Police see sharp rise in number of bouncer attacks in Leeds

Violent attacks by bouncers at pubs and clubs in Leeds has tripled over three years.

West Yorkshire Police received just eight reports of members of the public being assaulted by security staff in the city in 2015, but officers then dealt with 21 reported assaults in 2016 and 25 in 2017.

In the vast majority of these cases there were no injuries, but four of them were reported as ‘assaults with intent to cause serious injury’.

Only seven charges were brought against security staff and just four cases ended with successful convictions.

However, attacks on bouncers were much more prevalent over that three-year period, according to figures which were uncovered by a freedom of information request.

There were a total of 103 reported attacks against security staff in Leeds and while most of those incidents did not result in any injuries, seven were reported as ‘racially or religiously aggravated’.

Reported attacks by bouncers in Leeds

Reported attacks which did not result in charges – 87.0%
Reported attacks which did not result in charges – 13.0%

20 of those reports resulted in members of the public being charged and 16 ended with successful convictions in the courts.

Seven of those convictions were for racially or religiously aggravated assaults.

Source – Leeds Live




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