Best 5 Crowd Barriers for keeping customers safe

What is a Crowd Barrier?

A crowd barrier, also sometimes called a crowd control barrier or pedestrian barrier is a temporary fencing system used to control and direct pedestrians. They are often used at public events such as concerts and rallies, sporting events, parades and political demonstrations.

Crowd barriers are usually made from steel or plastic and are placed in strategic positions to control the flow of people. They are often used in conjunction with other crowd control measures such as security guards and signage.

Why use Crowd Barriers?

There are many reasons why you might want to use crowd barriers at an event. The most important reason is safety. By controlling the flow of people, you can help to prevent stampedes and crush injuries.

Crowd barriers can also be used to create different zones at an event. For example, you might want to use them to section off a VIP area or a children’s play area.


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What are Crowd Barriers made of

Crowd control barriers are usually made of galvanized steel or heavy-duty plastic. These materials make the barriers strong enough to withstand a crowd and serve as an effective deterrent against people trying to break through them. The solid construction also provides stability, ensuring that the barriers stay in place even under pressure from a large group. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to move around, making them a great choice for any event. And, because they come in a variety of sizes and colors, you can choose ones that fit your decor and match the vibe of your event.

How to use Crowd Barriers

When using crowd barriers, it’s important to place them in the correct position. They should be placed so that they funnel people in the direction you want them to go.

It’s also important to make sure that the barriers are secure. If they are not properly secured, they could be knocked over by the crowd, which could cause injuries.

When setting up your crowd barriers, you will need to decide how many you need and what type of barrier will be best for your event. There are many different types of crowd barriers available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Crowd Barrier outside nightclubs and bars

Crowd barriers are also commonly used outside nightclubs and bars to control queues of people waiting to get in. The barriers are usually placed around the perimeter of the building to create a safe area for people to wait in.

Here are some of the most popular types of crowd barriers:

· Steel Crowd Barriers – These are the most durable type of crowd barrier. They are also the heaviest, so they can be difficult to move around.

· Plastic Crowd Barriers – These are a lighter weight alternative to steel barriers. They are also more affordable, so they are a good option if you are on a budget.

· Retractable Crowd Barriers – These barriers can be retracted when they are not needed, so they are easy to store and transport.

Once you have chosen the type of crowd barrier you need, you will need to decide how to set them up. There are many different ways to set up crowd barriers, so it’s important to choose the option that will work best for your event.

Here are some of the most popular ways to set up crowd barriers:

· Free Standing – This is the most common way to set up crowd barriers. The barriers are placed on the ground and are then secured with weighted bases or water filled barrels.

· Wall Mounted – This option is best for events that are being held in smaller spaces. The barriers are mounted to the wall using brackets.

· Vehicle Mounted – This option is best for larger events where you need to block off a large area. The barriers are mounted to the back of a vehicle and can be driven around to the desired location.

Once you have chosen the type of crowd barrier you need and how you want to set them up, you will need to choose the right accessories. There are many different types of crowd barrier accessories available, so it’s important to choose the ones that will work best for your event.

Here are some of the most popular types of crowd barrier accessories:

· Signs – Signs can be placed on the barriers to help direct people where you want them to go.

· Flags – Flags can be placed on the barriers to help make your event more visible from a distance.

· Lighting – Lighting can be used to illuminate the barriers at night or in low light conditions.

Pros and Cons of a Crowd Barrier

Now that you know more about crowd barriers, you might be wondering if they are the right choice for your event. Here are some of the pros and cons of using crowd barriers:


· Crowd barriers can help to control the flow of people and prevent stampedes.

· Crowd barriers can be used to create safe areas for people to wait in.

· Crowd barriers can be used to block off areas that you don’t want people to enter.


· Crowd barriers can be difficult to move around if they are not on wheels.

· Crowd barriers can be expensive, so they might not be a good option if you are on a budget.

· Crowd barriers might not be necessary for small events.

Crowd barriers are a great way to control the flow of people and prevent stampedes. They can also be used to create safe areas for people to wait in. However, crowd barriers can be difficult to move around and they might not be necessary for small events. When deciding if crowd barriers are right for your event, you will need to weigh the pros and cons.

The Reviews

CCW Fixed Wall Mount Retractable Barrier

This is a smart little barrier that mounts to the wall and connects to a companion barrier on the opposite wall, or else to a nearby stanchion.

There are no stanchions included in the set, so it really doesn’t take up much space. This product is therefore perfect for creating smaller barriers in smaller areas.

Because this barrier is so small, it is also quite discreet, making it very useful for areas wherein a barrier is needed regularly, but always in the same place (a bank, for example).

The negative side of this is the fact that this barrier can only be put in one place and cannot easily be moved. Stanchions may be disconnected from one another and easily moved from site-to-site, but this barrier is wall-mounted and therefore will have to stay where it has been placed.

The yellow and black belt looks far more professional than traditional ‘CAUTION’ tape and will not fall or become damaged as easily as tape does. It’s great for barring entry to certain areas, but doing so in a smart, professional way.

One slightly negative point we should mention is that the belt does sag a little after being stretched to 90CM (1.6 feet), but this is due to physics rather than any kind of design deficiency – and it’s still fair to say that, even when this happens, the belt still looks the part.

The belt also retracts nice and slowly, thanks to the manufacturer’s ‘anti-snapback’ feature. This means that, when retracted, the belt won’t hit or hurt anybody – a great safety feature.

The outer unit is tough and durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. To a large extent, it is weatherproof, which vastly increases its versatility.

CCW have also made different versions of this barrier available to the consumer. It is available in different lengths (4.5 metres AKA 15-foot or 9 metres AKA 30ft) and even multiple colour variations.

All told, the only negatives with this product are due to its lack of portability, which is the nature of this kind of barrier. The only reason we can see that anyone would have a problem with it is if they purchased it with the wrong kind of environment in mind, but that wouldn’t be the manufacturer’s fault.

This is an excellent, and wholly reliable, product.


Looks much more professional than caution tape.

Weatherproof and suitable for interior or exterior use.

It is available in different lengths


Stretches about 20″ and it does sag a bit in the middle under its own weight

Can’t be moved around easily

CCW Set of 2 Stanchion Retractable Barriers

Design-wise, this is a basic barrier set. The resolutely ‘no-frills’ design of the main version is a good thing, however, as it means that this barrier can’t be mistaken for anything else.

The inclusion of yellow and black diagonal striping on the belt makes the barrier clearly visible and easy to identify as well, so there’s no excuse for anybody who crosses it.

The manufacturer also offers multiple colour options for stanchion bases and belts as well, all of which stand out prominently. This is definitely a plus point – and it shows good consideration on the part of the manufacturer.

Each stanchion features a 4-way connection cassette system that allows a lot of connection options, while the belt stretches to over 3 metres (11 feet) in length. There is also a locking mechanism that always keeps the belt securely in place.

Because they have so many connection options and they are available in multiple colours, these barriers can be used in almost any setting. Their versatility is quite impressive.

This barrier also features CCW’s ‘anti snapback’ design, meaning that it retracts slowly instead of flying about all over the place. This is a great safety feature which is particularly useful should the belt be accidentally released at any point.

The stanchions themselves are fashioned from steel, so they’re very durable, with a good weight to them as well. They can also be put together very easily, requiring no tools or specialist knowledge.

The mounting mechanism, however, consists of a single threaded bolt, meaning that this isn’t the most secure barrier unit on the market – and can be easily damaged by members of the public mistreating it.

The bases have non-slip rubber beneath them, something that prevents them from falling over, just as it protects indoor floors from being scuffed or scratched by the stanchions.

Overall, these are very good barriers. They may not be quite as heavy duty as some others we’ve seen, but their versatility speaks for itself. They are very well made and won’t disappoint in any major way.


Look nice and classy and have the perfect amount of weight to them.

Well built and able to be setup, taken down and moved with ease.


The mounting mechanism is just one threaded bolt.

Flexibarrier Set of 2 Retractable Crowd Control Barriers

These barriers have a very smart appearance. Their effortlessly shiny finish gives them the look of high-quality stainless steel or chrome that would be perfect for more upscale events. However, neither stainless steel nor chrome could ever look quite this nice.

The stanchions are in fact made from silver (yes, silver), which has been specially treated to be moisture proof, dust proof and weatherproof. Quite frankly, this is as beautiful as it is classy.

These barriers are designed with ease of use in mind – and are incredibly easy to set up and install, meaning that they can be put up in a hurry and still be very effective.

The belt, fashioned from high quality nylon, extends to over 2 metres (about 6.5 feet), which is a good length. The belt itself is also tough and hard wearing, as well as being available in a variety of colours.

The availability of different colours means that these barriers can be made to match the colour schemes of certain events, or that the belts can simply be used to draw attention to the presence of the barriers themselves.

The belt retracts nice and slowly as well, meaning that it has less chance of causing injury or damage to the stanchion or surrounding areas.

The posts also have a good weight to them, remaining upright even in high winds or after being knocked around. If they are somehow knocked down, it is very difficult to scratch, scuff or dent them in any serious way, but they probably won’t be great for muddy festivals or events that have uneven grassland.

In summary, this is a near-perfect barrier set. It looks classy and respectable, as opposed to temporary and dull. It performs its function extremely well and it benefits from a basic, but elegant design that feels appropriate in almost any setting. Superb.


The posts themselves are safe to set up with a good weight in the foot.

High quality nylon, extends to over 2 metres (about 6.5 feet)


❌  Not very good for Festivals or events on uneven grassland.

Yaheetech Retractable Crowd Control Barriers

With a straightforward, no-nonsense design that quietly states, ‘don’t go past this point’, without making too much of a fuss about it, this barrier isn’t especially flashy, but it certainly looks the part.

Because of this basic design, this barrier can be credibly used in almost any setting. ‘Non-slip’ rubber coating on the underside of the bases even protects the floor at indoor events.

The stanchions themselves are fashioned from a specially spray-treated iron, which is dust-proof and highly impact resistant. It is very difficult to scratch, scuff or damage these barriers.

Despite being made of iron, the stanchions are not especially heavy. They hit that magic mark between being sturdy and dense enough as to not be easily pushed over, but light enough as to be carried over short distances without too much discomfort or difficulty.

The belt is essentially the same as a vehicle seatbelt, meaning that it is about as tough as it could possibly need to be. It can stretch to 2 metres (6.5 feet) and is designed to attach easily to its nearest stanchion and retract slowly when released (so as not to cause damage or injury).

One minor issue arises if the belt is overextended. In such cases, it can pull the stanchions out of position, as the post tries to retract the belt. This can also potentially damage the belt’s retracting mechanism. The same can be said of any other crowd barrier, however – and is not specific to this one model.

Each stanchion features a locking mechanism that allows the belt to be secured into place and only released when it is unlocked. This is an excellent feature, as it prevents accidental release almost entirely. The locks are also very easy to use.

4-way adaptors atop each stanchion really add to this barrier’s versatility, allowing them to be configured in a number of different ways. Because of this feature, you can tailor the barriers to your specific requirements, whatever those may be.

These barriers are also very easy to assemble and can be taken apart easily as well when not in use. This feature makes the barriers very easy to store and keep safe.

This is an excellent barrier. It’s strong, sturdy, and very easy to use. Its adaptability, user-friendliness and no-frills design also make it uniquely suited to any number of events and uses, making it exceptionally versatile as well.

It’s a terrific product.


Sturdy but not too heavy.

Rubber feet make it stable & protect the floor from scratches

Cord is durable and of seatbelt quality.


Overextended can pull the stanchions out of position, as the post tries to retract the belt.

Costway Belt Stanchion Barriers with Retractable Belts

This barrier has a very basic look. Both the stanchions and the belts are entirely black. This does make them a little more understated and less noticeable than some others we’ve seen. In theory, this could cause unsuspecting people to walk into or trip over them. It also makes the old “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see the barrier” trick easier to pull off.

This barrier features 4-way adapters on top of the stanchions that allow the belt to be attached from any direction. This is a feature that really opens up your options, vis-a-vis usage, as you can make a single section or ‘daisy chain’ multiple sections together to cover larger areas.

The belts are 5CM wide, designed to resist wear and tear and can extend to 1.9Metres (just over 6 feet).

The belt contracts automatically whenever it’s unlocked. In addition, the belt retracts slowly, rather than hurtling towards you like a tape measure on steroids, as some barriers can do. This is always a very welcome feature.


There’s also a locking mechanism in place that prevents the belt from retracting by accident (it must be released by hand before it can retract).

The bases can be filled with either sand or water and, when filled, they stay upright even when pushed. They are highly unlikely to be blown over by even strong winds. Additionally, they are made from a strong composite that protects against dents, scuffing or accidental damage such as people stamping on them.

Each base also features a rubber floor protector that prevents damage to the floors, as well as slippage.

It’s rare to review a product that is seemingly prepared for every eventuality – and yet this barrier seems to be such a product. The stanchions are hard wearing and durable, but won’t damage indoor floors or fall over.

Our only real criticism might be the lack of colour on either the stanchions or the belt, which does make the barrier a little harder to see, but admittedly we’re nit-picking here. We really can’t fault this one. It’s a great product.


Belt contracts automatically whenever it’s unlocked and the belt retracts slowly.

Stanchions are hard wearing and durable, but won’t damage indoor floors.

Bases can be filled with either sand or water.


Lack of colour does make the barrier hard to see in the dark.


Every barrier we’ve reviewed here is at least good, with a couple genuinely qualifying as great in our estimation.

The CCW wall-mounted barrier, although still a good product, is by far the most limited, simply because it isn’t portable and can only be used in one place. It is, however, very good for saving space. So, if you only need to use it in one area and space is a consideration, this can still be a good purchase option.

The second set we reviewed (also by CCW) performs its function ably, although the mounting mechanism is slightly weaker than we would like. It nevertheless impresses via a combination of solid design and a high level of versatility.

The Flexibarrier set, fashioned from silver, is a brilliant product, although it is probably best-suited to lavish, high status events and therefore perhaps a little bit ‘niche’ to work for every occasion.

The Yaheetech barrier is also an excellent choice, and is probably the best all-rounder on this list, while the 5th and final barrier, by Costway, is also a very well-made and reliable barrier that won’t disappoint, regardless of what you use it for.

In the end, we would say that the best barriers on this list are the Flexibarrier and the Yaheetech barrier, both of which will serve you well in almost any setting.