Man racially abused and attacked Nightclub Doorman told to pay £75 Compensation

A Penparcau man racially abused and assaulted a nightclub doorman after he was told that he wouldn’t be allowed in as he was banned.

Paul Andrew Murrell, 29, admitted racially aggravated assault on Jahsil Abberton at the Why Not club on 3 October last year, with Murrell being warned by magistrates he was lucky to escape a prison sentence.

Helen Tench, prosecuting, said Murrell, of 21 Fifth Avenue, was seen by door supervisor Mr Abberton queuing up to get into the club.

After confirming that Murrell was banned, Mr Abberton approached Murrell to say he wouldn’t be allowed in because of his ban, but that led to Murrell approaching Mr Abberton and standing very close to him while staring at him.

Ms Tench said that Mr Abberton pushed Murrell away, as he didn’t know if Murrell was going to try and assault him, but Murrell did the same thing again, leading Mr Abberton to push Murrell away a second time.

Murrell then racially abused Mr Abberton before throwing a punch, which glanced Mr Abberton on the cheek, even though he had managed to partially block it.

body worn camera

Murrell was taken to the ground and restrained, but managed to yank out an earpiece and snap a cord that Mr Abberton had bought himself.

When police arrived Murrell was lying on the ground with his eyes closed and was refusing to answer any questions.

He was taken to hospital to be checked out and when it was confirmed he was fit, he was interviewed by police, but did not make any comment.

Defence solicitor Katy Hanson said that Murrell hadn’t realised that he was banned from Why Not and lost his temper as he had been drinking on that day. She said that she accepted he racially abused Mr Abberton, but said that was not something he would normally do and that Murrell apologised for his behaviour.

Murrell was currently on a period of post-sentence supervision following his release from a prison sentence imposed after this offence, and Ms Hanson said that had been going well with Murrell making progress.

Murrell was given a 12-month community order and will have to complete 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 200 hours of unpaid work.

He will pay compensation to Mr Abberton of £75, as well as costs of £170.

Source – Cambrian News




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