Teenager Assaults a Security Guard after Intimidating Staff in a Admiral Casino

A teenager who assaulted a security guard after intimidating staff in a gambling shop was told by a judge he had “a serious attitude problem”.

Gaby Calin, who featured in the trial of five youths jailed for life for the murder of Kyle Yule, was “defiant and dismissive” when interviewed by a probation officer, declaring: “You can do whatever – I don’t give a f—-“.

The 18-year-old father escaped being locked up but Judge Philip Statman warned him: “If you defy my order, next time you come back for a breach, make sure you have your toothbrush with you because I will be sending you to Elmley (Prison).”

Maidstone Crown Court heard Calin went into Admiral Casino in Gillingham High Street at about 10pm on January 11 this year with Connor McCormick, also 18.

Two female staff members challenged them about their age and they were unable to prove they were over 18.

Prosecutor Craig Evans said Calin became aggressive and fearing for their safety, the women called for help from Bashirudare Komolafe, who was a security guard at nearby McDonald’s.

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The teenagers refused to leave. Mr Komolafe put his arm around them to escort them out but McCormick punched him in the face, striking him a number of times with both fists.

As he struggled with McCormick, Calin punched him three times to the back of the head.

Mr Evans said McCormick admitted assault at magistrates’ court and was given a conditional discharge – a sentence that surprised the judge.

The victim told in a statement of his fear of returning to work in case he suffered more assaults.

Calin, of Corporation Road, Gillingham, admitted assault by beating.

He had previous convictions for battery, shoplifting, possessing a blade and theft of a bicycle.

On September 30 last year, he took a VW Golf without the owner’s consent.

When stopped, he gave false details because he had no licence or insurance.

David Burgess, defending, said of Calin’s attitude to the probation officer: “It is rare to read something like that for someone of this young man’s age.”

A warehouse worker, he came to the UK with his family in 2008 and his parents later divorced. He and his girlfriend have a one-year-old child.

Imposing a community order with 80 hours unpaid work, Judge Statman said: “There has been a lack of parental control exercised upon you. That is clear for all to behold.

“Your attitude to the probation officer in interview was defiant and dismissive. I take the view you have got a serious attitude problem.

“This was a sustained attack. I accept it was spontaneous, rather than premeditated. You have got to get a grip.”

The judge said a three-month curfew from 8pm to 8am would be a substantial reduction of Calin’s liberty and stop him hounding people in public places.

He was ordered to pay the victim £200 compensation within six weeks.

The murder trial heard a gang of youths headed by Victor Maibvisira, 19, had on the evening of October 7 last year gone to Calin’s home because they believed he had stolen a bike.

He was not there and the teenagers then went to East Street in the town where Kyle, 17, was sitting alone in Calin’s Renault Clio.

Tyres on the car were slashed and windows broken before Kyle tried to run to the nearby home of his best friend Lewis Dilallo.

He only made it to the door before he was attacked with Maibvisira inflicting the fatal wound.

Calin gave evidence at the trial for the prosecution, telling of violence leading up to the fatal attack.

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