Hero doorman pulls driver from wreckage of overturned car on A63

5 Nov, 2018

Hero doorman pulls driver from wreckage of overturned car on A63

A man has spoken of the moment he pulled someone to safety after their car overturned on the A63.

Troy Eyaad Hammadeh, 34, was on his way home from Manchester Airport when he saw a car overturn on the A63 at Melton on Friday night.

The road was fully shut following the collision, with drivers having to be diverted from the Melton slip road following the collision, which happened shortly after 9pm.

Mr Hammadeh, of Boothferry Road, west Hull, told how he saw the car overtake a lorry, before hitting the central reservation of the A63.

He said: “I’ve just got back from Dubai and was on my way home. I saw the car overtake the lorry and swing into the central reservation and slide on its back.

“I quickly put my hazard lights on and stopped my car in the left hand lane, it is only two lanes, and ran to the car. People behind me had put their lights on and were shouting at me to come back because I had run across the motorway but I just did it.”

Mr Hammadeh, a doorman and tattooist, then told how he had no option but to try and rescue the driver from the car.

He said: “I went to the passenger door and couldn’t see anyone so went around to the driver’s side. I could see he was awake but he seemed confused and didn’t know what was going on.

“The door was a bit jammed but I got my foot on the door and pulled it. People were shouting and I was getting quite panicked because I thought the car could explode and people were shouting that but I needed to get him out.

“Another guy ran over and he took the seat belt off and I pulled the man out.”

Mr Hammadeh pulled the man to safety to his own car and was met by police and ambulance crews two or three minutes later.

He said: “He was awake and was stood up, but he was in a bit of shock. I am still a bit in shock because you don’t know what the car is going to do when it is like that and everyone was panicking.

“I’m glad he’s ok though, I just wanted to get him out.”

Police closed the road in both directions after the accident, but it was reopened again at 11pm.

Source – Hull daily mail