‘I did what I had to do’: Nightingale Hospital security guard saves woman’s life

Elizabeth George was on duty outside the ExCeL’s east entrance when she saw a woman who appeared to be distressed standing on the footbridge over Royal Victoria Dock.

“I was just walking down the boulevard, doing a patrol, and I could hear something across the water on the other side of the dock,” she explained. “I saw her throw her bag in then I saw her jump in.

“I called the ExCeL, and they got the river police to come. They got her and pulled her out.”

Elizabeth said she later found out that the woman had survived the incident, which happened on May 15, and added that if she had been taken by the current she could have died.

“I wouldn’t have thought someone would try to jump in,” she said. “I’m glad that she survived.”

Elizabeth, a senior supervisor, has been working at the Nightingale Hospital since March.

“The whole experience has been surreal,” she said. “Going through the pandemic, the Clap for Carers, coming to work in the morning and home in the evening with nobody around.”

She has worked for G4S since 2007, providing security at a range of events, and said: “I’ve never had to save anyone’s life before.”

Elizabeth said she was surprised by the reaction to her good deed, which has seen her earn praise from her employer as well as the Security Industry Authority.

“I didn’t even realise it would be something anyone would be interested in,” she said.

“I did what I had to do. I’m really proud of myself, helping someone during this time.”

Her manager Chris Burr, the managing director of G4S Events UK, said: “G4S is proud to have Elizabeth as part of our team.

“We believe she should be recognised for her actions across the industry. She is a lifesaver.”

He also praised Elizabeth for her “professionalism, respect and integrity” while working at the hospital, adding: “She has been instrumental in the Clap for Carers/key workers, and every week arranges the security and stewards to line the steps at the hospital to applaud the shift change over.”

People can call Samaritans for free any time on 116 123, email jo@samaritans.org or visit www.samaritans.org to find details of their nearest branch.

Source – Newham Recorder