Thug Lloyd Deacon handed extra jail time for biting doorman while he ‘growled like a dog’

13 Feb, 2018

Thug Lloyd Deacon handed extra jail time for biting doorman while he ‘growled like a dog’

A killer who kicked a man in the head after a row over crack cocaine is set to serve another year in jail for an “ugly and violent” attack during which he bit a bouncer on the cheek and growled like a dog.

Lloyd Deacon, of Parson’s Field, Dedham, was found guilty of manslaughter at Chelmsford Crown Court after he killed Gary Bassett with a single kick to the head in an alleyway in Basildon.

The 28-year-old was handed nine years in jail by Judge Charles Gratwicke who ordered him to serve an extra year for an attack on two doormen at Bar Ten in Crouch Street, Colchester.

Deacon had been in the garden area of the nightspot when he began acting aggressively to people who were sitting at a table.

When told to calm down by a member of door staff, Deacon tried to punch him. As he was restrained, he bit the man on the cheek.

The victim told police he growled like a dog and felt nauseas when he felt the skin in his face rip open as Deacon was latched on for approximately ten seconds.

He then tried to escape by hopping over a fence when another doorman intervened and Deacon struck him on the head with a metal object.

Both members of staff needed hospital treatment after the incident in March 2016.

Deacon had originally denied two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm but changed his plea a few weeks before the scheduled start of a trial.

He still denies possession of an offensive weapon – a metal chain – but the charge will lie on file.

Judge Gratwicke said Deacon, who is an experienced martial artist, was a violent man.

He said: “The two incidents that night demonstrate ugly and violent behaviour, indeed, your actions that night were vicious particularly the way you latched on and bit.

“When I sentenced you in January you will recall this court recognised you, as it still does, as a violent man.

“For whatever reason you decided to behave in this way and assault these two men.

“They have a tough enough job as it is – they deserve to be protected from people like you who are prepared to mete out violence just because they are not acting in the way you want them to.”

The court heard Deacon had tried to get psychological help in the weeks leading up to the attack and had been battling a reliance on alcohol and drugs.

 Source – gazette-news