Security guard sprayed with anti-bac in Basingstoke Supermarket

A FIGHT broke out outside Aldi in Winklebury this evening, an eye-witness has said.

A security guard was sprayed with anti-bacterial spray after challenging the man, they told the Gazette.

The man fled the scene just after, the witness claims.

It is alleged to have happened at the store on Winklebury Way just after 6pm this evening, Monday, May 4.

An Aldi customer, who was queuing outside at the time of the incident, said: “Big fight outside Aldi.

“A bloke sprayed anti-bac in a security guard’s face, language was unreal.

“All happened in front of me and a queue full of people.”

Hampshire Constabulary and Aldi have been contacted for comment.
body worn camera

VERBAL abuse, threats of physical violence and being deliberately coughed on by members of the public.

Those are just a few of the things that shopworkers have been subject to as they go about their daily jobs amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

In recent days, the Gazette has been contacted by various employees from a number of high street retailers who have spoken of the ‘shocking’ scenes they’ve witnessed at work.

One member of staff at an Hampshire supermarket, whose identity we have kept anonymous, recalls a number of incidents in which he and his colleagues have been subject to all kinds of abuse.

He said: “One lady, she had her trolley full of things, including baked beans – she had about six or seven tins – and you’re only allowed to buy three. She went to the basket line, but we stopped her and said you have to go to the main line and you can’t buy this many.

“She kicked off and picked up two tins of baked beans and chucked them at us. They didn’t hit us, but they did break, so that means someone else couldn’t buy them.”

Source – Basingstoke Gazette