D/S programe about 2 years ago in Bristol?

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Postby jimmycpo » 24 Jan 2006, 18:04

I loved it got them on video but very poor quality now i did post on here to see if anyone knew if it could be got on dvd but had not much luck shame cause i think alot of people would like to see it again.......
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Postby waza » 24 Jan 2006, 18:23

Ive seen this programme many times and have it on tape sad i know but hey you got to have a laugh dont we lol. Anyway you have to remember that this was filmed way before the sia and s*it came into force and all the training and doorstaff got the job through looking and being able to fight har.
And H wrote The guys went out onto the street to have a mass brawl, they drove around in a van and jumped out to help with the trouble all dressed different so no body knew they were doorman. Imagine if you were there having a row and a van load of fella turn up your gonna fight for you life not calm down!...
The doorstaff would ring or radio for help and the lads in the van {the Boyz] would respond to see what the problem was and if you watch it aswell only one would go in first then if needed the others would jump out and go and support the other guys who was already in there. This is like when we work we call for assistance from either the police or other dorrstaff dont we, in only two cases did the whole people in the van jump out one was for two rugby players who wanted to get into a gay club and the other was when a liscencee asked a group of about 14 lads to leave, the dorrstaff thought they were rivals but they werent. In this situation you see Ronnie Butler throwing a punch and then it all kicked off and thats when Martin Jones got arrested, Altho in the days we work now this would not be allowed back then its how doorstaff worked and to me it gives me a lesson on how they used to work and how we shouldnt work now. Its a great documentory and I think the BBC should come and do another to show how we work now cause theres alot off people who still think thats how we work altho we dont were nothing like it and it would give people a better knowledge of what were like and show them were not thugs.

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Postby stuart0906 » 24 Jan 2006, 18:39

i thought they all came across as tossers and it looked like none of them could have a half decent scrap!!! just my opinoin though....
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Postby doggyc69 » 29 Jun 2007, 09:17

just to say i meet Martyn at glastobury had a quick chat with him hes been working abroad but was doing a bit at glastonbury seemed a nice fella
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Postby Rocky Balboa » 29 Jun 2007, 11:08

Has no one got a decent tape of the show that they could transfer to their pc and put it up for us to see ?
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