Bouncer takes drunk person home because they couldn’t make it home safely, Good Samaritan or Creepy?

After a bouncer’s ‘creepy’ letter went viral, Reddit users have been left well and truly divided.

The note, which was intended to comfort someone after a boozy night, has been described as ‘wholesome’ by some and ‘disturbing’ by others.

Pubgoers too intoxicated to get home would apparently receive this letter headlined ‘DON’T PANIC’ leaving them with instructions when they awoke at the bouncer’s house in the morning.

Within the letter, the bouncer, who reportedly made it for instances where they have to take someone home because they were too drunk to make it home safely the night before, answers any questions the person may have after waking up in a random house in the morning.

The first question answered in the letter is ‘Where am I?’ followed by the answer ‘In the spare bedroom of the bouncer you were talking to last night. You weren’t in a state to be left alone, wouldn’t/couldn’t get in a taxi, and none of your friends were answering the phone.’

In the note, it states the person’s phone and jewellery, described as ‘tight fitting’, were placed next to the bed, with the person told to grab some hoodies out of the draw since their clothes they ‘threw up on’ were in the washing machine.

Towards the end of the letter, ‘What now?’ is asked, answered with ‘Whatever you like’ suggesting they could ‘sneak out’ without saying a word or ‘stay in bed’.

‘There’s clean towels on the bannister, possibly food in the fridge, a sticker with the WiFi password on it’ was also noted.

Many people were left feeling disturbed by the note, with one user commenting: ‘Considering the font, design layout, and how specific the content of the message, it seems he’s a pro at bringing people home. I’d panic!.’ Another creeped-out user said they would call the police: ‘This is terrifyingly creepy. I would immediately call the police and check for injuries. No way this is not premeditated.’

Some, on the other hand, were quick to call the letter ‘wholesome’ and willing to give the bouncer the benefit of the doubt. One commenter thanked the bouncer for ‘taking the time’ to write the note, claiming it made them a ‘really good person, not a creep.’

However, many people thought the letter was fake, with one writing: ‘I really, really don’t think this is real. Far too many potential issues, far too many reasons why it couldn’t work in practice.’

Source – UniLad