Cardiff security business prosecuted for employing unlicensed guards to protect vulnerable people

A Cardiff company director pleaded guilty at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court to deploying an unlicensed man to protect the residents of Wallich Clifford Community Hostel.

On 4 June 2021 Ricky Moloney and his business Nia Security Ltd, were prosecuted by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for deploying unlicensed security.

Moloney was fined £500 and required to pay a contribution of prosecution costs of £467.50 and victim surcharge of £50. He is required to pay full payment within 23 days. Meanwhile Nia Security was fined £500 and required to pay £467.50 court costs.

On 1 September 2020 South Wales Police identified an unlicensed man providing security at the hostel. SIA investigators established with the hostel that Nia Security Ltd had held the security contract for eight years.

Moloney appeared in court following the SIA’s investigation into the case. Law enforcement partner South Wales Police informed the SIA of the licence infringement. The court heard that Moloney was negligent in that he failed to check the licence status of the man who worked under contract at the hostel.

Nathan Salmon, the SIA criminal investigation manager said:

Up until 1 September Moloney had an exemplary record but failed to maintain licensing checks on this occasion, and suitability of a person who was unqualified or licensed to provide the security at the hostel. He now has a criminal record.

When a security company is engaged in illegal conduct it puts the private security industry and the SIA into disrepute. Moloney, as a director of a security business and a supplier of security has failed in his duties.

A man will appear at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on 2 July charged with working as unlicensed security on 1 September.