Door Supervisor fears he will be scarred for life after attack

26 Nov, 2018

Door Supervisor fears he will be scarred for life after attack

Gavin Andrews had worked in security for 20 years but ended up with scars to his nose and cheek after he was bitten to the face.

In a victim impact statement he told how he needed counselling after the attack.

It was feared that his nose would be permanently scarred.

Mold Crown Court heard how it had to be stitched under anaesthetic.

He received injections because of the fear of infection.

It turned out that his attacker, Victor Hughes, 54, who admitted GBH on Mr Andrews and an assault upon a doorman colleague, was on life licence after being released from a murder sentence.

He was immediately recalled and on Friday received a 34 month prison sentence with a five year restraining order not to approach his victims.

The court heard how Hughes of Whitegates Road in Wrexham, had been immediately recalled following the incident in May and now did not know when he would be released – he would only be freed when the parole board considered he was safe.

He had been drinking at The Cross Foxes public house when after midnight a barmaid refused to serve him because she took the view he was already drunk.

There was a ten minute exchange during which he was abusive to her – he accused her of making him feel small and said “I will get you tomorrow.”

Hughes pushed one member of door staff away and he was escorted out of the premises and CCTV footage showed him putting his shoe on in the middle of the road.

Hughes then turned his attention to door staff and in the following melee threatened to kill Mr Andrews and said he would bite his nose off.

He then grabbed him around the face and bit him four or five times.

The defendant offered no excuses for his behaviour and he knew that he had let everybody down.

He had written a letter to the court and his wife Pamela had described him as “her rock” and a caring and loving man.

Other references described him as hard working and a good family man and he was said to be responsible and conscientious in work – and his job would be held open for him.

A pub landlady had written how she found him to be a respectful customer.

(*) Victor Hughes was 31 when he was convicted at Chester Crown Court of murdering an African student in 1995.

The trial heard how Jerome Ligaly, 22, suffered serious head injuries when attacked by Hughes and he died later in Walton Hospital, Liverpool.

Hughes denied murder but was convicted by the jury.

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