Lowa Boots Review GTX Combat

The following is a full and comprehensive review of these Lowa boots, during which, we will examine the comfort, performance levels, and functionality of these boots, offering our thoughts on them as we go.

As anyone reading this feature knows, security work often requires operatives to be on their feet for long periods of time, enduring all kinds of weather. A security operative’s footwear must therefore be suitable for all conditions, as well as being able to withstand a lot of punishment. Security boots must also offer a high standard of comfort to the wearer. For most boot makers, this is simply too tall an order. Lowa boots, however, combine comfort and functionality in a way we’ve rarely seen.

These military grade Lowa boots are high-spec, high performance, and high endurance, but they’re also exceptionally comfortable, even when worn over long periods. The outer layers protect the foot from harm, while the inside supports both the ankles and feet. What more could a security operative ask for?

Product Overview

Lowa GTX combat boots are among the best boots on the market today, possibly even THE best. One reason for this is that these Lowa boots are made with a higher leg shaft than many of their competitors (including some of the manufacturer’s other products). This innovative feature provides a higher standard of support to the lower legs and ankles, enabling the wearer to tackle harder, more uneven terrain, as well as to comfortably remain stationary for extended periods of time.

The boots feature a full-grain leather upper, which is hardwearing, yet supple. They also employ a GORE-TEX Duracom lining, excellent for keeping out even the most inclement weather. The Vibram-made soles are largely self-cleaning, offering excellent grip, as well as protection for the foot.

The boots also sport Lowa’s much-admired, rarely bettered, ‘climate-control’ system, which prevents the foot from overheating or becoming too cold (as well as helping to cut down on unpleasant odours). So, whatever the weather, these Lowa boots will have you covered!

Lowa boots have been designed with regular outdoor wear in mind, making them a convenient and reliable choice for military personnel, police, emergency services, and, of course, security operatives. These boots are also perfect for anyone with a love for the great outdoors, and can serve well when fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, or simply walking to work.

Lowa have been making high-performance, high-endurance Lowa boots like these for almost a century, so these boots are a product of experience, craftsmanship, and a level of specialist ‘know how’ that’s hard to find in any era.

Table of Contents

Lowa Boot Features

Lowa Boot Vibram ‘Tsavo’ Soles 

Founded in 1937 by Vitali Bramani (the inventor of rubber lug soles), Vibram is an Italian company that specialises in the design and manufacture of rubber outsoles for footwear of all kinds, from casual to combat. The first men to summit the notorious mountain known as K2 did so wearing Vibram rubber soles.  

These soles are, quite simply, the best that money can buy. They feature a deep-treaded design that can maintain grip strength on almost any surface and are largely self-cleaning. They also have both heat and cold insulating qualities, which makes them perfect for wear in any weather. Vibram ‘Tsavo’ soles are also antistatic and can resist exposure to oil, petrol, contact heat, and other undesirable conditions/materials.

Fully Waterproof 

Lowa boots feature military-specification GORE-TEX, the same material that is used in a lot of waterproof clothing. As such, you can be assured that your feet will remain dry in all but the heaviest of downpours.

High Levels of Comfort 

Great care and attention has been placed upon every aspect of these Lowa boots‘ design and manufacture. The materials used to make them are both long-lasting and high quality (full grain leather, for example), while materials provided by world-leading brands, long admired for their pioneering designs and expertise (Vibram, GORE-TEX) provide the wearer with comfort, security, and overall design excellence.


Lowa BootsA common problem with protective footwear is the weight. It often feels that the more protected your feet are, the heavier the boot is going to be. Indeed, most lightweight protective gear sacrifices by necessity at least some of its protective ability. Lowa boots, however, are designed for action, meaning that you can run in them just as readily as you can comfortably stand guard in them.

Because this is military-grade footwear, your feet aren’t just protected, they are also able to move, without difficulty, into almost any position you may find yourself in. Whether climbing, running, administering self-defence, hiking, hunting, or simply standing your ground, Lowa boots never feel clunky, cumbersome, or overly heavy. In fact, with a weight of just 1.89kg (less than a single brick or a bag of apples) they feel almost like a high-end pair of hiking boots than they do tactical footwear.

Nevertheless, these Lowa boots are also sturdy, and feature great ankle support. Between this and the thick, puncture-resistant soles, you’ll be giving your feet top quality protection for as long as your shift lasts.

Certified for Safety

Lowa boots are certified to ISO 20347:2011 standards for use at work and ISO 20347:2012 standards for general safety. This means that these boots can withstand a multitude of things, such as chemical spillages, mechanical risks, and thermal damage as well as being slip resistant and ergonomically able to keep up with the rigours of most jobs or activities.

Useful in any Setting

Fashioned from quality materials, resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, protective and robust, yet also warm and comfortable, these are some of the best boots a security operative could wish for. Lowa boots are lightweight compared to a lot of other tactical boots on the market but are heavy enough to ensure that your feet feel protected, and well looked after.

Sturdy, yet supple, strong, yet snug, protective, yet practical; these Lowa boots would appear to have it all

What we Thought.....

These Lowa boots are very comfortable to wear. They are rigid enough to support and protect the ankles, feet, and lower portions of the leg, but flexible enough that you can move around relatively easily in them.

One aspect we absolutely loved was that these boots don’t require any ‘breaking in’, a lot of Lowa boots (and even regular shoes or trainers) can be somewhat uncomfortable until the wearer gets used to them, and the footwear itself adapts to the size, shape, and movements of the wearer’s foot. This is not so with Lowa boots. These boots are ready to wear right out of the box, feeling like you’ve been regularly wearing them for a week or so as soon as you slip them on.

The tongue is neatly attached to both sides of the boot, which, along with the presence of GORE-TEX and other protective materials helps to make this one of the most water-resistant boots we’ve seen.

The Vibram soles are outstanding in terms of quality, easily among the best we’ve seen. However, the ‘non-slip’ function works far better on organic and chemical spillages (e.g., mossy ground, oil covered floors) than they do on ice covered surfaces. The non-slip function works well, but it has its weaknesses.

Other (admittedly minor) negatives we found were the lack of steel toe caps and heels, or other protective material in the sole. Although this is more of a tactical boot than a protective boot, extra protection would really aid this product’s versatility.

The soles can also wear out after prolonged use, especially on the outside edge of the heels.

These boots, though very warm and welcoming in the winter, would probably feel a bit unforgiving in the summer (this is largely due to the GORE-TEX, which is great for repelling liquids, but isn’t the most breathable of materials).

The price tag, also, is considerable. However, this is a premium quality product, so it’s reasonable for consumers to expect to pay premium rates. You can’t get an Aston Martin DB9 for the price of a Vauxhall Nova (more’s the pity!).

Alternative Options

If a pair of Lowa boots aren’t for you, perhaps these other options, also from Lowa, might be more to your liking.

Lowa Z8N GTX Military boots

Firstly, we have the Lowa Z8N GTX Military boots. These tough, durable boots are part of the manufacturer’s highly regarded ‘Task Force’ series. As such, they’ve been tested under the toughest of conditions, and come through unscathed. These boots are great for use on almost any terrain, from woodlands, or mountainous regions, to sand-covered areas and even during torrential rainfall.

these Lowa Boots are fashioned from nubuck leather which comes from the top grain layer of cowhide. Unlike suede, which comes from the softer inner layers of hide, nubuck is therefore very rugged and resilient. It is also tougher than bi-cast or bonded leather, because neither uses the top grain of the hide.

The inner portions of the boot are made from Cordura, a high-performance, high-endurance material often used in military clothing with a history stretching back over more than half a century. The outer layers utilise GORE-TEX to keep the Lowa boots as water resistant as possible.

The soles are constructed according to Lowa’s ‘MONOWRAP’ method, which connects the sole to the shaft in a way that allows the user maximum comfort and performance. Because these Lowa boots were created with hiking in mind, they will be well-suited to security operatives who must walk a lot, such as those who patrol large perimeters or premises, or those who serve the community in modern towns and cities. At 1.5kg, they are also considerably lighter than the GTX combat boots.

These boots are better for walking/patrolling and are possibly even better suited for rugged conditions than the GTX combat boots. As a result, they may be a better option for operatives who spend more time ‘on the move’.

Lowa Innox Pro Ankle Boot

Another great option is the Lowa Innox Pro Ankle Boot. Looking like a cross between a trainer and a professional hiking boot, these Lowa Boots is closer in style, design, and application to athletic wear than it is to tactical gear.

According to the manufacturer, these Lowa Boots has been described as ‘a game changer’ for its unique fusion of the properties of running shoes and hiking boots.

Like the Z8N GTX Military Lowa Boots, these Lowa Boots feature Lowa’s patented MONOWRAP technique, which provides extra cushioning and protection at key stress points, and connects the sole to the shaft in a way that effortlessly combines ergonomics with comfort.

These Lowa boots also feature another Lowa boot innovation; namely their double-injected ‘DynaPU‘ soles, which work in tandem with the MONOWRAP construction to provide an outstanding level of rebound and cushioning, allowing the wearer to react quickly and effortlessly to any challenge. Supportive of the foot’s natural stress points, as well as the ankles, this is the perfect boot for running into (or away from) action!

Trainers, boots and, indeed, most other shoes, will not offer the same level of support that these Lowa boots do. They are an almost perfect fusion between trainer and boot, offering the best of both worlds as much as is possible. 

These boots, unsurprisingly, are probably the most comfortable we’ve seen in this feature and would also be good for security workers who are expected to remain on their feet for extended periods of time, making them excellent for situations wherein there is a need to suddenly chase someone down or help people in a hurry.

In Conclusion

These Lowa boots are a great choice for anybody who works in security. They keep the feet warm, comfortable, and protected, while at the same time featuring excellent grip and a high level of versatility.

Innovative design features are applied to state-of-the-art, specialist materials to create a pair of boots that can function well in almost any environment.

Footwear is often an underrated part of a security worker’s equipment, with many operatives simply choosing a cheap pair of reasonably smart shoes as a cost-saving measure and paying for this choice later with discomfort and pain.

A security operative’s shoes need to endure all weathers and conditions, support the feet, lower legs, and ankles, appear smart without scuffing or damaging easily and, like the operatives themselves, be ready for almost anything. We’re confident in saying that Lowa boots offer their wearers all this and much, much more.

If Lowa boots aren’t your thing, you can rest assured that Lowa will have something for you that will be tailored to the unique requirements of your security job, be it running, walking, or simply ‘Working the Doors’, they’ve got you covered!