Advice on Maybo Courses

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Advice on Maybo Courses

Postby TeacherTrainer » 03 Nov 2011, 23:41

Right - I don't deliver Maybo courses for lots of reasons. I had to send some candidates to another training provider (long boring story) and they were put through the DS course using the Maybo PI model. Following discussions with some of them I am quite concerned about what they received. Can a Maybo trainer enlighten me to the following:

Are they supposed to be given technique handouts/booklets on completion of the course? HABC documentation states that they sign having recieved this. Is this the same for EDI etc?

Are they shown only the exact techniques or are they extended into "what happens if this fails" scenarios?

I am quite concerned that some of these guys are nowhere near ready to be put on a door with their limited knowledge and if push comes to shove I am going to have to spend at least another day bringing them up to speed with basic stuff that is realistic for use on the door and not "cup of coffee" techniques that will fail the first time someone does something they don't expect. I have seen some Maybo guys extend their delivery into additional locks and holds that have been useful and I wondered if this was expected or just down to the trainer who was delivering?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Advice on Maybo Courses

Postby leither » 04 Nov 2011, 11:07

i have done the maybo course twice previously, ours was an internal approved trainer.

we received the maybo booklets on the holds etc as part of the course first time, second time we didnt. may be a cost issue?

from what i remember there was demos and practise of holds/moves but nothing really more than that.
the first instructor bent the methods slightly and showed us a little more, but this was outside the course scope.

but as will most of these things, unless you regularly practise these techinques with your team they are not of a great deal of benefit.
more for the employer to have the box ticked to say, done course and is trained, reducing liability.
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Re: Advice on Maybo Courses

Postby AndyOnTheDoors » 04 Nov 2011, 12:44

Did the Maybo training when I did my badge, got the booklet, practiced a few moves and was told the do's and dont's via role play.

Very basic non aggressive stuff which as previously said ticks the boxes for that section in the course.
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Re: Advice on Maybo Courses

Postby ballantyne78 » 14 Nov 2011, 10:04

Did the Maybo PI a couple of years back. Complete and utter waste of time and money. Yes we got the course books at the end but learned nothing of any value. We were fortunate as most of the bods on our course were experienced DS and/or practitioners of Martial Arts of one sort or another anyway. We were able to provide solutions to the many problems that the Maybo didn't work for, which was pretty much all of them.

Our instructor was there just to deliver the course, not pick faults in it, which he did. It's a wholly unnecessary, waste of time and money. Two quick examples were the instructor getting launched across the room whilst demonstrating a technique, when the lad he was demonstrating it on decided not to leave and basically shrugged his shoulders, taking the instructor totally off balance and to the floor.

The second was whilst me and the instructor were supposed to be "wrapping" one of the bigger lads on the course (6ft 5, 30ish stone). Instructor assured us that this would work, couldn't fail etc, Maybo wouldn't advise it if it was s*it. Ended up with the two of us getting crushed against the wall, my hand almost broken in the process and me going for the only option I had left which was a rear naked choke and standing on the back of Brendans knee to bring him down. Complete s*it.

Regardless of whether or not the students receive the course book, the whole Maybo PI course is a waste of time and effort. Totally useless and impractical in every situation I've ever faced. Ranks alongside "Stop! Stop! Stop!" as a method of SIA practice which wasn't thought through.

Do it if necessary, ignore everything you've been shown and get some proper lessons.
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