Hero doorman tackles knifeman during Norwich triple stabbing

A hero doorman has told of how he suffered knife wounds while tackling a teenager who stabbed two other people in Norwich’s nightclub district.

Alan Grey, 61, was stabbed in the stomach as he grappled to restrain the attacker on Prince of Wales Road. He says the incident has left him so fearful he now wears a stab vest when working.

“I didn’t even think about him having a knife,” he said. “I just thought we needed to get this guy off the streets.”

Two other men were taken to hospital to be treated for knife wounds following the attack, which occurred when the road was packed with Saturday night revellers.

Police had been called to reports of a stabbing outside Bar and Beyond just before 12.35am on October 9.

CCTV footage shows police officers pursuing the teenager before he attacks another man outside the shop.

Mr Grey, who works as a security doorman at the neighbouring Demos Continental convenience store, can be seen springing into action to grab him.

He then bundles the attacker into a stairwell leading to upstairs flats before police arrive to arrest him.

“I saw the young boy running then the police running after him. He stabbed someone outside Bar and Beyond,” he said.

“Then there was a youngster standing near our shop and he lunged and stabbed him in the arm. He was about to give him another one so I just grabbed the guy from behind and pushed him into the doorway.

“He ran up the stairs and I ran up after him. There was no way out for him so I grabbed him and held him by the arms until the police came.”

Thomas James, 18, of Marlborough Road, Norwich, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful wounding at Norwich Crown Court on November 30.

He also admitted wounding with intent, unlawful wounding and possession of a bladed article.

He will be sentenced on January 27 but Judge Alice Robinson warned him these were “very serious offences and an immediate custodial sentence is almost inevitable”.

Mr Grey, who lives in Blofield, said police had told him his actions had prevented further injuries and he may have saved the life of the man he saw stabbed.

One of the men who was wounded has since contacted Mr Grey to thank him for his swift actions.

He admits he did not think about the risk of tackling someone armed with a knife when he grabbed the teen.

“My wife said I was crazy doing that because it only takes one stab wound in the wrong place, but my natural instincts were just to get the guy,” he said.

After suffering a stab wound in his stomach during the altercation he was treated by paramedics, but is thankful his injuries weren’t more serious.

“I didn’t realise I’d been stabbed at the time with the adrenaline. It went right through my coat and the shirt I had on and punctured the skin on my stomach,” he said.

“I was treated in the ambulance but the next day I went to the hospital and had an ultra-scan to see if there was any bleeding inside and a tetanus jab.

“It was pretty shocking to think afterwards how much worse it could have been but at the time I just didn’t think about it. I just took action like I always do if I see an incident.”

A week earlier he had helped police to detain another attacker after they had punched someone in the head.

But after decades working the doors at various pubs and clubs in Norwich, Mr Grey said he was now taking extra precautions against being stabbed.

Police recently trialled airport-style metal detectors checks at clubs in a bid to catch and deter people carrying weapons.

He said: “I have never worn a stab vest in more than 40 years as a doorman but I have to wear one now.

“There are so many young kids out there with knives.

“Just a month before this incident two other young lads pulled out knives. I think it’s definitely getting worse. You just worry about what will happen.”

Source – Eastern Daily Press