We are looking for contributors to the site, have you got a new product or service that our readers would be interested in? Do you do a type of training that is different to everyone else? or do you simply have a story that others can learn from?

If so, we’d like to Publish it, with instant access to our large audience including social media outlets, your post can gain wide-ranged notice.

Post Requirements

To Maintain the high standards of Working the Doors we have a few guidelines to follow

  • Our Reader base are interested in close protection and Security
  • Provide first hand experience
  • Backed up with real data/examples
  • High Quality Images will improve the Visibility of your article
  • Readers want to walk away with information that will improve their lives or work practices.

Writing Format

These are the Guidelines you should follow when writing your post

  • Try to avoid business language, it should be conversational
  • No Fluff – If you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence – do it!
  • There isn’t a minimum word count, but the longer the post the better
  • Try to keep to 2-3 sentences per paragraph

Still Want To Be Published on WorkingtheDoors.co.uk

If you still want to contribute to the working the doors community, please get in touch and send over

  1. An introduction of yourself or company
  2. Provide Examples of Previous Work
  3. List of Article ideas or The article you would like to add to the site

Good Luck!