Pub doormen filmed ‘hitting man and pushing him to the floor’ – Full Video

A pair of doormen were filmed apparently hitting a man to the floor, refusing to let him get up, until he was lying face-down in the road.

Footage shows the man being beaten up on Saturday night, outside the Rising Sun pub in Hornchurch, Essex. Thousands of people have reacted in outrage over the violence.

CCTV shows a man standing on the outside of a doorway to the pub, talking to who is presumably the doorman.

Suddenly the doorman hits the man in the face, so hard that he falls on his back onto the ground.

The man gets up and starts walking towards the pub but the doorman quickly shoves him to the floor again.

Both times the impact of his fall is so hard that he bounces on the spot or rolls over.

He tries to get up one more time but before he is even standing properly, a second doorman kicks him in the head.

The man rolls onto his stomach with his head in the road and then stops moving.

The first doorman eventually picks the man up by his shoulders and drags him to a safer part of the pavement.

Although the man looks to be unconscious, the footage cuts at this point and it is unclear what happens afterward.

The video has been shared more than 100,000 times, with people commenting the doormen should be fired for being so aggressive.

Michael Lockwood said: ‘That is absolutely disgraceful from the bouncer.’

Casey Earey said: ‘Strip their badges & shut the pub down! What bullies keep having to come back & inflict more damage!’

Teresa Said commented: ‘Shameful bully boys! What gives them the right to do that? No need for them to be so heavy handed. Hope he is arrested.’

The police confirmed they are investigating the alleged assault of a 25-year-old man who was left with unserious and non-life-threatening injuries to his face.

This attack is one of two violent incidents which happened in Hornchurch over the bank holiday weekend.

Officers have asked for anyone with information to come forward.

A spokesman said: ‘Police are investigating allegations of an assault at approximately 23:30hrs on Saturday, 28 August outside a business in High Street, Hornchurch, Havering, RM12.

‘A 25-year old man received injuries to his face. His injuries are not life threatening or life changing.

‘Enquiries continue to establish the circumstances. There have been no arrests.

The Rising Sun has declined to comment while a police investigation is ongoing.

Source – The Metro