The Norwich Doorman that hopes to Pursue a Career in Singing

Nightlife in Norwich is not normally soundtracked by the Phantom of the Opera or Disney songs.

But that is only true until you meet Nicky Foo, a 30-year-old security guard in Norwich, who keeps the city’s pubs and clubs safe while blasting out musical hits.

Mr Foo, from Norwich, said: “In the nightclubs I sing all the time. I sing on the doors, I sing outside the clubs, I sing if there’s big queues. I quite often grab the mike at the end of the night and sing people out on their way home. I sing lots of musicals and I’m big on Disney. I sing millions of Disney songs.”

Mr Foo started his career in security, where he works across events and nightlife establishments in Norfolk, four years ago when he noticed a warm reception to his late night singing.

He said: “I got a pretty good response and I’m pretty popular. The crowds love it. I’ve had 150 people singing and swaying along to me and older people slow dancing.

“I once had an older couple ask me to sing Frank Sinatra, so I did. There was no way anyone expected a doorman to do that.”

He also said singing has busted stereotypes around security staff members, who are often portrayed as the bad guys.

Mr Foo said: “It has 100pc helped to change attitudes around doormen. I’m a big guy and look like a stereotypical bouncer. People think that doormen are horrible and just want to throw you out of clubs. But that’s not true. We’re all friendly and we’re just there to make sure you enjoy yourself. When I sing it helps people relate to me and you seem more approachable.”

But singing is not just fun for Mr Foo and revellers alike, as it has also helped him on the job to bust up fights.

He said: “I have used it to diffuse fights several times before. I sing to calm people down.”

And celebrities, too, have got in on the action.

Mr Foo said: “I was working security at a private event in Norfolk and the Scissor Sisters were performing. I ended up singing with Ana Matronic, the co-lead singer of the band. She said she really enjoyed it and wanted me to do their security again.”

Mr Foo said he would love to pursue a career in singing and has thought about a career change often.

He added: “But I would still pick up security shifts along the way.”

Source – Eastern Daily Press