Drunk man tried to gouge doorman’s eyes

9 Apr, 2018

Drunk man tried to gouge doorman’s eyes

A DRUNK Penparcau man who was escorted out of a club tried to gouge a doorman’s eyes, a court has heard.

Robert Wyn Roberts, of 14 Fourth Avenue, pleaded guilty to assaulting Nigel Bowden during an incident at Why Not, Aberystwyth, at around 3.45am on 23 February, as well as a charge of criminal damage after Mr Bowden’s glasses were damaged in a scuffle.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said Roberts, 36, had become abusive towards Mr Bowden after he had been escorted out of the club and Roberts had shouted abuse at Mr Bowden.

Despite Mr Bowden ignoring him, Roberts then ran toward him with his arm outstretched, with Ms Tench saying Mr Bowden thought he was trying to gouge his eyes during the incident.

Roberts was taken to the floor but Ms Tench said Roberts continued struggling and again tried to gouge Mr Bowden’s eye, knocking his glasses off in the process and damaging them.

When police officers arrived, Roberts was sat against a wall and was clearly drunk.

In a police interview Roberts said he was very drunk at the time and couldn’t remember much about the incident, but he originally claimed that he had reacted after Mr Bowden had grabbed him.

Defence solicitor Iestyn Davies said Roberts admitted the assault and said he had been very drunk at the time, drinking alcohol whilst also taking medication that should not be mixed with alcohol.

After viewing CCTV footage Mr Davies said it looked as though Roberts had been trying to get back into the club, but Roberts couldn’t explain why as his friend was outside with him.

He said: “Mr Roberts is very embarrassed about the whole situation.”

Mr Davies said Roberts could have been cautioned by police, but was not legally represented at the police station, with Roberts saying he may have dealt with the situation differently if he “had a clear head”.

Roberts, who apologised to the court for the incident, was fined £40, but will pay compensation of £99 to Mr Bowden and costs totalling £115.

Source – Cambrian-News