Inter cameras linked to office abroad

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Inter cameras linked to office abroad

Postby AndyOnTheDoors » 30 Nov 2011, 18:00

I have been asked by one of our tennants at work regarding installing there own CCTV cameras on there floors ( office block in City of London ) which is not a problem but these cameras will be linked to there head office in Stockholm Sweden. The footage will only be able to be viewed in Stockholm as it will be linked via there own network just like there internal access control system which can only be operated by the Stockholm Security Team, thou any footage can be sent over with written request by the London based Office Manager.

Are there any legalitys involved in this regarding type of camera etc... as they may wish to install pan tilt cameras which you need a SIA CCTV licence to operate in the UK, but they are in Stockholm ??? Obviously they will put up signs but what else is needed.
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Re: Inter cameras linked to office abroad

Postby Firebird_2 » 04 Dec 2011, 18:16

Good question - is Stockholm outside of the EU or inside it? If it's outside, then you'll have data protection issues I believe. I'll try and find the paper I read a couple of years ago on something similar on Google for you - no promises, I've slept since then.
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Re: Inter cameras linked to office abroad

Postby bigboyblue » 05 Dec 2011, 21:49

If they are in house, then theres no licensing issues at all, as cctv is only under contract for sia purposes.

Ptz and static are easy these days, via the network. They will have to have a disclosure policy, and a monitoring policy, but nothing unusual. In effect, any policy could be written on the back of a fag packet.

Put the correct dpa compliant signs up, which will let the staff know the purposes to which they are being recorded for (health & safety, crime prevention etc etc), and you are good to go.
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Re: Inter cameras linked to office abroad

Postby CCTVSuppliers » 03 Jan 2012, 14:23

Cheap option could to be just password protect a DVR that is for remote access and then your remote CMS could extract and distribute the footage as and when.
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