Best 5 Hi Vis Jackets

What is a Hi Vis Jacket

Hi vis jackets are bright, easily visible garments that can help make sure you stay safe while doing your daily activities. Often made of high-visibility fabric and with reflective material, these jackets provide great visibility during both day and night.

Hi vis jackets are ideal for people who work in areas where there’s a risk of traffic accidents, such as road workers, cyclists and runners. They are also great for anyone who needs to be seen easily in the dark or foggy weather, like construction workers or hikers.

The bright colours and reflective material make hi vis jackets easy to spot from a long distance away, ensuring that you’re always safe and protected. Whether you’re working, cycling or just going for a walk in the dark, hi vis jackets can help make sure that people around you can see you.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to stay safe and visible while doing your daily activities, then investing in a hi vis jacket is definitely worth it!

How does Hi Vis work

Hi vis jackets work by reflecting light back to the source. This is achieved with a combination of fluorescent and reflective fabric, which helps make sure that you can be spotted easily. The bright colour of hi vis jackets also helps make them more visible in dark or foggy weather, as they are easier for people to spot.

In addition to being more visible in the dark, hi vis jackets also help make sure that you’re protected with safety features. Hi vis jackets usually come equipped with reflective stripes or patches which can help increase your visibility even further at night.

What are Hi Vis Jackets made from

Hi vis jackets are usually made from either polyester or nylon fabric. Polyester is lightweight, durable and breathable, making it a great choice for anyone who needs to stay visible but also wants to be comfortable. Nylon is also a great choice as it offers good water resistance and durability, making it perfect for any outdoor activities you might be doing.

It’s also important to make sure that your hi vis jacket is approved to the right standard – this will ensure that it meets safety regulations and offers the visibility you need.

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The EN ISO 20471: 2013 standard sets out three classes of high-visibility clothing that must be worn in certain work environments in order to ensure maximum visibility and safety.

Class 3 hi-vis garments provide the highest level of protection and are ideal for working on motorways, dual carriageways or airports.

Class 2 hi-vis garments provide medium protection and are ideal for delivery drivers or those working on/near A/B class roads.

Class 1 hi-vis garments provide basic protection and should be worn when working on private roads or in combination with another higher-class garment.

When it comes to colour, EN ISO 20471: 2013 states that hi-vis clothing must be fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange-red or fluorescent red. The colour chosen is dependent on the user’s surroundings, with fluorescent yellow-green being best for low light conditions, and fluorescent orange-red being better suited to daytime working environments. Fluorescent red can also be used in either situation.

The GO/RT 3279: 2012 standard also states that rail workers must adhere to these regulations regardless of the type of work they are undertaking or the terrain in which it is taking place.

Hi Vis Jacket Standards

The highest class of visibility hi vis jacket standardsprotection available with hi vis jackets comes in the form of Class 3 protection. These garments are constructed from bands of retroreflective material that are at least 50mm wide and have a minimum background material of 0.8m sq and a minimum retroreflective material of 0.2m sq to provide maximum visibility in all conditions. Class 3 garments also have long sleeves with a reflective band around the sleeve for additional protection in dark or low-light environments.

The Class 2 hi-vis jacket provides intermediate protection, making it most suitable for workers who need to remain visible and safe in low-light or weather conditions. It features two bands of retroreflective material that measure at least 50mm wide, while the background material of the jacket must be at least 0.5m sq in area and the retroreflective material must be at least 0.13m sq in area.

The lowest level of protection for visibility is Class 1, which is ideal for minimal risk situations and off-road activities. This type of high visibility clothing must include bands of retroreflective material that measure no less than 50mm in width. Additionally, the background material should be at least 0.14m sq., with a minimum of 0.10m sq. of retroreflective material.

Class 3 is used for the highest risk environments, and is designed with extra protection in mind. It’s usually a two-tone design, with two contrasting colors on the front and back. The contrast makes it easier to identify from a distance – important when you are dealing with moving vehicles or machinery. Class 2 garments usually feature a single color, and are designed for medium-risk environments. Class 1 garments usually consist of one color as well, but don’t offer the same level of visibility protection as Class 2 or 3. They are typically used in low risk environments such as warehouses, construction sites with or a outdoor minimum events of.

When must a high visibility jacket be worn

The EN ISO 20471: 2013 standard states that high-visibility clothing must be worn in certain work environments in order to ensure visibility and safety. For example, those working on motorways, dual carriageways or airports must wear Class 3 hi vis garments; those working on/near A/B class roads must wear Class 2 hi vis garments; and those working on private roads must wear Class 1 hi vis garments.

The GO/RT 3279: 2012 standard also states that rail workers must adhere to these regulations regardless of the type of work they are undertaking or the terrain in which it is taking place.

In addition, employers should provide their staff with hi vis jackets in any situation where visibility is at risk. This could include working at night, in dark or enclosed spaces, or in foggy conditions.

Are Hi Vis Jackets waterproof?/Do waterproof jackets stay waterproof?

Most hi vis jackets are not waterproof, but they can be treated with a water-resistant coating to help repel water. This coating will keep out the majority of moisture, but it’s important to note that these jackets may still become wet in heavy rain or if submerged in water.

It’s also important to remember that even if your hi vis jacket is treated with a water-resistant coating, it won’t stay waterproof forever. Over time, this coating can wear off or become less effective, so it’s important to regularly treat your hi vis jacket with a water-resistant spray in order to keep it functioning effectively.

What are high visibility jackets used for

Hi vis jackets for security personnel are also designed to keep them safe while they are on duty. The bright colours and reflective strips of a hi vis jacket make it easier for security staff to be spotted in low-light or dark environments, helping ensure their safety.

How to clean Hi Vis Jacket?

One of the key aspects to remember when caring for a hi vis jacket is that it must be cleaned regularly. Sweat, dirt and debris can build up on the fabric over time, reducing the effectiveness of any reflective material present and making the garment less visible. To clean your hi vis jacket, machine wash it with a mild detergent on a cool setting, and dry it on the lowest heat setting.

Remove grease

If your hi vis jacket has been exposed to grease or oil, it’s best to spot clean with a cloth soaked in warm water and detergent. Rub gently until the stain is removed, then rinse with cold water and let air dry. Never use hot water or harsh cleaners, as these can damage the fabric and reflective material.

Remove stains

Stains can be hard to remove from high visibility clothing, so it’s important to act quickly. Start by dabbing the stain with a damp cloth soaked in warm water and detergent, then rinse with cold water. If the stain persists, apply a small amount of laundry detergent directly onto the stain and rub gently until the stain is removed. Rinse with cold water and air dry.

Benefits of wearing a hi vis jacket

In addition to keeping you visible in the workplace, wearing a hi vis jacket also offers other benefits. These jackets can help keep you warm in cold or windy weather, protect you from the rain and even provide extra protection against hazardous materials. Hi vis jackets are also lightweight and breathable, providing comfort and freedom of movement.

What are the 3 classes of high-visibility clothing?

Class 1: Designed for use in low-risk areas; this is the lowest level of visibility protection. Class 1 hi vis garments are usually yellow or orange and have a reflective strip on the chest, arms, and back.

Class 2: Intended for use in medium risk areas such as close proximity to roads and machinery; class 2 hi vis garments are usually yellow or orange and have reflective strips on the chest, arms, and back, as well as stripes around the waist.

Class 3: Used in high risk areas such as construction sites; class 3 hi vis garments are usually red or blue and feature fluorescent material and several reflective strips for maximum visibility.

Understanding why you need a hi vis jacket, what to look for when purchasing one such as fabric types, safety features and sizes, being aware of the different classes of high visibility clothing with their respective colors and meanings, knowing how to clean and remove stains or grease from your hi vis jacket will help make the decision easier. Lastly, never underestimate the importance of wearing a hi vis jacket, as it can help keep you safe in hazardous working environments. Investing in the right type of hi vis jacket for your needs and maintaining it properly will ensure that you remain visible at all times.

What do the Hi Vis colors mean?

The three classes of high visibility clothing are Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Hi vis jackets come in a variety of colours including fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange-red and fluorescent red. The colour selected depends on the environment in which the jacket will be worn; however, they are designed to make workers visible at all times regardless of the environment.

Fluorescent yellow-green is typically used in low-risk environments such as airports or roadways, while fluorescent orange-red and fluorescent red are more suited to high-risk areas such as construction sites or hazardous work zones. The bright colours make workers more visible to machines, cars and equipment in these environments, helping reduce the risk of accidents.

What should I look for when buying a hi-vis jacket?

When purchasing a hi-vis jacket, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, think about the type of environment you’ll be in; if you’re working in an area with low lighting or near oncoming traffic, look for a jacket with reflective material and bright colors. Secondly, make sure to check the fabric type; some fabrics are designed to be flame retardant, waterproof or resistant to chemicals. Thirdly, check the fit; you’ll need a jacket that fits properly in order for it to provide the necessary protection. Lastly, find out about any additional features such as pockets and ventilation panels which can make your hi-vis jacket even more comfortable and effective.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a hi-vis jacket, check out of the best products currently on market! With these tips and guide, you’ll be able to the perfect hi-vis jacket for your needs.

The Reviews

Mens Hi Visibility Two Tone Safety Quilted Bomber Jacket

The Two Tone Safety Quilted Bomber jacket is a versatile and solid choice for a waterproof and highly visible safety jacket. Made from polyester synthetic material, the jacket is treated with 300 Oxford PU to be fully water repellent. The jacket conforms to both EN 343 for water protection, and EN 471 for high visibility. 

The jacket is made for safety and comfort. The zip fastening has a studded storm flap. This way, if you’re outdoors during a rainstorm you’ll stay dry, as no water will be able to leak in through the teeth of the zipper. The coat has elasticized cuffs and a partly elasticized hem so you can really block out moisture. The cuffs aren’t adjustable, which is a minor downside to this otherwise excellent coat. 

The diamond quilt lining and fleece collar guarantee you’ll stay warm in any weather. A concealed hood in the collar gives you the option of covering up your head in cold or wet weather or tucking it away on a dry day. 

This jacket has a ton of pocket options. A breast pocket is designed to hold your phone but unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same water protection as the front zipper. There are additional pockets on the inside for pens and tools and a name badge holder on the chest. 

The jacket comes in an orange/navy combo, making is stylish and comfortable. 


Conforms to BS EN 343 & 471

Concealed hood in collar

Available in several different colours


Cuffs aren’t adjustable

No Pocket protection, meaning rain gets into the pockets

Hi Viz Vis Waterproof Storm Padded Parka Jacket

The Padded Parka jacket is similar to the Two Tone Quilted Bomber in many ways. This jacket is also made of polyester, but lacks the Oxford 300 coating and is therefore not as fully waterproof. It is machine washable, however. 

The heavy duty zipper has a storm flap to keep out water during the wettest weather and the collar conceals a hood for versatility. 

A polyester quilted lining makes this jacket quite warm, but it isn’t incredibly heavy to wear.

This lightness will enable you to move around and carry out your work duties without feeling too weighted down, but still warm. Two large front pockets provide space for you to warm your hands, and the storm flaps over the pockets will keep out water when your hands are busy.

Although this jacket isn’t waterproof and therefore doesn’t conform to EN 343 for water protection, it does conform to the highest visibility level of EN 471 for maximum safety. The cuffs are elasticated but this jacket does run long, making it best for guards on the taller side. 


Conforms to EN 471 class 3 (highest level of visibility)

Thick quilting inside but not to heavy to wear, good with a fleece jacket


Longer length than a normal jacket

Not waterproof in heavy downpours

WWK Hi Viz Vis Padded Parka Jacket

The Padded Winter Warm Jacket has the perk of coming in a variety of sizes from small to 6XL, making it a great choice for workers of any size. The jacket comes in a bomber style. The collar has a concealed hood, much like the other options reviewed here, as a versatile hood seems to be close to a requirement for this kind of work in changing weather. 

This jacket is machine washable. The inside collar is covered in a soft fleece for maximum comfort during a long shift at work. The padding on the inside of the jacket will keep you warm, but be aware this jacket is not fully waterproof. 

The biggest perk of this jacket in particular is the multitude of pockets. If you need to carry a lot of gear around with you and don’t want to carry a bag, this jacket might be for you. 

A pocket on the outside is big enough for a walkie talkie or a phone. There are multiple pockets outside and large inside pockets for paperwork or things you need to keep extra protected. There is an ID pocket but be aware sized 4XL-6XL do not come with an ID pocket. 


Soft Micro Fleece On Collor For Extra Comfort

Velcro pockets and zip pockets

Large inside and breast pockets (Plenty of pockets)


It’s water resistant but not 100% water proof

DUNLOP Hi Viz Bomber Jacket Mens Yellow

This Safety Bomber Jacket comes in yellow or orange. This is the only jacket on the list with a hood that is not concealed, but if this is a worry for you it’s important to know that the hood is adjustable. You also won’t have to fuss with taking it in and out of the collar. 

This jacket is water resistant, but not fully waterproof and therefore doesn’t fit the standards or EN 343. It does have the fluorescent colour and reflective stripes necessary for high visibility. 

This jacket has an elasticised waist to block out cold and moisture, but the elastic waist is tight and isn’t for everyone.

The quilted lining will keep you warm and despite being 100% polyester the jacket is washable. 

The zipper is full length and has a buttoned flap for moisture control. There are zipped pockets on the outside but without a moisture repelling flap the pockets might be susceptible to rain. Anything you want to keep fully dry, you can keep within the inside pockets. 

This jacket runs small, so order a size bigger for a tight fit and two sizes bigger than your usual for a loose fit or if you want to wear layers underneath. 


Adjustable hood

Available in yellow or orange

Reflective bomber jacket


We recommend ordering a larger size for a close fit and two sizes if you like the jacket loose fitting

Many don’t like the elasticated bottom

Hi Viz 3/4 Length Parka Reflective Tape Waterproof Jacket

This ¾ length parka is the only jacket on this list that does not come in a bright orange or yellow color. It is a dark navy blue, which has its up and downsides. Blue is not an ideal color for fluorescent daylight visibility. However, if you’re working primarily at night this jacket does have reflective strips which are the important factor for working in the dark. 

This jacket is of excellent quality and is especially great in the rain. The 100% polyester fabric is coated for water shedding, and additionally the seams are taped to exclude water seepage. The heavy duty zip is 2-way and is also protected with a studded storm flap so water doesn’t get in between the teeth of the zipper. 

The ¾ length and padded interior will keep you warm and allow for sitting on wet surfaces as well. The jacket includes a concealed hood, so you can keep it tucket away for dry weather or use it during wet or cold shifts at work

Two very large pockets on the outside have room for any tools or materials you need to carry with you, and exterior flaps will keep water from getting into the pockets. The coat has additional pockets on the outside for a phone, pens or ID badge. 

Whichever jacket you choose, a hi vis jacket is a necessity for any outdoor security work. If you are working during the daytime, make sure you choose a very brightly coloured fluorescent material. If you are working at night, prioritise reflective strips. If you’re work straddles the line between dark and light times of the day, make sure to get a jacket that has both. A hood, deep pockets and flaps to protect against rain will keep you and your tools warm and dry. You deserve comfort on those long work shifts, and these high visibility jackets will keep you safe as well.


Excellent quality, nicely padded and waterproof

Three quarter length

2 Lower Pockets with Flaps


Only available in dark blue


We really liked each one of these Hi Viz Jackets, the Two Tone Bomber Jacket conforms to BS EN 343 so it is water resistant and EN 471 with the highest visibility. It has a concealed hood and available in 5 different colours. The only problem was that rain occasionally made its way into the pockets.

The Storm Padded Parka had a thick quilting inside to keep you warm, but the coat isn’t too heavy, it conforms to EN 471 class 3, giving it the highest level of visibility. It runs longer than some other jackets, but doesn’t conform to EN 343 so it isn’t the most water resistant jacket.

The DUNLOP Hi Viz Bomber Jacket is available in full illuminous yellow or orange, has an adjustable hood and is water resistant, but not water proof. The bottom of the jacket is elasticated, which is a plus for many and a downfall for others.

Our two winners are the Grey Reflective Tape Waterproof Jacket and is one of the better quality jackets, it’s ¾ length with comfy padding and waterproof outer layer. The two large pockets have flaps, making it great in heavy rain. The only downside is that it is in dark grey/blue with fluorescent strips, meaning it isn’t the most visible of our list of jackets.

The WWK Hi Viz Vis Padded Parka has a comfortable soft microfleece collar, with plenty of large Velcro and zipped pockets, particularly one larger pocket for a Radio or mobile phone to stash into. As with the other jackets it is water resistant but not water proof.