a great choice. Fleece is versatile, functional and attractive. You can wear a light fleece in warmer weather, or layer multiple weights when the temperature drops. Fleece is water repellent and works great to shield you from a light rain or keep you dry during those heavier work duties.

In this review, I’ll fill you in on the specifics of fleece fabric and how to use it, and then compare a number of options. No matter which you choose, you’ll keep yourself warm and dry for even the coldest work shift.

What Is Fleece?

Fleece was invented in the late 1970s by engineers working for textile maker Malden Mills. Traditionally, the fabric is a 100% synthetic material that is derived from plastic. 

The fabric works by trapping air on each side of the fibers, keeping warm air on the inside of the fabric and blocking the cold air out. In this way, your body retains much of its own heat. Fleece comes in a variety of weights, making it perfect for all weather conditions no matter where you live.

Types of Fleece Materials

There are two types of fleece materials: man-made synthetic polyethylene terephthalate and natural merino wool:

Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, is formulated to be hydrophobic. This means the material repels water. The fabric holds less than 1% of its weight in water and retains its insulating properties even when wet. PET is machine washable, quick drying and breathable


Merino wool is produced by one of the toughest breeds of sheep, found in the rugged New Zealand Southern Alps. Wool is naturally warm in the cold and cool in the heat. The material is soft and non-itch, breathable and has a miraculous ability to ward off odour

Is Fleece Waterproof?

Fleece made of either PET or wool is moisture-resistant. The hydrophobic property means it repels water but is NOT fully waterproof. It’s inability to absorb water means it will stand up in a light rain, but in a downpour, you’ll want to layer it under a truly waterproof shell. 

With that said, a mens fleece jacket is ideal for a drizzle or for a day of heavy activity. The hydrophobic property means it will dry out quickly and keep you comfortable no matter what work brings your way. 

How to Layer for a Cold Night

The Base Layer (Moisture Management) 

The base layer acts to regulate your body temperature and keep moisture away from the skin. Synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene are great at moisture management. 

Cotton should be avoided as a base layer. It soaks up sweat and stays wet, drawing the heat away from your body. 

The Mid-layer (Insulation Management) 

The mid-layer serves to keep you truly warm. Fleece, down and synthetics are all examples of mid-layer insulation. Cotton, such as your favorite hoodie, isn’t a great mid-layer either. Any moisture that cotton absorbs will be retained, leaving you cold and clammy. 

The humble fleece is a perfect insulator for most activities. 

The Outer Layer (Protection from the Elements) 

This layer is your first and last defense against the elements. Your outer layer protects you from rushing wind, lashing rain or howling blizzard and ensures your base and mid-layers work effectively. 

A proper outer layer stops the elements from coming in while allowing sweat vapour and heat to pass through and away from your body. This process keeps you dry while breathing enough to avoid overheating. 

An ideal outer layer is usually a packable, lightweight and breathable waterproof jacket. 

Fleece Fabric Weights - What it means to you

Lightweight Fleece Fabric: 100-200 g/m2 
This is the thinnest and most lightweight of available fleece fabrics. Lightweight fleece won’t take up a lot of space and is more packable. Because the fabric is so lightweight, it allows for air circulation through the fibers and won’t get you too hot. 

The flexibility of this weight is ideal for when the weather isn’t too cold, but a light layer might be necessary. 

Midweight Fleece Fabric: 200-300 g/m2 
Midweight fleece is much warmer than the lightweight fabric. This weight is thick enough to be an everyday outer layer in cool conditions or to serve as a mid-layer when the temperature turns truly cold. 

Midweight is the most versatile of the fabric options because it provides a fair amount of warmth while still breathing decently. 

Heavyweight Fleece Fabric: 300+ g/m2 
Heavyweight fleece is the bouncer at a nightclub; the cold stays out, the sweat stays in. This is the ultimate in warmth. You’ll want to use this fleece for very cold conditions, or for those nights when you’ll be doing a lot of standing still. It can even serve as an outer layer over a lightweight or midweight fleece; that way, if you alternate between energetic movement and standing still, you’re always covered.

Most Men’s fleece jackets are super versatile and will fit any body shape. Many use AT™-Stretch fabric which promotes free, natural movement. Paired with a cinch-corded hem, adjustable waist, and Velcro® cuffs, this means you’ll be able to ensure a comfortable fit for your needs and will not be restrained by the material. 

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Trespass Men’s Jynx Fleece Jacket 

The Trespass Men’s Jynx Fleece Jacket is a heavyweight fleece with 320 g/m2. The Jynx has a full-front zip and three zip pockets. The rib effect and contrasting polar patches on the inner arm and side make this a very attractive jacket.

The air trap technology stretches to give you freedom of movement while keeping you warm and dry. Made of polyester material, this is a very practical and resistant jacket, perfect for those cold nights. 

The Jynx is great for a long night at work with plenty of inside and outside pockets as well as a chest pocket suitable for the largest iPhone.

For really cold nights it can be paired with an overcoat to keep you toasty. However, it has been reported that the Jynx produces baubles of lint after a few washes, and some have found it it to be a bit short. 


  • Inside pocket as well as outside pockets,
  • Chest pocket suitable for fitting the largest iphone
  • Pair it with an overcoat for those extra bitterly cold days


  • Baubles of lint after a few washes
  • Many have said it is a bit short

The North Face Glacier Men’s Fleece

The Glacier is made of 100% polyester dryvent fabrics, engineered to be waterproof, windproof and breathable. The fabric is treated with a water repellant finish that helps repel water by forming droplets that will roll off the surface. 

The attractive ¼ zip and familiar North Face embroidered logo will keep you stylish. Elastic binding at the collar, cuffs, and hem keeps in warmth and blocks out cold. The material is bauble-resistant, and a secure-zip sleeve pocket on the left gives you a handy place to keep anything you need access to. 

This jacket is incredibly warm despite being very thin and lightweight. It’s great for wearing by itself or can be layered with a coat on top for the coldest weather. The YKK half-zip comes all the way up to the chin, ensuring no heat will escape.

North Face products do run large so be aware; if you wear a size L, a size M should fit. One complaint is that the jacket doesn’t have proper cuffs like a sweater/hoodie


  • Very warm, despite being very thin the polar fleece
  • Great for wearing a coat on top and pretty warm by itself.
  • Front half-zip comes all the way up to the chin ensuring no heat escape.


  • Northface sizes are larger. If you are size L then Nortface size M should fit, Consider going a size down if your thinking of getting one.
  • Would have been nice to have proper cuffs like a normal sweater/hoodie.

Regatta Men's Thompson Fleece Jacket 

The Regatta Thompson weighs in at 170 g/m2, making it an ideal lightweight to midweight fleece jacket. The half-zip allows for airflow and gives it a relaxed look and comfortable feel, while the standing collar keeps you warm. Regatta uses high-end 100% polyester; the anti-pill fabric allows for quick drying and a long-lasting fresh garment. The warm, yet lightweight micro-fleece has a warm and cosy fur pile backing for soft next-to-the-skin comfort. 

The Thompson comes in sizes up to 5XL, making it a great choice for any body size. If you’re very tall, the jacket might be a little short.

One last thing to know is that the jacket has no pockets; this is great if you’re looking to cut down on bulk but frustrating for those that need to carry items on them. 


  • Lightweight 
  • (170gsm) fleece
  • Sizes up to 5XL


  • No pockets
  • Can be pretty short in the body length if you’re tall

Berghaus Mens Arnside Full Zip Fleece Jacket

At 320 g/m2, the Arnside is a workhorse for those in really cold climates. The AT microfleece fabric from the Berghaus Thermals range is quick-drying with a velour touch.

The AT microfleece construction ensures comfort and warmth with a thermal insulation of 0.5-0.6 CLO. Despite the amazing insulating properties, the Berghaus is lightweight and comfortable. 

This Baughaus has lots of pocket space, including two zipped hand warmer pockets. The soft-touch fabric is comfy and warm but anti-pilling.

Under a winter coat the Berghaus is ideal; but no inside pockets and no bottom elastic to tighten the waist might bother some mens fleece jacket wearers. 


  • Material is a little thin but it is very comfy and warm
  • Lots of pocket space
  • It’s ideal under a winter coat


  • No inside pocket
  • No elastic at bottom of jacket to tighten around your waist 

Uneek Premium Full-Zip Micro Fleece Jacket Mens

The Uneek Full-Zip is made of 100% polyester super anti-pill microfleece. At 380 g/m2 it’s a great choice for an outer layer, or for wearing underneath an outdoor jacket in cooler weather.

With twin needle stitching and two self-coloured covered zippered pockets with zip pullers that are deep enough to keep your hands warm, it’s very functional.

The jacket is machine washable at 60 degrees, with anti-pill (non-bobbling) technology.

Elasticated cuffs and deep pockets keep your hands and arms warm. Be careful when choosing a size, for the body runs wide. Although it’s not particularly elegant, this jacket is warm and practical. 


  • Heavy enough for this to be worn as an outdoor jacket in cool weather
  • Pockets zip up and are deep enough to keep hands quite warm.
  • Elasticated cuffs


  • Be careful when choosing size the body is really wide 
  • Not particularly elegant, but warm and practical

TACVASEN Windproof Men’s Military Fleece 

The TACVASEN Military Fleece Combat Jacket has lots to recommend it and is the thickest of our recommended Fleece Jackets.

The double layer thickening collar that is warm and windproof as well as soft and comfortable, elastic drawstring at the hem and the thumbhole design in the cuff will keep you snug and warm.

Many of the reviewers have said that the long sleeves run a little tight and the quality of materials aren’t the best, but for a cold weather outer layer, this is a great jacket.

At 400 g/m2 the thermal windproof fabric made of 100% polyester is great alone or with a bottom layer. 

There’s plenty of pockets on this jacket, including inside and out, one concern is that some of them are a little short and the pockets in the front are on the high side and not very deep.

The material is thick, and the pockets are numerous, though; and with an 80% wind-resistance the TACVASEN will do the trick. 


  • Loads of pockets
  • Nice thick thermal material
  • 80% wind resistant
  • Sleeves are long with thumb loops


  • Arms are tight for the size
  • Quality of material isn’t the best
  • Front pockets are high and not very deep


It was a close contest between three of our reviewed best mens Fleece jackets, the TACVASEN Windproof Men’s Military Fleece, the thickest of our reviewed fleeces, with a double layer thickening collar along with thumbhole cuffs and the The North Face Glacier Men’s Fleece made with 100% polyester dryvent fabrics, treated with a water repellent finish and a ¼ zip to keep the cold out and the warm in,it is a little thin, but very well insulated.

But, our Winner is the Trespass Men’s Jynx Fleece Jacket, a heavyweight fleece (320 g/m2) that will be great in the cold and air trap technology stretches to give you freedom of movement while keeping you warm and dry. It has a full-front zip and three zip pockets, along with one chest pocket large enough for a iphone plus.