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16th July 2019
Drunken Clubber bit Doorman on Face as he was Thrown out

EmailPrintA clubber sunk his teeth into the face of a bouncer who was trying to...

10th July 2019
Surge in stop and search in England as police battle knife crime

EmailPrintPolice attempts to tackle violent crime have brought about a sharp rise in the use of...

8th July 2019
Security Guard is Proving chivalry is not Dead by Helping Elderly Shoppers get Home Safely

EmailPrintA kind-hearted security guard is proving chivalry is not dead by helping elderly shoppers get...

5th July 2019
Glastonbury security guard wins chance to hang with The Charlatans after viral video

EmailPrintA Glastonbury security guard who found himself going viral when he was filmed singing along...