Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

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Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby Dave » 03 Jun 2009, 12:29

Pressure mounts over death of teen killed by bouncers

Pressure is mounting on Greek police to hold a full investigation into the unlawful killing of Sheffield teenager Matthew Cryer by bouncers on a holiday island.
The 17-year-old died of brain injuries after being "dragged" from Cocktails and Dreams nightclub, at Laganas, Zante - despite there being no reason for him to have been ejected and him offering no resistance.

Witnesses told how college student Matthew, of Killamarsh, who was brought up in Frecheville, Sheffield, was first punched in the jaw, then released and "half pushed" down the bottom part of the staircase outside, tumbling to the ground.

The Owls fan never regained consciousness.

Coroner Dr Robert Hunter recorded a verdict of unlawful killing and said doormen at the club committed "unlawful acts which sustained Matthew a number of injuries resulting in his death".

But Greek police did not interview witnesses at the time, cordon off the scene or help Matthew as he lay dying in the street last July.

Officers even allowed witnesses to be intimidated by the bouncers responsible for Matthew's death, the inquest heard.

Det Chf Insp Rachel Walker, of Derbyshire Police, said: "Officers have liaised with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency over the last 10 months and through them, we have encouraged the Greek authorities to conduct an investigation into Matthew's death.

"We have no power or jurisdiction to enforce this but following the verdict of unlawful killing, we will contact SOCA to progress a Greek investigation for Matthew's family."

DC Katie Carr, of Derbyshire Police, revealed the Greek authorities had passed on "very little" information in their report about the tragedy, which was just the size of a "page of A4 paper".

But Matthew's mum Joanne was sceptical about whether Matthew's killer would ever face prosecution.

She said: "We hope there will be justice in Greece but as we have had no information or help from the Greek authorities so far, I think we will have a fight on our hands."
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Mum plea for murder probe

Postby Dave » 03 Jun 2009, 12:31

Mum plea for murder probe

A MUM who claims her son was killed by club bouncers in Greece has set up a website calling for a murder probe.
Joanne Fround, 42, wants Brit tourists to boycott the country until cops investigate the death of son Matthew Cryer, 19.

The student was dragged out of a bar by bouncers on the island of Zante and hurled down a flight of stairs.

He was then thrown on to a marble pavement and punched. He died of head injuries last summer.

Witnesses said Matthew had been drinking but was not causing trouble.

Last week an inquest gave a verdict of unlawful killing in Chesterfield, Derbys. Joanne, of Killamarsh, set up the site.

She claimed cops did nothing as Matthew died - and failed to talk to witnesses after being intimidated by bouncers.

Joanne said: "It would seem Greek authorities have not bothered to investigate our son's death in any way."
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Re: Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby Firebird_2 » 04 Jun 2009, 09:29

How many times do we hear

"He didn't do anything wrong"


"Was dragged out for no reason"
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Re: Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby karlbee » 04 Jun 2009, 13:33

Agree with you Paul,dont know the full details on this story so cant comment,but in general people dont get thrown out for nothing.
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Re: Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby Gepard » 05 Jun 2009, 15:35

They can't even get the age right!
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Re: Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby ballantyne78 » 06 Jun 2009, 10:45

Neither anymore.

According to his parents website he was 17, so I'd imagine that to be the more accurate.
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Re: Pressure mounts over teen killed by bouncers - Greece

Postby Dave » 18 Jun 2009, 15:57

March for justice over holiday death

Friends and family of a Sheffield teenager who was killed by bouncers on holiday in Greece are taking their campaign for justice to the streets of London.

Relatives and friends of Matthew Cryer, who died after being hurled down a flight of stairs by doormen in Zante, will march on the Greek Embassy where they plan to deliver a petition calling for those responsible to be properly investigated by police

An inquest heard the 17-year-old from Killamarsh died of brain injuries after being dragged from Cocktails and Dreams nightclub in the resort of Laganas.

The court heard there was no reason for him to be ejected and that he offered no resistance.

Witnesses said college student Matthew, who was brought up in Frecheville, was punched in the jaw, then released, before being pushed down a staircase.

Matthew's family and friends are angry that the Greek police have failed to investigate the bouncers' actions.

His dad David Cryer, who now lives in Middlesbrough, said more than 7,000 people had visited www.justice4 to sign an online petition.

Contact dave_cryer2005 to join the march
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family in new appeal for Greek death inquiry

Postby WtD_Oracle » 28 Oct 2010, 08:53 ... e-11634994


The family of a Derbyshire teenager who died on the Greek holiday island of Zante are calling for the investigation into his death to be reopened.

Matthew Cryer, 17, from Killamarsh, sustained head injuries outside a bar in Laganas on 21 July 2008.

A UK coroner concluded Matthew had been unlawfully killed and criticised the Greek authorities for failing to find out how he was hurt.

Matthew's family are holding a protest outside the Greek Embassy in London.

David Cryer, Matthew's father, said: "MPs have written to the Greek ambassador and he's not replied.

Widespread bruising

"So we're trying a direct approach. We're handing in a letter asking for help to push things forward to get Matthew's case investigated properly."

A Greek Embassy spokesman said an official had met the family.

Spyridon Diamantis from the embassy said: "The charge d'affaires met the father of Mr Cryer and accepted his letter, we will send it immediately to the Greek authorities in Athens.

"We cannot formally request the inquiry to be reopened but we want to help the family.

"We fully trust the Greek judicial system."

The teenager died outside the Cocktails and Dreams nightclub.

Post-mortem examinations were carried out both in Greece and by a Home Office pathologist in Britain.

Matthew had sustained 20 separate injuries and widespread bruising was found on his body.

It was initially claimed his injuries had been caused by excessive drinking.

Witnesses told the inquest that Matthew had been violently thrown on to the street by doormen.
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