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Door Supervisors please note:

You don't need to re-take your training if you currently hold a licence and you are looking to renew it. However, if you attained your qualification before the current ones were introduced (Summer 2010) then you won't have undertaken some of the training that people with the newer qualifications will have received.

If this applies to you then you will need to pass the 'Up-Skilling for Door Supervisors' award before you can renew your licence. The award involves one day of training in physical intervention as well as self-study on topics such as first aid, awareness of terrorist threats and considerations in dealing with children and young people. It is available from training providers offering the licence-linked door supervision qualification.

The physical intervention training included in this award has been available as a stand-alone unit since June 2010. If you have previously completed this training then you will not need to repeat it; however, you will still need to complete the self-study workbook and have it signed by a tutor.

If you hold a door supervisor licence but carry out the licensable activities of a security guard (that is, you do not work in relation to licensed premises) then you may choose to change to a security guard licence when your licence comes up for renewal. You will not have to take additional training in order to do so, just request 'Security Guard' on your renewal application (Section B - Application Type).

Licence Renewal

If you already hold a Door Supervisor, Close Protection, Security Guard or CVIT licence you will need to apply for a new one before your current one expires. Don't wait until after it expires: you need a valid licence to work legally and there's no grace period between licences.

We will accept licence renewals up to four months in advance of when your current licence expires. If your application for renewal is successful and is processed before your existing licence expires, you will not be disadvantaged as the new licence will expire three years after your current licence expires.

If you submit your application earlier than this it will be treated as a new application. If the application is successful your new licence will expire three years from when we grant it. It will not be extended by the time remaining on your current licence.

Ask Your Employer

Your employer can renew your licence on your behalf using our e-Renewals service. You will need to give them your permission PIN in order for them to do this. Your PIN is provided in the reminder letters we send you four months and two months before your current licence expires.

Renew by Telephone

Call 0844 892 1025 - our lines are open 8am until 8pm Monday-Friday. We will confirm your details over the telephone, ask you to make a declaration and take your card payment. The whole process should take around 15 minutes. We will then complete our standard checks, including requesting a criminal record check, before making a decision on your licence application.

Please note:

  • You will need to pay the licence fee by debit or credit card. Other methods of payment cannot be accepted through this service.
  • You must have supplied us with a photographic group A document in support of your previous licence application(s).
  • The details you provide must match the ones we have on file. If they do not (for example, if you have changed your name or address and have not told us) then we will not be able to proceeed with your renewal.

Fill in the Application Form Online

Our e-Fill service lets you fill in your application form online and then print it yourself or request that we print it and post it to you. You must then sign and date it and send it to us along with the required supporting documentation and payment.

The service checks your address electronically. If the check is successful then you will not have to submit any documentation to prove your address; if the check is unsuccessful then we will tell you which documents to provide.

Register for e-Fill / login- this link opens in a new window

Request an Application Form

You can request an application form by filling in our online form.

Request an application pack- this link opens in a new window

Download our guidance booklet: 'How to fill in your SIA licence application form'(download size: 2,918kb)

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