The SIA UpSkilling course was brought in on the 6th of March 2012, it includes the physical intervention skills and safety awareness training that is included in all recent SIA training. All door supervisors that completed the old pre-QCF Door Supervision qualification SIA licence will need to complete the Upskilling course to be able to renew their licence.

Physical Intervention

This module focuses on understanding the implications of physical interventions, how to reduce the risk of harm in the process of physical intervention, follow good practice of non-aggressive physical intervention to protect the door supervisor and others in the vicinity and non aggressive techniques for holding, standing and escorting.

Safety Awareness

This modules is about safety issues and includes the role the door supervisor play in keeping young children and vulnerable people safe, what to do during first aid situations and terrorism and good management of venue capacity and queues.

Licence Renewal

If you completed your licence and training after June 2010, then you will not need to take the SIA upskilling course. If not you have 3 years from the expiry of your licence to renew and complete the up-skill qualification, otherwise your qualification will be deemed in-valid and you will be required to complete the FULL training course.