Bouncers Take Down Down Dangerous Drunk Man | Bouncers S1 EP1

The first programme focuses on bouncers working in the port of Blyth, On the door are 44-year-old Shaun Scullion and 25-year-old Ben Taylor, who have twenty-five years’ experience between them. 

We also visit Newcastle’s fashionable neighbourhood of Jesmond, Twenty miles south of Blyth. On the door of Osbourne’s Bar for the last decade is former paratropper Jim Rennick, aka ‘Jesmond Jim’

Bouncers Kick Dangerous Drunk Man Out Of Club | Bouncers S1 EP2

The documentary follows the work of door staff in Newcastle’s bustling gay district. At Eazy Street, best friends Paul and Jeff are noticing changes in their clientele owing to the late licence and cheap drinks, while over at the Yard.

Head doorman Ray is joined by 21-year-old healthcare assistant Scott on a weekend trial at the bar.

Bouncer Tackles Drunk Man Trying To Sneak Over Fence | Bouncers S1 EP3

Tonights episode focuses on the door staff of passion in Holmeside, Sunderland. They follow Jeff White and his protege Erdem Ciftci. Jeff has been a doorman for more than 23 years.

It also features Gordon Smallwell, marshalling the citys taxi queues.

Aggressive Drunk Man Threatens To Kill Bouncer | Bouncers S1 EP4

Queen Street is the hub of Colchester’s late-night drinking and this edition follows several bouncers working along this strip. Head doorman Curtis and colleague Jamie have 30 years of experience between them, and keep their doors safe with a lot of know-how, Alex is new to the job and on a mission to change people’s perceptions of his profession, and Sue brings a female perspective to the role.