Which SIA licence is best

In the security industry, obtaining an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence is a crucial step, ensuring that all security professionals meet the necessary standards of competence and behavior. There are several types of SIA licences available, each corresponding to different roles within the industry. 

Some may wonder, “Which SIA licence is the best?” To answer that question, it’s essential to understand that the ‘best’ licence depends entirely on your specific career goals, existing skills, and interest within the security sector. 

This article will explore the various SIA licences, their requirements, and the roles they encompass to guide you in making an informed decision about the best licence for your professional journey.

List of SIA Licences and their Purposes

  1. Door Supervisor Licence: With this licence, you can work in licensed premises, such as nightclubs, bars, hotels, and pubs, where alcohol is served. Duties include ensuring the safety and security of customers and staff, preventing disorder, and managing entrances and exits.
  2. Security Guard Licence: This licence allows you to work in a variety of roles such as static guarding, mobile patrolling and key holding. However, it doesn’t permit you to work in licensed premises.
  3. Close Protection Licence: Also known as a bodyguard licence, this qualification enables you to protect individuals from threats or unwanted attention. It often involves working with high-profile clients and requires advanced skills, including threat assessment and conflict management.
  4. CCTV Operator Licence: This authorises you to work with surveillance equipment. Duties include monitoring, operating and maintaining CCTV systems, and reporting suspicious activities or incidents.
  5. Cash and Valuables in Transit Licence (CVIT): With this licence, you’re allowed to guard cash or other valuables while they are in transit.
  6. Public Space Surveillance Licence: This licence permits you to monitor public areas using CCTV systems, with the goal of maintaining safety and security.

Remember, the best SIA licence for you will depend on the type of security work you are interested in and the environment in which you wish to work.

Most popular SIA licence

In 2022, the most prevalent SIA licence was the Door Supervisor Licence, accounting for 66.5% of all active licences. This was followed by the Security Guard Licence which constituted 14.4% of the total. The CCTV Operator Licence made up 12.4% of active licences, demonstrating its significant role in modern security operations.

The Close Protection Licence comprised 3.3% of the licences, reflecting the specialised nature of this role. Lastly, Non-frontline accounts for 2% and Cash & Valuables in Transit Licence (CVIT), Key holding, and Vehicle Immobilisation licences, although essential, made up the smallest portion, accounting for 2% and 1.4% respectively.

Which SIA licence is best

When deciding which SIA licence to pursue, it’s crucial to align your choice with your career aspirations in the security industry. The type of licence you go for will open doors to specific roles, so thoughtful consideration is key.

The Door Supervisor Licence is notably popular, and with good reason. This licence offers substantial versatility, facilitating access to a range of job opportunities. Door supervisors are in high demand across a myriad of settings, including bars, clubs, hotels, and public events, to name a few.

The Security Guard Licence is another excellent choice if you are seeking plentiful job opportunities. This licence qualifies you for roles that focus on protecting people, property and assets, and is applicable across a broad spectrum of environments from retail stores to corporate office buildings.

In summary, both the Door Supervisor and the Security Guard licences provide a wealth of opportunities in the security sector. Your decision should ultimately reflect the roles you are most interested in and the environments you would like to work within.