Christmas party woman attacked security guard after row over vaping

A security guard was hit in the face with a champagne glass by a Woodbury woman at her firm’s Christmas party.

Amy Brumwell attacked the doorman at the venue in Exeter because he has ejected one of her party who broken its rules by vaping.

The 43-year-old car sales executive was filmed on CCTV as she lashed out at the bouncer and swung a champagne flute into his face with her left hand.

He suffered a cut and bruising and wrote a victim statement in which he said he was worried about how his young children would react to seeing his injuries.

Brumwell, of Flower Street, Woodbury, lost her job as a result of the incident at the Christmas party at the Boom Battle Bar in Exeter’s Guildhall Centre and is now looking for a new job.

She admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and was ordered to do 80 hours unpaid community work and 12 days of rehabilitation activities as part of a one-year community order by Recorder Mrs Claire Pawson-Pounds at Exeter Crown Court.

She told Brumwell: “The CCTV showed multiple blows thrown and he was struck in the head by a champagne glass which you had in your left hand, causing a cut and bleeding. He said that in 11 years as a door supervisor he had never experienced such a serious attack.

“You were under the influence of alcohol and the culpability is increased because the assault was against someone who was in their employment role.”

Miss Emily Pitts, defending, said Brumwell has already been punished by the loss of her career and of a job that she loved. She is currently trying to get another job but has no income and is currently unable to pay costs or compensation.

She is very remorseful and feels ‘humiliated and ashamed’ to be in court. She said: “She wishes she could turn the clock back and she regrets her behaviour.”

Source – Exmouth Journal