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20th September 2018
Leeds thugs punched and kicked doorman who ejected them from Pub

EmailPrintThree thugs have been locked up after they were caught on camera punching and kicking...

17th September 2018
Yeovil woman spat in doorman’s face at Club Neo and scratched him after drinking four bottles of wine

EmailPrintA woman who screeched at a doorman in a Yeovil nightclub before spitting at him...

13th September 2018
A SECURITY guard who was stabbed, Owes his life to a Group of Teenagers

EmailPrintA SECURITY guard who was stabbed after tackling a suspected shoplifter probably owes his life...

10th September 2018
Daughter pays tribute to popular taxi driver and former doorman

EmailPrintMark Naylor, who worked for JR’s@Avacab in Leigh for the past few years, died on Monday...