Brighton security guard saves choking man’s life

16 Jun, 2018

Brighton security guard saves choking man’s life

A SECURITY guard rescued a man who almost choked to death on his chips after being knocked unconscious.

Danny Bedran, 43, was patrolling near the i360 on Brighton seafront at about 1am on Sunday when he received an emergency alert about the man.

Danny, who is employed by Pagoda Security Services, raced to Middle Street to find the man lying on the floor with another security guard attending to him.a

The man had been eating takeaway hot chips which were stuck in his throat.

Danny said: “I stopped our response car in front of him to block the street to stop cars from running over him.

“I spoke to the other security staff member, Terry Wing, who was dealing with the male and he told me the victim had been knocked out.

“As I looked at the man, I saw his face was blue and he wasn’t breathing.

“I then opened his mouth and pulled out the food that was blocking his airway.

“Once I did that the man took a deep breath and started to be sick.

“If he was choking on it for two more minutes he could have died.

“The police and ambulance attended to take the man to hospital.

“He was a very tall guy and it took five of us to carry him into the ambulance.”

It was Danny’s quick-thinking that saved the man’s life.

He has worked as a security guard for almost 20 years and said the ability to make quick decisions was vital to the job.

He said: “When we had our first aid course in our training, we were taught not to put your hand in someone’s mouth when they are choking because they will bite down.

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“It’s just a natural reaction.

“We were taught to lift their head to make it better, but because the man was unconscious there was no choice.”

Fellow security guard Terry Wing said: “Danny Bedran is very dedicated and excellent in emergency situations.

“Between us we were able to ensure that the man had a clear airway.”

South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed the man was treated at the scene before being taken to the nearby Royal Sussex County Hospital.

An ambulance service spokesman said: “We are always very grateful for any assistance provided by bystanders prior to our arrival and would like to thank the security staff for their quick thinking and actions.”

Source – The Argus