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22nd May 2019
Man Assaults security guard in Truro Crown Court dock

EmailPrintA man at court allegedly struck a security guard while he was being dragged shouting...

20th May 2019
Man must pay £1,000 for breaking doorman’s nose in a Bradford Pub

EmailPrintA MAN who broke a doorman’s nose when he headbutted him in a Bradford pub...

15th May 2019
Sheffield shoppers in shock as teenagers set upon a security guard ‘like a pack of dogs’

EmailPrint Customers were enjoying their meals in the Oasis Dining Quarter of Meadowhall on Saturday,...

13th May 2019
Arndale security guard slashed in the neck after chasing suspected shoplifter in Poundland

EmailPrintA security guard has been slashed in the neck after pursuing a shoplifting suspect from...