The SIA Licence

An SIA licence allows you to work as a security guard, door supervisor, Close protection Officer (added training needed) driver of cash or valuables, CCTV surveillance, key holding or vehicle immobilising.

There is a licence for each of these roles, so deciding which one you want to apply for at the start is important. All of these licences last for 3 years, except for the vehicle immobiliser licence, this only lasts for one year.

If you hold an SIA badge and would like to apply for a second, the cost of the licence is discounted by 50% only if the first licence does not expire with 4 months, this only applies to one additional licence, any third or fourth licences will be charged at full price.

SIA Licence Cost

The full cost of the licence is £220, but how much is a sia licence renewal? Unfortunately it is the same price. This may seem expensive in the long run IT IS worth the cost, you can earn an extra £2-4 more by having a licence and more security job opportunities will open up for you if you have the licence, this amount does not include the cost of the postage to the SIA, which should be sent by either Royal Mail recorded or special delivery. The post office offer a service that will check all your documents and help send the application for you, for more information on this and what you will need for the licence visit how to Get a SIA Licence page.