Violent blood-spitting drunk attacks door staff after being thrown out on New Years Eve

7 Feb, 2018

Violent blood-spitting drunk attacks door staff after being thrown out on New Years Eve

A MAN has admitted going on a violent rampage outside an Irvine pub, threatening to kill staff, spitting blood and telling a police officer: “I hope your mum dies of cancer.”

Ross Buchanan, 31, was charged with threatening and abusive behaviour, brandishing a belt, assault and spitting blood, after attacking staff at the Clubhouse Bar in East Road in the early hours of New Years Day.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard how Buchanan, of Brown Walk, left the pub at around 1am on January 1, 2018 and bar staff advised door staff not to let him back in.

Buchanan tried to re-enter the premises and was told by one member of door staff that he was not allowed to enter which led him to become aggressive.

He tried to push his way back in but the two staff at the door pushed him back out.

The accused then approached one of the men and threw a punch at his face, before pushing and kicking the other man.

The doorman attempted to grab the accused’s foot and push him backwards.

As a result, Buchanan fell on the ground and the doorman landed on top of him where he then tried to restrain him.

At the same time the second doorman leaned on the accused’s legs and both door staff tried to calm him down.

By this point Buchanan had sustained a cut to the bridge of his nose which was bleeding.

The court heard the doormen believed he had calmed down and allowed him to sit up, but he instantly got to his feet and began threatening to kill them.

He spat blood on one of the men then took off his trouser belt and wrapped it around his hand.

The two men then closed the door of the premises to stop any further trouble.

At that time the police drove by and observed the accused standing in the street with blood on his face.

They stopped and entered the premises and after speaking to the witnesses they informed the accused he was under arrest.

Once he was in the police car Buchanan launched a tirade of abuse at the officers and began shouting and swearing telling them he would “rip their faces off ”.

He then told one officer: “I hope your mum dies of cancer you fat b******.”

Despite the vile verbal abuse the officers still attempted to give first aid to him, but Buchanan responded by spitting blood at them.

He was taken to Crosshouse Hospital and during the course of the journey he continued to spit blood inside the van and kick the door with his foot.

When he was removed from the van he continued to spit blood at officers so they put a spit hood on him.

Whilst in hospital the wrapped-up belt was found within his jumper.

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week Buchanan pled guilty to the offences and sentencing was adjourned for reports.

He was bailed and will return to court next month.

Source – Irvine Times